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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.01 22:36:00 - [271]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/10/2009 22:41:35
Dear Log,

another day went by with nothing special that happend. Again the youngest member of Fish 'n' Fun lost his Myrmidon in a mission after we told him to keep an eye on local and to insure his ship or best not to fly missions for agents during wartime at all. Nobody counts the crewmembers that are lost in deadspace. But you can't command a capsuleer, you can only give advice. I think they will not down any more battlecruisers of him for he is broke now. I hope he won't go planetside of this and keep his good spirit up. For flying missions for agents seems to be the thing he likes to do best.

From the point of view of a warrior I can only salute the skill of our enemy to scan down ships in missions, that's very well done. Maybe the target is a bit under their level, but you catch what you can in a war, who would complain about that? But let's turn to the lighter part of the day. Our fight against the Wolf was really keeping up our spirit here the whole day. Our morale was well all the time anyway but this was for most of our people something like a peek of the war. We're at war but what do miners do? They go into belts and dig. And that's what they did most of the evening. Can ya dig that? Okay, I collaborated with them in my brand new stolen Bestower for their good mood was quite infecting. Even if I know that that's insane I just felt a bit like that. This bunch of people is really fun to hang around with, miners. You can't destroy a miner. You can destroy his ship, you can destroy his pod but he will just shrug his shoulder, gets a new ship, pays a new clone and does what he likes best. They are the real Punks of this universe. They don't go for status and pride. They relax and do everything with time. The meek, I think, will inherit the earth. The geek will inherit the earth. And the warriors will be those who are forgotten over time.

I once read an old media crystal in the Republic Library of Pator which was named "The Seven Samurai", which nobody seems to know who the author was, but samurai, of cause, are still well known. In the end of that crys the farmers were again seeding the fields when the oldest samurai, one of those that survived, said that the only one that can lose a war is a samurai. The farmers can't. They just bow to the wind of war or get chopped but when the war is gone and the samurai are on the streets again begging for a peg of rice or are dead and buried they still work the land. This is the heart of mining and I really feel myself a bit in this setup now. Just that I am the last of the samurais, the pretender, the lowest of all, just a farmer that is trying to pretend that he's more than that.

There is no anger in losing ships, there is no pride of a warrior that can be hurt. They know that they are no match for a warrior, even the most basic one and don't fall to any illusion about that. They are happy as children when they just down one drone of the enemy and lose all ships they fleet doing this.

I contacted my comrades at home about the little fight against the Wolf, because they promised me a medal if I was downing a T2 ship. Okay, if I down it solo, but I had just a Rifter and a Probe as a wingman and this should count, I think, but they just laught and said that this fight does not count. Because nobody downs a Wolf with a Rifter and a Probe when it is flown correctly. That's mean. It was a good fight, damn. I hope.

I tried to motivate our allied force for some action today but after the yesterday battle they are still not in the mood again to fleet up. So the day went down the stream with Phobia cruising outside of the battlezone and searching for people that tried to escape the war, scan them out destroy their ships and pod them. There was no resistance to this and we found almost nobody of our allies on the communication channels anymore. It was just the calm day after a great and wonderful battle. Nothing new on the western front.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.02 08:22:00 - [272]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 02/10/2009 08:32:09
Dear Log,

I am still thinking about our youngest member, who suffered most of this war and I think his story should be told. He's a very very young pod pilot and a poor one too. He started his career just a month ago or so and is really enjoying to fly missions for agents all the time. He's so poor that he can't affort the monthly rate of the CONCORD pod pilot bill and has really to work for it.

You might laugh about the setup of his ship, but I don't. I just see that a very very young pilot actually does tier three missions with it and that is quite impressive. And if he found out that this setup works best for him, why should he listen to anybody else? Freedom of choice is freedom to diversification. How boring would it be if only one setup is valid for a ship to do a mission in it? No. I totally respect this. And I also respect him not to insure his ship.

Why? I think because he really had no choice. He urgently needed the money he made and to insure the ship would have been a loss without a fight to our enemies. Even the second time he did not. We adviced him to do but he did not, but I can't say that I won't respect his decision and understand it.

The members of the corporation don't see the downed battlecruisers as one of theirs. It's on the killboard but I don't think the killboard count, of cause the Wolf counts, but you might understand why, dear Log. It's their first kill at all in the whole history of the corporation and the history of all of her members.

But back to the individuum. The single person counts and his story should be told completly. Why did he not just leave the corporation when war broke out? Loyality to his corporation. They won't pay his losses now but they paid his whole month of capsuleer licence for him, to give him the chance to earn his next.

And this is done with a greater heart than you can imagine because it does not come from rich people but from people who do not own more than a bunch of mining barges, industrials and such stuff. I don't call them really "poor" but on the other hand they have no big money also. Money they have they spend for things they have fun with. The last month of income was spent in one of their new members to give him a start. I don't really know if it was the income of one or two or three months, to be true. But it's a whole lot of money that they just have given away to a young member.

This might be the reason why he is not willing to abandon his friends and corp just because some warriors pass by and declare war. He is not willing to bow his head. And this is nothing I can blame on him. Sometimes, I think, it is better to bow to the wind but to get chopped but I am no great person at all, but I think he is. Because he is living for his ideals and carries the full impact of the consequences himself.

And that is something that makes him a bit of a hero to me. He is one of those people who are not bowing to violence. Someone that is not running away. That's bold and something that I respect very much. I myself am more a coward for I run away when I see that I can't win a fight. I avoid it, I weasle around the problem, I solve it and I come back when I think I have a chance to win. Like most people are, I think. This has great survivalability but it's not heroism.

The truth is that EVE universe is a hard place to be. My pod pilot bill is not payed by myself but by people I don't know. I just find the bill payed every month and don't have think about that. I never had to pay in isk to be here. And that means I'm rich. But our hero here is poor. He has no people behind him, just his corp. That's all he has.

I remember back to this film "The Seven Samurai", there was an old farmer, I think his name was Jo Hei. No great fighter. But in the end it was him who saved the village. And as many heros do he died of the consequences.

That's tragic. I hope our hero will survive this war somehow.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.03 09:39:00 - [273]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 04/10/2009 09:08:04
Dear Log,

to find out what was the reason of this wardeclaration I poisoned my people with a lot of booze at the next miningbar. And they said, that they honestly don't know but one of them said that he met one of the warriors of Phobia. at a bar or something and shrieked back from him, blurting out: "Oh man! Your face is so ugly as the naked ass of my old mother!"

I won't tell ya, dear Log, to whom he said this and honestly I don't know and I don't wanna know because this is one of the insults that can follow you the rest of your life. But instead of falling into deep silence, those people just laughed their asses off and I admit I could not keep dead serious too. "You did what?" This is of cause not a funny issue and normally I would just try to scale the insult down with something like: "But you should not be insulted, I know his mother and she is not that ugly", or to say that the ass of a women is not ugly just because she's old, but I better do not because I learned that I'm not too good with diplomatics and any effort to make the insult smaller than it actually is just enrages the other side and makes things worse.

So I don't try. Instead I try to explain what kind of people are here with me. They are Punks, they are Hobbits and Haubentaucher is Minmatar... A Hobbit just wears his heart on his tougue and blurts out the first thing that comes to his mind without thinking about the consequences and expecially Haubentaucher, who did this is the kind of character that is jumping in his Retriever to fly to Rancer and mine Veldspar just to see if the Roids are better there.

The problem with Hobbits is, that if they see a sleeping dragon that has not covered his rectum with his tail, they poke a stick into his hole just for to see what happens then. Of cause the dragon goes in rage and I fully understand the outstanding insult of this, but to try to make a bunch of hobbits to pull out that stick is insane. Because the whole thing won't get better by this. Just imagine them all trying to pull out the plug and in the end the dragon will just have some nasty splinters in his ass that he will feel a long time besides the humiliation of a bunch of laughing and giggling hobbits that are fumbling around where they should not be.

And I would really like to say that this hobbit really is ashamed of what he did and that he regrets it, but that would be a plain lie. Actually he starts to giggle and laugh every time the issue comes to this. And this might also be the reason why the dragon that just shot down another of our Destroyers just causes my people to laugh and giggle about their losses because they have the picture of the reason of that roaring in mind when they lose another ship. The more it hurts them financially the more they laugh, can you dig that?

So I just can say, this is one of those things that happen in bars. And expecially Hobbits do pranks that nobody seriously could ever forgive. But for the dragon, I think, the best way to come over it is to go on the head and release the stick on a natural way and forget about this. If you would know this Hobbits you'll understand that they have good hearts and don't want to insult people, they just take the opportunity of a prank when it comes without thinking about it twice.

I'd really like to say that Haubentaucher is deeply sorry for that, but that would be a lie that makes the thing no better. He just blurted out his first thought and freedom begins with laughter. If you can laugh about those who are stronger and better fighters and that actually can do anything they like with you like a dragon can with a bunch of Hobbits, you are actually free. Laughter is freedom.

So I just plead to the dragon to see the whole picture, smile about that this prank was going on his charge and laugh about all this as the thing it actually was - a prank and no deadly insult. I think he's big enough for that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.04 12:53:00 - [274]

Dear Log,

today just a short update. CONCORD informed us that with the end of this day the war against Phobia comes to an end. For I am not able to fly patrol for the rest of the day only thing I can do is give the pilots of Phobia a respectful salute and maybe some of Fish 'n' Fun find time to use the rest of the day to get rid of some frigates that are already combat ready in our hangars.

For us this war was a great training excercise which was shaking up the corporation members and showed where we have to learn and how a mining corp can fight without staying docked all day and to weather the storm how it is done in so many times. In every capsuleer pilot is a hidden warrior that wants to learn and wants to get out. I hoped that we were able to down one enemy ship, alas it was no Vagabond but it was a Wolf and that shall be enough for us so far.

I don't believe that we could honestly bring down a well flown Vagabond anyway at the moment, this has to be trained very much for the tactics to do it are complicated if you don't have overwhelming numbers like you have in a militia frigate fleet. Teamplay has enhanced, we learned how to handle some minor EWAR technics efficiently, which were almost unknown to most of the Fish 'n' Fun corporation before the war.

If you think of EWAR, most people just think of jamming, jamming, jamming, Griffin, Blackbird, Skorpion but this is a very linear approach which I normally don't follow. There are different ways to approach which can be more efficiently than that if fielded in a well coordinated fleet. As well as I always loved the small frigate gang tactics which have a lot of uncalculable power and bad surprises and are much more on the level of my Fish 'n' Fun comrades.

I never expected to really get a real Vagabond kill on our board in this war but it was a kind of Unicorn for me. So I just was flattered what I found this morning in my hangars, guess what? A brand new Vagabond to train with, for I still won't honestly fly that against other capsuleers for I might have some skills on frigates but on cruisers I have too much to learn to waste that kind of ship without any chance to bring it home in one piece. I still did not dare to enter it's bridge for I have so much respect for this pride Minmatar ship, maybe the best which ever went from the production lines of our engineers. For me it's head to head with the Stabber Fleet Issue just with different strengths and weaknesses.

The Concord war might be over in the next twentyfour hours but it will not be over for my people. We have so much aftermath to do now, that they all tasted their first blood on the battlefield and I offered to train them a while. And to train them flying cruisers will be a great excercise for me too, which I really need and I know it. Because much of the way I fly frigates is in a very Sebiestor style way; I calculated the math of battle. I tried to find the strengths and weaknesses of my enemy in so many mindgames that I do the right thing most of the times when I actually meet them. I might be in around three to fourhundred fights already but in my mind there are thousands of fights that I have fought.

But I didn't do this with all the cruisers yet. So I fly blind into this kind of fights and only try to improvise from what I have learned from frigates. This is indeed the right way because battle always needs the talent to improvise and draw a card from the sleeves in the right moment.

I hope I can teach this to my new friends here in the days to come and leave them one day stronger than I have found them. This would be my present in return for this great gift. And of cause in these days I will try to learn to fly the Stabber class vessels accordingly to the spirit of this great vessel. And maybe I will begin to fiddle around with the setup of this vessel like I did with the setup of my Rifter which is already a very unique one on the battlefield. I got much to learn.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.07 09:41:00 - [275]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/10/2009 11:12:23
Dear Log,

an other day went by for Fish 'n' Fun and me. We were a bit carebearing, this is what carebears actually do. Flying some missions for agents and I got a bit minimal training for my Vagabond doing that. Then we were training to fight and fit ships, scan out targets and we shredded a couple of our frigates doing that. I let them hunt me through the system in my Stabber class cruiser and after a while they were acutally good enough to keep on my trail and after I first got warpscrambled and got rid of those who were successful, they were really really gung ho to hunt me down and stop me. This was when they finally caught me and shot me deep into armor. I'm quite proud of their performance. Good first day.

Later that evening they went into a belt to do actually some digging. "It would be cool if we actually could kill a canflipper", one of them said. Canflippers are the wreath of every miner. Well well, wait and see. I experimented with a corpowned Scythe mining cruiser a bit to optimize my output of damage I am able to do on an asteroid and finally joined their gang. Finally I'm back in the dirty overall that I used so seldom the last year. But I really suck at this. But alas I was able to catch up 75% to 80% to their Retriever class mining vessel which makes me quite proud.

The backside of the medal was, that they were idle the whole time and I was for hours really busy to get rid of that ore in my cargohold.

It was around 02:25 local time when we got visited by one of Phobias warriors in one of their infamous Wolves. He checked carefully our gang, saw that we were mining in an unprotected can and maybe he wondered why we did that and if he should...

Finally he took out one of the bookmarks in our can. Within seconds we closed our gang, went back to station and jumped into our crappy fitted, self produced t1 frigates. The whole worth of mining income I estimate to about 14 million isk that evening. What just had challenged us was worth three or four times worth.

We arrived in the belt less than a minute later, a Vigil, a Tristan and a Rifter. The Wolf was gone but I was scanning him near, maybe on a savespot or... then he was coming in. He was absolutly aware of what he was up against. We attacked instantly.

My two wingmen had both not shot down one enemy vessel in their life if you don't count a very scurrile friendly kill that Haubentaucher produced earlier. Both only lost ships so far...

The fight started and while Haubentaucher was doing well at my side and actually did some damage, the other one in a Tristan first was flying in the wrong direction and then came back to actually fight - and found her magazines nearly empty of ammunition. I don't tell ya this, dear Log, to blame them. I tell ya to show how few experience they still have and with how much heart they go to battle. Nobody has to accept stealing. You can fight for your right.

My Tristan finally joined our formation and our guns were blasting through his shields then his armor. He actually was able to kill all of us but he did not. Finally his ship exploded under the shredding projectiles of our Minmatar guns and swearwords from the Tristan pilot that was hammering on her guns which had no ammunition inside. I think he was downed by the swearwords.

We collected the loot, returned to base and returned a minute later to see what happens next. Our enemy showed up on scan in a Hurricane battlecruiser. Against three of our frigates?!

On local we had a short discussion about if that fight was "fair" or "unfair" but I think my men did perfectly well, we all did perfectly well and I honestly salute to him a 'good fight'.

Might all canflippers that steal from Fish 'n' Fun end like that in future. I'm proud of my men. First blood for both!

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.07 11:22:00 - [276]

And so ends the story of the 'dedicated freedom fighter' ms. Wildfire and begins the story of the 'can-flip baiter' ms. Wildfire.

So much for promises of making sacrifices and fighting for the Republic. In the end it all comes down to having fun blowing up others and debating about fairness over local comm channels.

"Hey, it would be cool if we can kill a can flipper"....

Noble freedom fighter ideals indeed.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.07 16:48:00 - [277]

Dear Log,

what does it mean to be a freedom fighter? It means to fight for freedom of your people but also means that you have to teach them to defend theirselves. Because there will be a time when I will be back at the front to fight the Amarr invasion.

Freedom is something that can't be limited. You can't establish freedom if you forget about something. Freedom to prosper without getting robbed by the next guy with a gun is also a part of it. There is the grand scale freedom for my people to not be enslaved. But on the other side there are small scale freedoms too. Freedom of speak, to chose the place you like to be, freedom of information, ...

If you have decided to fight for freedom you can't close your eyes to the one part of freedom and concentrate just on an other one. "Wouldn't it be cool if we could defend us against the thieves that steal our ore just because they can?"

This is exactly the reason the rice farmers in "The Seven Samurais" had chosen the fight. Because the robbers were taking away everything that they were working for all day long. And the rice farmers would have died of starvation in the winter after that. So this freedom is no lesser freedom, it is essential.

I ask myself this: "How can a man read the scriptures that tells him to respect everybody and to live for the good things on this earth and start a full scale invasion to plan the supression and enslavement, the destruction of a whole society, the 'Reclaiming'? How can the Amarr go and conquer places where people live in peace and harmony and claim 'to be good' or to 'act on gods will' or whatever?"

If you chose to serve freedom there is no end. You don't go and put on the proud Republican militia uniform and that's it. You don't serve a man, you don't serve a tribe, you don't serve a Republic or a culture or god, you serve an idea. And that is much greater, goes much deeper than anything.

Am I a warrior too great to help simple people to crack their chains of oppression and to break free? I am not. I'm still serving this idea. And this means much more for me than you can imagine. You have to show respect for your men, for your enemies for without respect there is no hope for freedom. You have to motivate your men to fight, to show them that they actually can and you have slowly invite them to the idea to defend themselves.

In the best of all possible worlds there is no violence. In the second best of all worlds there is always someone stronger to prevent violence on the weaker. But we don't live in these both worlds. We live here in the EVE universe. Where a whole society - the Amarr Empire - has called to war against the Minmatar race to oppress them, to enslave them, to destroy their whole culture and let them work for nothing until they die.

And it is the world where stronger corporations declare war on weaker and where lone fighters go and terrorize helpless miners in belts, robbing them, stealing their stuff and if they try to defend themselves shoot them down and plunder their wrecks too.

The Star Fraction thinks that we would live in a better world if everybody was able to defend themselves. I am with them in this. But it is not enough to give away weapons, you have to show how to use them. You have to teach tactics and strategy.

And maybe some of those miners will follow me back to FIA where will will gang up against the enemy of freedom and give them the final stab: The Amarr Empire and their violent expansion policy.

Yes, I will come back to the front. After I have done this. After I told this story how a simple mining corp learns to defend themselves against the dangers of living in the brutal EVE universe. This village will hopefully be a stronghold when I leave them. Maybe not a stronghold but they will be able to defend themselves. Against robbers, against invaders, against slavers.

Here, there, anywhere - the fight is the same, the reason is the same.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.10 10:34:00 - [278]

Dear Log,

I was hanging around with the guys in some of the shabby bars that are full of smoke, cheap booze and even cheaper girls here in Gallente space. It's unbelievable that those Gallente girls are not shivering so few they wear. One of the girls told me that they indeed wear a lot - a lot of nothing when she served me a milkshake. Still I'm not willing to dring alkohol again. I never really had a problem with that but I didn't drink any as long as I was pregnant and I somehow got used to it now.

And I have not messed up a bar since I'm not drinking anymore, so it's all in all much cheaper and more bars are willing to let me in. Some of my men were with us, I invited my Stabber crew, which also serves me on the Vagabond to a drink on my charge.

And I learned that I don't have to do everything myself if I have a crew. Indeed, they were much much better in messing up a bar than I ever would have been able to. Of cause I could have given orders to stop the disruption of the interieur but first of all I was happy to watch the haywire, second nobody knew that this mostly harmless and not exactly big Sebiestor girl in the back corner of the bar is actually their captain for third and last, I think as long as I don't give a command to them over the pod interface and especially a command that they don't like they would not listen to me anyway. It would just be embarrasing to give commands that nobody is willing to follow, so I didn't.

So I just enjoyed the show.

We have tribal tale about an ancient chief of one of our tribes. His men were doing something their neighbors didn't like, stealing horses or having fun with women or whatever and they visited him. "But you are the chief, you can order them to stop." He calmly answered: "If I would order a warrior to do something that he doesn't want to do, it would be the last day that I am chief."

So as a chief of a crew like that I have to guide them more than to command them. To command them in battle is easy because I am the only one that can make them survive and every command I give is essential for their survival. But here in a bar a commanding officer is more than needless. It's okay that I pay the bill and most of them stopped to address me as "goo-girl, mam" or "pod tadpole". They still let me feel that I'm alien for them but I think most of them respect me enough to not insult me anymore.

These people are doing what they do because they like it. Maybe because they have no choice. Maybe for the money. But mostly because they love it. I had no problems on board with nonconsentional violence, abuse, theft or something. It seems they handle things like that pretty much on their own. I only have sometimes to replace some people that went lost through a disfunctional airlock or some more bizarre sort of death. I only find a formular with a replace request for a missing position in the crew.

This is also freedom. Freedom does not mean that you may do anything you want. It does not mean that you never get orders. But it means that you have the choice to follow them or not and that you might be in trouble if not. Not because you did not follow the order but that this means consequences for you and the people around you, consequences that even might lead to your death. But not because you have not followed an order, but you risked the lives of others around you.

This is a completly different thing when you are a slave. You have no choice to follow the order or not. If you don't you will die for that. Not because of the consequences but because there is a simple rule: follow the order or die. If the order makes sense or not and if the commander is an incompetent idiot or not makes no difference. Nobody has to respect anyone. The slave not the master, the master not the slave. They just have a rule, no more than a rule, a law that you have to follow.

This is a very abstract form of society where people don't have to care for each other anymore. No respect.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.13 15:52:00 - [279]

Dear Log,

the days in Fish 'n' Fun are slowly drifting by like a Hulk is driftng greasing through an Asteroid belt. Sometimes they call me in with my Stabber to ram some miningvessels off the belt that is steared by a ghost-pilot with a trueslave implant that is painting the belts red here at Foves, and in the evening hours I train their crews and capsuleer pilots in selfdefense.

Most of the miningcrews are now familiar with the infamous Minmatar small arms, the simple and robust projectile based assault rifle of our militia and other weapons. We got some cases of injuries mostly from bruises they got from the backfire of the arms and one of their ore exhumer foreman shot himself into the foot with a pistol.

Pistols are dangerous, I took them from the instruction sedule.

With frigates we entered a nearby lowsec system to go and hunt better beltpirates and maybe a capsuleer pirate fights us. This combination worked. In minutes we had our gang ready and went off.

After we were hunting down a few Serpentis beltpirates a capsuleer pirate showed up in a Vexor. This dronecruiser is a frigate eater but for a bunch of four or five frigates this is doable - if the team is working well.

Alas there is still much to learn but before the last of our gang was popped a bigger hunter showed up, took our tackled target in a Dominix battleship and ripped it apart. Yay! Another kill for Fish 'n' Fun even if we were not able to down it ourselves. The Vexorpilot did count us all as one fleet against him and so I count this as a kill for my mates as well. Ayden Pride, I remember his name, was one of the active militia pilots that were fighting the Caldari in the Gallente-Caldari war. I recognized his name but first couldn't tell where I knew him from. So comrades are flying shoulder at shoulder again.

A few minutes later we returned in new ships. This Vexor was doable and this time we tried a different approach. But some things went wrong. One of the pilots opend fire too early -did I say Haubentaucher?- , got criminal flagged and I ordered the whole fleet to join in. Of cause I'm aware that this can be seen as a minor act of piracy but to let one of us die and after that allow the pirate to kill us all was no option. The pirate was here to kill us. The pirate was just a bit below -2 and therefore not completely outlawed. The rules in lowsec are a bit complicated, this right-wrong thing, but you learn fast.

The beginning defined the outcome of the fight. Many of the gang joined too late, the group was uncoordinated and finally I popped again in my Rifter. Some came away some went down with me. But this time was a near miss, not a total fail. We downed, I think, two or three of the drones of the Vexor but we were not fast enough doing it.

To down a Vexor is one of the keyelements for frigate fight. If you can down a Vexor you have not to fear any other bigger solo ship, because if you can control the drones of such a drone boat you can control the drones of every bigger vessel out in space. Means if you can down a Vexor you should have no problems with an Arbitrator or Rupture or Battleship. There are of cause some different dangers for frigates but this is the key element for victory.

We will train this aspect until success.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.15 11:50:00 - [280]

Dear Log,

hanging around in bars is an interesting thing if you, like me, still deny to drink anything different but milkshakes and fruitcocktails without any alcohol and keep your head clean.

You might have recognized the sentry guns and the guards at the entrance of many bars and in past I often got in trouble with those installations because as a Minmatar I'm never without a weapon. At least I carry my dagger of honor with me.

I remember well the day when I got that dagger from my mother: »You shall never be in public without it. For us Minmatar do not knee before anyone. We are not unarmed, we are no slaves, we are proud and free.« I never put it down because that's something of your proud history. Something a slave is not allowed to wear: a weapon.

And at the entrygate of many bars there is this sign: "No Weapons"

I really have problems with this. Because it's not the dagger that kills but the man that uses him. It's just a dagger. This thing can't do anything that my bare hands can't. It's just more efficient. And if you know what to do you go in such a bar, grap a guy at his head and bang it on the table that you break his neck with the blink of an eye. Before even a sentrygun can react.

So what's the point in this?

This sign just shows us one thing: the owner of the bar does not trust us, the guests. But we have to trust him. We have to trust a man that even is not showing up and standing in front of us, just sitting at a monitor somewhere behind and can kill us with the press of a button. This asymetric form of power is not right. To be precise it is the thing we Minmatar are fighting.

You see, dear Log, I'm no troublemaker. But I can't see the logic in this. Everytime in past when people ordered me to lay down weapons it was just a question of time before those who have the only weapons in room begin to misuse them. It is the curse fo the asymetry of power.

It would be a better way to say: if you misbehave badly and break our laws, then you die miserably. Acceptable. But freedom is freedom of choice. To take the choice away means to take the weapon away. Even if the weapon is no more than a symbol, because you can kill with bare hands before anybody even a machine can react if you know what you do, the whole situation is a symbol.

A symbol I not only dislike, but a symbol that is true for inside the bar as well as outside. It is the exact opposite of what my culture is standing for or my convictions.

Yesterday I went into a bar like that. I let them disarm me completely. Just to see what that is for a feeling. I brought with me some of my crew even if I know exactly that they would not help me for sure if I'm in trouble for I'm for them just the one that pays the checks and is a part of the ship. I am not their leader, I'm just the goo-girl.

The feeling is bad. And I had to drink a lot of that double stiff hardcore milkshakes, that would kill a bull to stand the feeling. It was insulting. And still I feel insulted by the whole situation. As a diplomat I am wiling to accept certain rules. But this rule is not acceptable for me.

I will try to contact the barowner about this if it is possible for me to keep my honor when I enter the bar again. If not, I think, I won't return.

Why aren't there any Minmatar capsuleer bars out there, that have no such silly and insulting laws? I can't say that I don't want to be in those bars, I really enjoy this. You may call me a troublemaker, but this law 'no weapons' is insulting and inaccaptable unless I find a way to come around this without stripping me naked in front of a whole bar for "security reasons". What kind of society do we live in that this is glabally acceptable? What happend to our world?

I am damn no criminal and I did never draw my dagger inside a bar. Anyway. Last time I was mugged near a Minmatar mining bar I was not stabbed to near death with a dagger but with a broken piece of glas anyway.

So damn it. No such bars for me anymore.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2009.10.15 11:56:00 - [281]

You have the mind and heart of Free Captain Alica Wildfire. I can't help but think we should be trying to recruit you to the movement.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.17 10:44:00 - [282]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/10/2009 10:49:45
Dear Log,

besides I always sympathized with freedom figthing organisations like Ushra'Khan or The Star Fraction and am feeling a bit abashed by a recent message from Jade Constantine, I slowly prepare to return home to Rens to join my comrades at FIA again. I learned more by this assignment than I could teach and now I long forward for something bigger, something new.

Some tasks of my assignment failed, some were growing fruit. I were not able to build up a frigate gang that was able to kill off a swarm of drones yet, for this I would need more time. There have to be better skills at aiming on small and fast targets, better gunnery skills and faster reaction to get them down in time. Alas the gang is good enough to destroy enemy drones above the value of their own fleet that should be enough for now. I am still sure that this is doable by my miners but they have to work on that on their own now after I showed them how. Maybe if they bring in a destroyer in their gang the lacking firepower could be compensated. We'll see.

I tought them about fighting, about setting up their fleets, about tactics and about the way a fleet tries to solve different tasks in a fight. Four important vectors are to be cast, the tackling, the main-damage, the ewar and the anti-support, sometimes a fifth, the logistics. With a small fleet like this you can't have everything so you have to chose some sort of tradeoff. Some ships have to be multi-purpose and fulfill two or even three of the vectors. Here the advantage of medium powered modules come to value.

Yesterday we trained a lot about the third vector, the ewar, the electronic warfare. This is something most miners and missionrunners are very poorly skilled and maybe even don't know at all. But it is an important - the most important way of war for a small corporation like this. If you don't have the firepower, why should you go out to a high-noon shootout with something extreme damage intensive like a Brutor Wolf for example? This you want to do if you have it and you try to limit the fight to this if you are a damage orientated warrior. "Fight fair, don't use that EWAR." The fight is not fair if you are inferior. It is just stupid to fight on the conditions of your enemy. To go out in a Rifter with just halve the firepower and halve the armor and think you can win against a superior Wolf. You have to take away the advantage of your enemy first, then you can beat him. The advantage of every enemy of my men here is gunnery. The attacking forces will always have more of that. So their first goal is to compensate this.

I am loving the Sebiestor way of fighting but am a warrior enough to try to not rely only on this. Athena is fighting with smarts, but she has not only a shield, a helmet but also a sword. I don't like jamming too much for it is the Brutor way to use EWAR. It's the direct approach, but there is more than this. There is speed, there is agility, there is size of vessel, there is choice of range to just name some of the passive "EWAR" tactical advantages you may use. And this is much more difficult to calculate. Teamwork can not be countered. You can measure a module easily but to measure a team is very difficult.

Before I leave my comrades here we will have some fights in combined fleets. Like used at gatecamps. A gatecamp to bring down a Vagabond for example. This will be my last present to them, while they again abashed me with another gift for my help. A gift that still has to be deserved by me, I think. A gift that I have to learn to fly and which is still above my abilities...

And maybe we are stearing towards a future with them, for I found friends here that I will miss very much when I have to finally leave the corporation. But to be honest, I am a very measly miner, but I hope I was doing well enough as a military advisor during this time of war.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.17 12:39:00 - [283]

- continued -

But what will happen after I finished my duty here at Fish 'n' Fun? After this I hopefully gain back my seat at the board of directors at FIA and have to plan the next step. Yet I find the situation not strong enough to really long for a place in zerosec space, maybe this will be an interesting issue past December of this year. But we are too few, too few, too few. We have newly gained friends at Fish 'n' Fun and maybe some other could help us to build something up. But if we don't get more able fighters together there will be no way to defend a part in zerosec from the roaming gangs there. So I still have no idea where we can move the future of FIA. First we will train our new recruits a bit and try out some joined fleet operations, I think.

Preparation for factional warfare again and I will have to build up some money for ships. Ships that are getting more expensive now with my increasing abilities. With the new recruits my role as a main tackler will slowly be taken over by younger pilots and my main assignment on cruisers will be the next step of my carreer. Still I have one of the Star Fraction Ruptures in my hangars, the rest I trashed on the front, some Stabbers and I will urgently need to gain more experience. Experience that nobody can teach you, that you have to make on your own, that my friends at Fish 'n' Fun now have to train. To train on regular training fights, on excursions in lowsec and those who come with me to FIA against the archenemy of freedom, the Amarrian 24st Crusade.

The fight against the "Reclaimers" will not be the last thing I have to do here in New Eden. For there is no future in defense. You have to start a offensive and carry the war into the heart of the enemy to really hurt them. To stop the offensive against us and prevent the victory of Amarr that will all of us throw in shackles and destroy the whole culture of Matar. Like Ushra'Khan is doing for example.

The CVA is expanding their sphere of influence further and further and many people in Amarr support their slavers paradise. I think one of the most important things in future will be the destruction of this expanding of this capsuleer Empire if we Matar want to survive. And this is the same for Gallente who were fighting a fierce fight against the Caldari forces. Where the Gallente militia lost their space the Matari can still hold it - most credits for this will go to General Sasawong.

Who should long ago be mentioned by our agents for every second mission a new pilot has to fly for our Republic. For if there is one hero of the factional warfare it is him. There are many excellent fighters and it is maybe not fair to raise one of them above the others, but if you need a Matar war hero it's him, in my opinion. Even our enemies would agree with this, I think.

I am flattered by the recruitment offer of Jade Constantine but I learned that loyality is one of the most important virtues we capsuleers can have and I can not accept for my bonds to FIA are very strong and hope everybody can accept this without having a feeling of beeing rejected. But I hope my corporation is ready for the next step forward in a few months and we can decide where to move. My life as a capsuleer and living ideals seem to have made me more friends than trouble so this might be a start for build up something bigger.

And even members of Du'uma Fiisi, with whom I had some conflicts in past I don't see as enemies. For they are fighting for the same ideals I do, just I seem to do it a bit more radical. If I learn to moderate my convictions a bit these conflicts could be settled. By the way. The members of the Salvation Crusade that were under our protection have by now been dispersed through the galaxy. Many of them traveled back to the Ammatar Mandate in Derelik, some have chosen to remain in Republican space, we can't protect them forever nor do we like todo. For they are enemies of our kind, what we protected was Minmatar law of host and freedom.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.18 09:32:00 - [284]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/10/2009 09:44:52
Dear Log,

today I was thinking about security.

The issue with this bar recently doesn't go off my mind and I wonder what went wrong in our society that barowners can put up signs with "no weapons" while everybody in New Eden knows that you can't stop a man killing an other if he really wants this.

If I am entering a bar, I would like to make sure that nobody enters with a weapon that can kill all of the guests in an instant like a bomb for example. Or a grenade or a nice bottle of Soman. Also I would like to make sure that nobody enters the bar with automatic weapons like a machinegun or an assault rifle.

Because, honestly, what is such a weapon good for in selfdefense? It is just an excellent toy to wipe out the whole bar, nothing more. To forbid this is in the interest of all guests.

But why do they begin to forbid weapons for selfdefense? Like a dagger? Like a simple blaster? Why take this away? Because people could kill each other? This is a thing you can't see. Because murder is carried in mind, not in weapon with you.

What can you do to kill a man in a bar without having a weapon? Just some ideas that come from mind, not from weapon and which are the reasons why I reject bars that don't allow them.

You can bring in drugs or poison and finish off your enemy with a drink you buy him. You can bring in a biological agent, a space disease and kill off the whole list of guests in days. You can lit yourself a cigarette, throw your drink into the face of your enemy and hold your match at the highpercentage alcohol and in a second he will be burning like torch, with nearly twothousand degrees of temperature it just needs a few seconds before he is stripped of his skin. True. Burning alkohol is brutal like that.

So we gonna forbid alkohol and matches next?

I can stick a pen into his eye or up his nose and he will be dead in seconds. I can strangle him on the toilet with my bare hands or with a garotte that I make off my bootlace. I can break a bottle and in the next second his cartoid is slit open and he dies in less than thirty seconds. I can also ram him the glass into the subclavian artery, the peroneal artery, the artery at his lower arm or upper leg, which is easy to find, just near his balls. I can ram him the broken bottle into his intestines and turn it around. There is so much to hurt, that I don't specify it. But the death will most likely be a bit slower, maybe too slow to prevent the arrival of medical care.

And all this without having to really "train" something hard like to break someones neck with a quick strike. Men are astoundingly hard to kill if you have no idea how to do it. But we are all warriors. We know.

And even if I don't kill him, it is easy to make him blind, to break his throat and suffocate him slowly, to burn him with fire, to burn him with acid, to use chemical agents, biological agents, to poison him, to... whatever.

Security is an illusion. We highly depend on the fact that most people around are no morons. That nobody really tries to kill us. And even the presidents and leaders that are accompanied by dozens of bodyguards are not safe. You are never safe. Never and nowhere. This is New Eden. This is an illusion.

But why the mess with security? To make us feel small and unimportant. To make us feel like victims. To take us the power we have. The knowledge that everything around us can die and will die. On a natural or an unnatural way. Even us capsuleers.

The whole security issue is the enemy of freedom, not the friend. I have some reaonable intrests in security as said above. Like to prevent people to enter with detectable devices to kill everybody in the bar in an instant. But the rest? Nonsense. We have to work on the minds, not the weapons. And minds are the product of consense of society. This consense is broken. We let us strip naked, take pride, honor, human rights for a thing that does not exist for anybody:


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.18 10:06:00 - [285]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/10/2009 11:36:35

What is a weapon? A weapon is no thing such a device with a sign on it: "Point this towards enemy, press button". A weapon is a tool. Anything can be a tool because tools are made of mind, not of matter.

You can even take a look into a book about anatomy and you have a weapon. You will know which parts of a body will be most vulnerable by a thing. It is easy to hit a body if you are a moron that doen't care what the other side feels. If you think about it, you might not hit hard enough to kill.

There is no tool we humans have built that can not be misused. There is nothing in our surrounding that can not be made a weapon. Really nothing. I have learned to kill with a book. With a pen. With a piece of paper. It is a bit wierd, yes, like that short humoristic play with the man that threatens another with a banana and gets shot. But true is that most things beside bananas or other soft fruits can be made dangerous weapons.

Most things in our surrounding that seem to be harmless are not harmless. Even if you see at the movies a barfight when the chairs that are hit on the head of the other break, this is not true. Not the chair will break, the head will. In our movies violence is made harmless. Harmless because you never see what it actually does. And if there is a piece that shows the full impact of violence the possibility is good that it will be forbidden by censors.

People don't fight violence in our society, they fight the pictures that are showing the result. Like the movies of war show fireing cannons and assault rifles but never show what this does to the people on the other side. Because if people actually could see that, they all would cry out loud: stop this!

The more abstract the fight against violence and the more absurd it becomes because it does actually not fight violence but pictures and movies that show the result of this, the more people think that violence is a good thing to do.

"I am the harvester of hope", the Empress has announced in her speech. In reality she is the harvester of Minmatar lives. Her "Reclaiming" and the enslavement of tenthousands is violence. Violence that is glorified but just go onto the battlefields, look what this does to people.

And when you come to a bar after that with a sign "no weapons", this really makes you sick. The right to carry a weapon not only makes you free and shows everybody that you are but also prevents that people turn away their faces from the fact that acting like a moron can get you killed.

This simple fact can prevent wars. Can prevent politicians call for things like the "Reclaiming". Euphenism is the same like showing violent actions without the results of this violence: the victims.

"No Weapons", that's euphenism. That's a lie. There is no place where no weapons are, especially not when at the entry gate two fifty calibre machineguns are pointing towards the guests. This kind of asymetric violence is... insane. Like forbidding the pictures that show the victims of violence. Like to forbid books that show alternatives in philosophy. Forbidding anything has never made it better. To show the truth and to confront people with the facts has. To make them think about what they are doing. Think about the consequences of their actions.

Think about what happens when those two .50 calibre machineguns actually open fire. In a bar. Where everybody is stripped of protection. Consequences. People try to ignore them. They think life is just like in the movies. When bullets hit the target but nothing else. When .50 caliber guns don't go through twenty people in a row and puncture a quarter meter thick concrete wall after that. When every shot is deadly and ricochets just exist as a soundeffect. Where projektiles and inbetweens don't fragment by impact. No name splinters...

No. I'd like to wear my dagger of honor, thanks. You may stick yourself this "no weapons" mindset of Empires where the sun don't shine. I'll keep my dagger, my dignity.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.22 09:22:00 - [286]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 22/10/2009 09:42:40
Dear Log,


After spending the last day with moving my assets from Foves back into Heimatar, crossing the lowsec of Amamake about ten times with all the el cheapo stuff that I needed to work as a millitary advisors and some of the more interesting parts of loot, now I'm back home in the vicinity of Rens, the lighthouse of freedom that shines through Heimatar into the deep darkness of Derelik and Bleak Lands.

Prosperity, hope, and ingenuity of Matari entepreneurs strong with her bad sister Amamake where you can buy all those things that are illegal on the Republic and most other places of New Eden. From drugs to prostitution, from all kind of crimes, piracy, protection rackets, terrorist organisations and political unwelcome organisations.

And in the middle of that axis you'll find me. Now. Again.

On my arrival the welcome was no boring party where I have to stare the bottle of vodka the whole evening not touching it and fully occupied with this, instead I got a dry: "We are at war!"

This is the welcome I like! They had prepaired the return to militia just in time of my return. What a present!

We went out to the front, after a quick scan of the Bleak Lands and few targets there we got message of the serious situation in Metropolis. Sasawong was taking a break and the region was in flames. First time in my life I was flying the Wolf, that I got as a present from Star Fraction some time ago for I felt ready for it. After just shredding two of exactly those Wolves I was not sure if that was a good idea but I think, I'm the person that dislikes the feeling of beeing in a superior ship. And after those two wolves went down so easily I was feeling quite at home in that vessel. I was prepaired to waste the thing like the Rifter it is in it's heart.

But we had some problems to catch the Amarr with our T2 gang. Just a slow Punisher had some starting problem with his propulsion and was crossing unluckily our line of fire with his ship. I won't call that a fight but it was a nice aperitif.

The rest of the evening we were using Thrashers to fight the enemy in the plexes all around Metropolis with much success. After a Coercer and a sweet Harbinger I finally got my feeling of beeing home.

The Harbinger was one of the more interesting fights that evening because it was guarding with a fast locking setup the entry of a minor complex. But after we jumped on him the only thing that was left for him to do was dying; Thrashered. But to be true I was really astounded how much punishment this thing actually could take.

And while I can't express the good feeling of being home again and actually down some slavers, the mood in our wing was so joyful that we were teasing each other all the time. Best of all was the fact that I always got the last shot on our enemies and undeserved got their killmails. This was of cause spiced with some teasing comments about the lacking firepower of my corpmates and that it was urgent time for me to return and derust their guns again and actually make them blow out some projectiles into the dark skies of Amarr oppression.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.26 07:53:00 - [287]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 26/10/2009 08:10:12
Dear Log,

the Star Fraction has had an epic battle against the slavers. And I won't tell you more about this because either you already know everything or you don't care.

But what is interesting in this fight is the massive involvement of caldari forces. I am not sure about the 100% correct numbers of the caldari expedition strike force but let's just take one of them that I find highly plausible. They involved with 40 -in words fourty- battlecruisers of the Drake class.

I just have to pause for a moment to let you grasp this, dear Log.

I don't know if you already know the overview of one of our Hurricanes but most likely you do. As you can see there are three battlecruisers that are compared. The Minmatar Hurricane, the Amarr Harbinger, the Gallente Myrmidon. There is missing one. The Caldari Drake. This has a reason. Because all those three battlecruisers have their advantages and disadvantages so that you can not be sure who would win a fight.

But the reason that the Drake is no part of this comparison is just that the compare would be boring. All aspects of battle relevant attributes would be larger than any of their competitors, just the speed would not. The Caldari will surely laugh about that fact.

I don't complain about the facts of Caldari design, I just want to show you what fourty of these vessels on our theatre here mean. There is nothing we can put against this. Larger Militia fleets either of Minmatar or Amarr side are about fourty ships, very very seldom more. And those are mixed fleets including a couple of battleships, battlecruisers and a lot, a very lot of small stuff with many many frigate class support vessels.

I just stare at this number with ogleing eyes, to be true. Of cause we can avoid them in small ships. Of cause we can outrun them. But I can't see anything that we can set against this. Maybe you think that fourty battleships would be worse, no they are not. Because the majority of our fleets is of cruisersize and below and battleships may be useful to bring down a bunker but in a normal militia fleet battlecruisers are the most dangerous weapon. Yes. Fourty battleships would beat fourty battlecruisers, even Drakes. But there is no such thing as a fleet of fourty on our theatre of war.

And now I begin to understand what happend to the Gallente Caldari war. Now that the Gallente have given up the defense of the territory against this overwhelming numbers their forces are searching for new targets and travel down here. This is a problem. This is a big problem for us.

With the Amarr we can deal. Every day, every night. It is no easy war, no easy fight and most of the time we are not only outnumbered but vastly outclassed by them but with the help of Star Fraction and other forces helping the Minmatar Militia we were able to deal with that. At least the forces have been at scale most of the time. But this...

Either the Gallente are now really going out and mass their forces on their front to bind this dangerous enemy or they have to give up their front completely and join the Last Frontier of Freedom - the Amarr-Minmatar warzone. Before all is lost.

Carriers and other capitals are dangerous. But a force of 40 battlecruisers can move everywhere, can beat everything and is unmatched in our whole theatre. Not a bit unmatched. Totally unmatched. Completly. Absolutly. And are supported by Logistics that remote repair their greatest strenght - their tank. And jammerwings that target the weak spot of every Minmatar ship - the sensors. With numbers we can not beat. Not if every militia pilot could fly a battlecruiser which is illusionary. Most are green.

I just sit here and stare at those numbers. ****. The Empires always have numbers. Only thing we can set against this are heros. I hope some of them will read this, dear Log. We will fight.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.27 16:12:00 - [288]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 27/10/2009 16:20:42
Dear Log,

the virtues of barbarians. Honor, pride, braveness, comradeship, heroism. This is all lost when an empire is built up. It will begin as an empire of barbarians. And end up civilized. When the thing you fear most is not the fist of your contrahend in your face but his lawyers sue in your post.

When things are not handled from human to human anymore. When everything that is done is done by some orginisation. Depersonalized. "Don't take it personal", the Amarr say when they kill your pod.

Actually it is personal. But they lost the feeling for it. I was telling you much about killing and why we kill and how we kill and why the heck we should try to solve the problems by an other way.

We have to learn. The Empyrian way of learning is to get you a teacher and he is telling you what to do and you follow him. If you question your teacher you'll get problems. You'll get punishment and if you questions the dogma of your society you will get punished by the inquisition or whatever.

No freedom. No personality. No personal ways. Everything in an empire is depersonalized. Everyone is going through the same lessons. The schools are unified. And people are held back from actually doing their own experience. Where they could you get a shield up that tells you that this or that is forbidden.

You get fitting puzzles by that where each is replaceable and all fit together well. But you get no personalities of that. No heros. No adventurers. No explorers. No genious scientists. No poets.

I just was reading this Sebiestor poem here, where I link to the galnet translation from their original Sebiestor dialect - "Der Ring des Polycrates". What people fear most is to be lucky without losses.

But what does this mean? It does mean that you don't have experience of your own. I have been flying Rifters for a year now. I almost lost one hundred. If you fear to lose the cheap things in life, you will learn that you start to lose the rare and expensive things instead.

It is not that you have to fear luck. But it is a good thing to learn to go your own way. And if you always do everything right you don't get better. You have to try new things. You have to expand your horizon. You have to travel farther than you ever did before. And you have to risc your own failure.

This is the journey every capsuleer is. Keep it in mind. Search the cheap losses. For you gain your own experience. Something nobody can teach you, dear Log.

And if you don't dare to lose something, you'll never be a personality. You have to find your own way. Throw away the ring of perfection. It will come back to you some day. And don't fear that day too. It will come back again as a byproduct of what you have grown.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.10.29 02:37:00 - [289]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/10/2009 02:38:34
Dear Log,

while I was training some new recuits all day long how to fight the Amarr and down their ships news got down on me from zerosec. The alliance CVA who was supporting the Amarr Militia for a long time and is spreading the Empire of the slavers through the zerosec space has disbanded. Unlike states alliances can disband suddenly and only by one man when he uses some swift moves of burocracy.

CONCORD nullified the alliance and their claimed space is free now. Most of the people think, the CVA has not deserved an end like this, even their most determined enemies. But this are things that can happen in New Eden. Megacons can vanish in the bubble economy of stock market from one day to the other and fall to little pieces.

The remains will be collected by new forces, a new Alliance will be founded, maybe the new CVB. This would be a good start for the rest of the alphabet.

I can not say that I think anyone deserves an end like this but when I think of all the Matari that are suffering under the slavework in their facilities and those of the Amarr Empire, this is not all bad. Sometimes a fortified structure has to be shaken to remove the rust, to give new ideas the opportunitiy to rise. It is the principle of anarchy. Structures have to change. The new evolving structures will be better fitting for the current situation, the current society. This is the procedure of evolution: mutation and selection.

So. While this process is completly normal I don't see anything "bad" in it. In every death there is a birth. In every loss there is a gain. The space of Providence is now again disputable. The competition about using this space has started another time. Those who can do it best will prevail. This might be the old Alliance in a new coat or something new. Nobody knows it.

But what does that mean for our people on the front? It means that we are going to start our offensive now. And press our efforts on a limit to free some of those systems that were lost to the Amarr Empire during the last year. I think this is a good time to do. Because the loyalists have now something more pressing to do. Like the Empire had when the Jove destroyed their fleet long a go. When the Matari were rising and breaking the shackles of thousand years of enslavement.

It's good that the Amarr have now something to do. Something better to do but to raid planets and deport our people to serve them until they die. CVA - that are just three letters. It is the three letter word that was giving us Matari so much to worry. It's gone. People thought this never could happen. It actually can. In New Eden everything is possible. Not just Alliances like BoB can vanish from one day to the other. It can happen at your front door. Can happen to your neighbor. To your friend.

So we have to be prepaired for the unprepaired. This is actually what Anarchism is about. To sustain a structure of society without a fixed system, without an ideology. We are moving nearer to that every day. And every Amarr ex-CVA who will find, after the shockwaves of this event have settled, that the new structure is better than the old one will know that I'm right. That the idea of Anarchism is right.

Respect the change. Take it. Work with it. Come out of it stronger than before. Change is good. Ever was. You have to cut a tree to make him grow fruits.

We will see where this will get us, dear Log.

Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2009.10.29 02:50:00 - [290]

Perhaps CVA will change, but I doubt it would be much more than a name. I suppose we can be hopeful for a progressive movement, but you know that we cannot depend on hopes alone.

As for your final comment:

That the idea of Anarchism is right.

I have to disagree. It is not right, nor is it what the Minmatar people deserve.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.02 09:48:00 - [291]

Dear Log,

The Battle of Kamela has been fought. Again the few free captains and their allies were standing against the faceless numbers of the idea of the Empire. Both sides claim to have fullfilled their mission.

Even if the war on isk won by the Amarr Militia, which I'm still not fully convinced about, isk is not the goal of this war. Most milita pilots lost lots of money through this war. Many of them are going out there with tech one fitted Rifters to fight Amarr tech two fitted battleships.

The Amarr are a dangerous enemy. They always brought more material to this front than the Minmatar Militia was able to. They always brought the numbers. They brought the organisation. They brought the fat isk from CVA support in zerosec. The Minmatar have mostly cheap stuff of frigate and cruiser size. They never had more.

I am now one of the better milita pilots and still I hardly can fly a battleship straight. Why don't Militia field them? Not because the don't dare. Not because they don't want. They simply can't. I said it before and I say it again: the Amarr pilots are in average much higher skilled than the Minmatar. We fight from the day we are capsuleers, the Amarr begin late in their career. As an average.

Because they can afford it. They are fighting a war on our land. We are in defense.

When Lantorn fell those days we were ten to fifteen militia pilots to defend it. Around two or three battleships, two battlecruisers and the rest in cruisers an frigates. We had to wait at the entry gate to Lantorn and were damned to watch our system go down. Thirty, fifty battleships were taking down the bunker. We never fielded a fleet like that, not that I can remember and if we dared we were hotdropped by Amarr capitals in those days. This is the feeling if you fight in militia against the Amarr.

With the engagement of Star Fraction this has significantly changed. The miliita is still underequiped and underskilled and most times outmanned and outgunned. And still we fight with what we have. You don't see us staying docked until the big blob has formed and our fleet leader has finally showed up. We fly on clear skies or on dark cloudy days.

I found a poem on GalNet which I want to recite here:

»I am Minmatar.
Give me scrap and I will build a weapon from it.
Give me a ship that's barely space-worthy and I will fly it better than any other ship out there.
Give me a target and I will find its weaknesses, then dismantle it piece by piece.
I am Minmatar, engage, adapt, defeat.«
- Havvie, Sebiestor poet

Ten thousand freedom fighters lost their lives in this battle. The Star Fraction was sacrificing capitals for the cause of freedom. You can not stop a freedom fighter by destroying his assets. You can not stop freedom by killing his friends. You can not stop freedom by enslaving a whole society for a thousand years of suffering and genocide.

You get Minmatar as a result. You get freedom fighters as a result. You only dig your own grave.

And while I congratulate both sides for fielding this fight and pity myself of not beeing able to join it, the Minmatar has won more than you can imagine. They gained a unmearureable boost of confidence through the turkeyshot. They reunited with their Gallente allies. They began to organize the war on the level they are able to fight.

To those who still claim that The Star Fraction is using us as a meat shield - look at the numbers, look at the losses. Still, I think we could have done better in this fight. Not with fielding "real" fleet, for you have to be member of Minmatar Milita to know that this is not the fleet you get if you call for arms in Millitia coms. You get spirit, you get will to fight, you get people that own ten millions on their wallet and are willing to throw all they have as often into the fight until they have nothing left. I prefer this over an Amarrian.

This fight just has begun. Freedom

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.02 11:53:00 - [292]

-part 2-

If you look at a fight like this you have to enter the capabilities of a Militia pilot. I once lost a battleship in a fight and I can honestly say if that happend twice I would have been out of the fight. Milita pilots are normally poor. Especially those who are fighting not only on the bigger events but on the daily basis during the fight about systems. There is not much time to make money if you are doing this.

So what do you do when you destroy a Militia battleship? Those you don't hurt don't count. For they will make money during the days of the week and on the next big battle they show up with more new toys than you can destroy. But the poorer pilots you hurt plenty with this.

I am pretty amazed by the performance of the Minmatar Militia during this battle to be true. I said that things can be done better but this only is true for the future, not for the fight that was fielded. To make the support work as a killing troup on the savespots is a great tactic. And one that was surprising the enemy. To surprise the enemy was always the way of fighting for my kind.

So I congratulate my Militia for this great fight. I am a bit worried about the losses of The Star Fraction and know that these losses were not done lightly. But I think the loss of a carrier is for an organized alliance like that easier to bear than the loss of a sole battleship for my kind. However the losses of the Allied forces have been huge and I can only respect this from deep in my heart. Nobody is lightheartly sacrificing the crews of carriers in a fight like this.

But ships are tools. Tools to gain something. To gain a victory. And if this fight is taking down 100 Amarr battleships those ressources are away from our theatre. They have to be replaced. And this hurts a solo militia pilot a lot.

I know most people just telling me that battleships are cheap and expendable stuff. If you don't mention the crew. But they are not if you are Milita. Even losing a cruiser hurts my wallet. And I am no "poor" one. I have some assets for fighting available. But I don't risc them lightly because I know I need a week to replace them without having to stop the ongoing fight for carebearing. A week for a cruiser... How long do I need for a battleship? About a month I think at minimum. Or I have to take a day off duty to get my money from somewhere. Most Militia pilots are poor. That's a fact.

So I think those lost battleships weight a lot. And I think they were well worth the lost carriers. However it may be - I would have prefered to not see those carriers fall into the hands of the slavers. And wish I could have been there to fill up my losslist and sacrifice some clones if necessary.

It was a great day for freedom and especially if few people fight the many my sympathy is always on the few. Is always of those who actually go out and fight and leave the dockingrange of stations or the warm fireplace of the next bar in a station. This kind of braveness of each of those warriors out there is what we actually need in New Eden. This is the future of mankind and not those who just follow orders and fly after a leader. Doing it for god or empire or Empress is nothing.

Doing it for your neighbor is everything. This is the tribal way, this is the anarchist way, this is the way of freedom, the way of brotherhood and true strength. The strength of the few who are daring everything and not the strenght of the numbers that hide behind the ship in front of them.

I don't want to say there was bad fighting on the Amarr and Caldari side, that there was no braveness. I just say that an Empire can not do what The Star Fraction, their allies and the Minmatar Militia can; fight for their neighbor, their brother, sister, family, tribe. Or just the Rifterpilot at your side.

Each human life counts. But not for the Empire. They sacrifice their crews without a word about them. We do. They count. One man - "no hitori".

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.04 17:04:00 - [293]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 04/11/2009 17:10:25
Dear Log,

these days are full of learning and prepairing. While I am fighting the first days out in Militia in other vessels than the Rifter most of the time, we downed a very nice Vagabond with a small team of frigate sized vessels. It was nothing special just that I was fighting for such an event for weeks at Fish 'n' Fun, to actually get one down. Some fights do not go well this was one of those that I'll remember like that day we were fighting the Maller of Veshta Yoshida. Back those days we didn't down the cruiser.

Everything was working. We hunted him 150 km off the gate, killed the drones, outtracked him, got him down. Without a loss. I like that ship very much but to down a wartarget in one is even better. Amarr slavers should not be allowed to fly this fine Minmatar vessel.

I learned to fly some of those Covert Ops ships now and was explorating a bit in our systems. Found an illegal drug farm of the Angel Cartel and destroyed it. Drugs enslave people. No big story to tell about this just that it was a good thing to do with the Wolf I got as a present from Star Fraction. The ship is performing extremely well and I really try to love it after destroying a couple of them in the Fish 'n' Fun wars. It can't be that bad.

Again I started to fly my regular smuggling route to Amarr Prime to bring in some small arms for the fight of freedom of their slaves. But this time the customs must have been tipped. They nearly caught me three times in a row and I only came away by paying a lot of money and some standing of the Amarr Empire. This never happend before, so I think there are new kind of scanners installed on their gates.

By the way staying docked at Amarr Prime I visited unharmed the headquarters of PIE Inc. and applied to their corp.

»For Freedom and egality of all men and women of all races I want to apply to PIE Inc. to serve my cause best.

I swear by this to humbly and honestly fulfill the cause I am fighting for under their protective shield and hope I'll get a fair chance to join this corporation to help to minimize the costs of lives on the Amarr Minmatar frontier.

By the way your rate of tax is tempting.


They didn't recognize me, I think.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.04 18:26:00 - [294]

Dear Log,

I got answer of Rodj Blake:
»Dear Alica Wildfire. Your application to join PIE Inc. has been REJECTED.«

I asked back: »Bummer. Why that? I'm fighting for my life and my people. That's a noble cause, or not? I even could fly a... ah... you don't like me flying a Rifter, yes? Is it that?«

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2009.11.04 18:58:00 - [295]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
Dear Log,

I got answer of Rodj Blake:
»Dear Alica Wildfire. Your application to join PIE Inc. has been REJECTED.«

I asked back: »Bummer. Why that? I'm fighting for my life and my people. That's a noble cause, or not? I even could fly a... ah... you don't like me flying a Rifter, yes? Is it that?«

That and we don't admit inferior races or terrorist dogs into our ranks. We're picky like that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.05 09:59:00 - [296]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 05/11/2009 10:55:44
Dear Log,

after my rejection of PIE Inc. I was really down for most of the day. But I think the true reason is not their "playing tough" about beeing the superior race and that, I think the true reason is my Rifter. Because if they align and parade for their Empress all vessels are shiny and golden with polish and in the middle an asteroid colored, a bit graffiti painted, humble Rifter, that this would make them look bad in their eyes.

I can smell the sin of vanity by that. And the vice of fashion.

It's like having everybody in double-breasted suit and expensive costumes and there is a tiny red-haired punkgirl in ragged jeans among you that is chewing gum and spitting on the parquet, showing up the peace sign and highfives the bishops near by. That's the true point I've been rejected, I'm quite sure.

But nobody can deny that I wasn't serious about this. No! I was completely serious with all I said.

'If you'd applied to us, we had not let you down', I was told by a friend. 'But I'm trouble', I answered. 'We like trouble.'

So, I'm not gonna be a PIE. This is something that I suspected deep in my heart before I tried. But a free mind just tries what might be possible. Just use your imagination. What would have happend if I actually would have been accepted? Isn't that amasing?

There would have been a bridge among the deep abyss that is opening between the Minmatar and the slavers, the Tribals and the Crusaders and racist ideology would be pushed aside. Why is that not possible?

Because mankind is lacking imagination is my theory about that. If you can imagine the impossible and go and try it out you will most likely fail most of the times. Like I once tried out if a wall is there just because I think there is a wall. Is the universe just a projection of our mind? So I imagined that there is no wall and walked through it. No. I bounced of it. It hurt plenty each time I did because I was not prepaired for that. Imagine that? About twenty times or so.

It's like a man that falls and is distracted the moment he should hit the ground and gravity forgets about him so he can float. A lot of people have tried that. But the right mindset is not easy to find. Still I feel that it can be done. Anything can be done. We just have to find the mindset for it.

You might think this is silly behaviour but this is the kind of person I am. No, the kind of person I want to be. Someone that is able to think and try the impossible. I have no idea if I actually can do it, but I try. This is freedom. True freedom.

It is no folly. Because this is the way mankind explores new worlds. This is the way scientists uncover new secrets of the world. This is the way we find progress. Think the unthinkable, try it out, prevail. You need free minds to do that. You need minds that are born free, gained freedom and this is the reason why the Minmatar Republic will always win over the Empire.

Freedom is a gift. Truely a gift. A gift you have to fight for, because it is not given away for free. It is something that you have to gain, you have to try hard to gain, your whole life.

This is not something that you can be forced in. It is not something that you learn of a teacher. Someone can show you the way but you have to go it yourself. And if you are in shackles you won't move at all. This is the reason we are fighting so hard for the freedom of our people out there in Amarrian slavery.

To give them a chance. To give them a chance to unthink a wall and get a bloody nose running against it. Everyday out there someone goes through that wall. And brings the enlightment to the people. The enlightment the Amarr are preaching all day is not gained by shackles. It is gained by freedom. And only by her.

So, let my people go.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.06 00:53:00 - [297]

Dear Log,

a quick strike of our forces hit our enemy deep in his own territory.

Salute Crusader!

I want to state my condolement for the loss of your crewmen by the fight in Niaja and the late loss of your proud ship.

As long as you keep Minmatar slaves and follow the twisted way of Reclaiming, which differs in nothing from war of aggression against the Minmatar people, invasion, deportation, enslavement, genocide, as long you will not be safe even in your innerst systems.

There is no place in New Eden where injustice can hide.

We come for our people. Tell that your god.

with respectful salute
Alica Wildfire

As a tactical review I have to say, that I expected a bit more of a Legion T3 cruiser. Even with the Caldari Navy trying to bring us down we were able to destroy the ship a bit too easily for my taste and the money this kind of ship costs. We were able to safe some of the slaves that had to work on the ship of that Paladin and brought them back to their home - the Minmatar Republic, we salvaged it and got not much too expensive stuff out of it. But the ship was utterly destroyed.

Always when I enter a wreck for salvage I feel some irrational feeling of beeing watched by the ghosts of the late crew. The silence and coldness of the space has invaded the once warm hallways and the little chapel we found. But the rich altar was mostly destroyed by a 650mm projectile that has darted through the outer armor layers and exploded.

I use every space I have on a vessel for fighting. Why do Amarr waste so much space for gold and altar and other symbols of their god? He is not helping them anymore after he has seen what they do to Minmatar in his name.

This is the sad truth.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.06 09:03:00 - [298]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/11/2009 09:06:03
Dear Log,

today we will celebrate. For the time of sorrow about the killed crew of that Legion is over.

With this the Minmatar Militia killed one of Empires rare T3 Cruiser. With a minimum of ships. The pilot Aerowen should be noticed for he was among us three with a logistic cruiser and didn't get noticed by CONCORD for that kill.

This strike was a strike of justice. A strike of symbolic value. Even the most advanced ships that the Amarr Empire is able to errect will fall under the gun of the "lesser" races. Because this Empire is all built on sand.

On the quicksand of slavery. It can not prevail.

Saul Dhampir
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2009.11.06 13:23:00 - [299]

Edited by: Saul Dhampir on 06/11/2009 13:24:00
Alica, let me take a brief moment to put aside some of your fears. The Star Fraction has economic fingers in markets across the cluster. After all we believe in free trade. An whilst I recall an Amarrian saying he had never ‘seen SF stuff’ on the markets, that does not mean they are not there. The seller may not openly appear to be anything to do with the Star Fraction but I can assure you we supply a great deal of T2 hulls and equipment.

What this means is that from a financial point of view, replacing a dozen carriers is a non event. I don’t mean to say it’s no loss, it is! But we can do it and so we are prepared to put such assets in the line of fire.

Crew is another matter. Tens of thousands of people have died in these battles, and many more will. And yet the number of people choosing to abandon there formal lives enslaved to banks, corporations and churches to fight for a Transcendent future is continually staggering and overwhelming.

We will not run out of capital hulls, nor will we run out of crew to man them.

My last point is that you will not see such assets fielded by the Amarr. Whilst it is popular amongst there capsuleers to accuse us of station hugging in them, that is still a step beyond what they are capable of. Put simply, they nether have the resources to field them or the balls to put them in the line of fire.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.06 16:41:00 - [300]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/11/2009 16:52:19
Dear Log,

after Star Fraction is not hampered by the loss of a few Capitals I can relax a bit. To see this thorn in the side of the Empire always puts me in good mood and I yell into the endless space a loud: Freedom! for all that are suffering under the knute of the Amarr slavery and any slavery out there. There is a difference between ujs and the Amarr. We are fighting for something important, they are just fighting against us. Or are fighting for money, which slavery basically is: the most extreme case of power monopol and exploitation of people. Maybe it is even more, the result of an evil spirit, but I can't be sure of this. So I stick to the things I know and can see.

Like the new capital fleet of Star Fraction.

Talk of losses. I want to tell ya, dear Log, what my impressions about this new Amarr technology is. When I inspected this hull out there at Niarja, I got some impressions I want to share with you. Even if it was destroyed the once gamour of that ship was still alive and only melting away by my torch where I tried to salvage some recognizable parts of the intestines.

The whole ship was dark somehow. It had the aura of something alien and, yes, evil. Not the usual evil that evaporates from slaver ships but something frightening, something mindless like the evil of a beast.

I don't know much about Amarrian technology but I could not recognize most of it. Everything was golden inside and part of scriptures were engraved in the walls. If my Amarrian is not rusted too bad one of the verses I met again and again was: »VADE RETRO SATANAS« where the technology was most alien. As if to hold back the forces of evil from the crew and the owner and to enslave the foreign, the alien technolgy for their cause.

I found dead in the captains quarters his personal slaves. Young Minmatar girls. Why do those slavers always are so fond of Minmatar females? Maybe because we radiate life and health and not death and depression like many Amarrian women do. I think this is more a sideeffect of socialisation than birth. The Amarrian religion is a morbide death cult.

»VADE RETRO SATANAS«, the Amarrian scientists and engineers seem to have scruples to use this alien technology and see something devilish in it. Something heretic, that is spitting into the face of the "superior" "Amarrian" technology. Most of it is from Sebiestor slaves anyway. But the stranger the circuits were becoming, the more obscure the technology is the more engravements of the scripture I was able to find.

And it was as if the light from the ceiling that were meant to shine down like a light from heaven were sucked away by the plating of the corridors, by the used material.

It might be that I was a bit preoccupied when I visited this ship, because it was a ghost ship. A wreck, only the shadow of something that once was brilliant technology. Blood of the crew was sprayed on all the walls like on the canvas of a modern art picture. It was drifting through the air in small frozen bubbles and abstract sculptures.

Burning and smoldering trees of broken cables and frozen smoke was putting everything inside in a dark, light sucking, toxic nebular. I torched out as fast as I was able to which seemed to be useful and left charges behind to blow up the rest and scatter the remains of that dazing halve-alien ghostship to dust among the stars.

I think this technology is in antithesis to the Amarrian technology that is. It's strange that they allow themself to use it.

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