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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.17 21:44:00 - [1]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 20/08/2008 07:46:58
Logbook 2008-08-17

Dear Log,

I'm writing down some thoughts about this world for this is just so new for me. Capsuleer! After all those months learning and being drilled -I's so sick of that- and finally finishing as - as what? Pirateblood they called me down there on these stinking dirty streets that were once a so nice blooming - not quite a full hit, but ya can hear the whistle of the bullet by that. Oh fragg, I never saw one of those "flowers" these elders told us. I really don't know what that is and I give a damn about them. Can't be more beautyful than a crescent asteroid belt in a magnetic sunstorm at full eclipse. Most certainly they don't fit in one of those greasy little metal closets they call crew's quarters where I hang my hammock.

To be true, I love it. Free space, man, first time I'm all for myself can do what I want.

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. And nobody noticed. Gee! Nobody noticed, cause I was locked up in the jug for a brawl the night before at a bar in lolevel plattform where all the miners get drunk after a days work. It's not easy for a girl like me. I hate my red hair, always got those flies after me. Barflies, drunken bastards.

Got a shiner. Hate to be touched when I'm fresh out of pod. After hours and hours in my pod the skin is so softened it nearly hurts when someone touches you. Especially when get smacked by a bully of a miner. But it's not that I don't like that sort - common man. I ain't fit in no damn fancy dancing dress.

Miners around here got not that Caligari ships. But that Calgari miners really speak another language. I got a letter from my Calgari penfriend. Nice Birthdayblip. He told me all stuff there is so cheap there -mining is going well- and here - man. This war is ruining the markets. Everythings going up. Ha! Shuttles for 76k ISK that's a joke. I mean, thats war I think? Never been in war, wonder what it's like? Everyone is talking about Amarr and that. Ya know? Y'can see all those brand new clones around. Capsuleers don't loose arms or bodyparts anymore. Just their life. Such a clean war, isn't it?

If I were a miner, if I were a trader, I would know what to do! But I'm just one of those rebels that did not have the discipline for real mil training. Gee! Yeah, nice try did they have. First day in camp was first day in jug. Send me to special forces. Think thats the place for all that scum thats not mean and lean enough for parade. Pirateblood. Brawl and roving they say is all I'm good at. But I think I've one of those girls who can hear machines talk an' who will shot like hell when in fury. This universe should be big enough for a girl like me to find a place to fit.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.17 21:45:00 - [2]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 17:57:00
Dear log,

tomorrow I tell ya more about blood. More about Amarr war and how I can feel it down here as a rookie pilot that nobody knows, nobody wants and my blood that wants revenge for all the suffering of my people here. Or maybe I just learn and understand. But be sure, log, I'll never take my thumb off the trigger before the Autocannon goes empty with a whirr.

Oh I'm so tired. First met a Gallatean women today. Very nice very -huh- galattean. Gave me a Slasher as a present. And I just wrecked it halve an hour later in a dropbomb. Never met a dropbomb. Now I know it's a bad thing. That was my second Slasher. My first Slasher I wrecked early this day while testdriving my new fitted afterburner. Man, was that thing fast! I did'nt see that asteroid before I was catapulted in trajectory right through the windscreen in my pod with my brand new Slasher left behind wrapped around that asteroid like a rotten banana. Don't know why our ships always rust in free space. Should not be like that. But it's my style to be true. I would be wrong in one of those shiny bitty itty things for sunny sunday afternoon ride in the park that other folks call ships. Flowers. We don't waste creds on paint, man. Better put up another gun instead.

Ah - before I forget! Got a new ship now. I hate mining. Really hate hate hate mining! Hope to find some really cool big guns which spit lots of ammo and o'cause a new afterburner. And that one got pretty many gunports! Man! That be fun. Tell ya tomorrow how it behaves in asteroid belts.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.18 08:39:00 - [3]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 17:57:34
Dear Log,

gotta tell you some serious stuff today. At morning I awoke with a bad headache and with ripped apart clothes in a shabby closet near the bar. I can't remember well what happened yesterday night but I think there were two guys and that I've been made drunk and been drugged somehow. After that I can't remember. Suddenly I started to cry.

I am a capsuleer. Things that happen to my body should not be that serious to me, next clone is waiting in the lab shiny and new. But I have to tell someone, so I tell you, dear log. I don't know why but I have to think about our war with the Amarr, ya 'no? Slavery is a bit like what happened to me, I think. I never was a slave and my parents were no slaves too, but I try to explain why I think what's it like. The thing that is making me furious is that I got no choice. I even got no choice to say 'no'. That must be slavery. No choice.

I'm Sebriestor and all that fighting stuff is more Brutor way. We are more the intellectual kind. Ha! Intellectual and me - ask my butter. But the reason for this fight must have been something to do with the right for a choice. See, a choice that's not to be ask - do you want to be raped by me or by my friend? Like it is in some of those so called democracies, ya 'no? Where you have to choose between two. It's more that you can go your way. And I fear this right is denied to us. We have to take it from their cold and stiff hands. Just what I'll do if I meet those two guys again, I promise. I'll boot over their dead bodies.

I don't know what the Amarr are like. I just see what their leaders say on the telly. Never met one in person so maybe there are great guys among them. But as I see it they back an imperium that's trying to take the right of choice from us. To be clear, I don't think the Minmatar tribes are the best of all worlds or even that this clansystem is really democratic. But we rule ourself. We are nobodies possession anymore. And I think all that crap about imperial ideology only brings down suffering and pain on people like me.

Okay. I don't wanna sound pathetic -maybe I am a bit- sorry I'm Minmatar, ya 'no? But I am in deep concern about what is going on at the front. Sure you can read the statistics that are coming daily and that our troops are way behind. What you can't read is how many ISK the ships cost that our troops lose and who many ISK are lost on the other side. They don't tell us. And all I know is that our prices are going up big time, that our miners can't meet the demands anymore and all is chaos here at the low end of the tale.

I can only hope that some of the miners and producers in the overcrowded and ultrarich other factions got a heart and help us. Even when its not for our sake just for their own profit. I don't think our fighters are bad. I am proud to be a Minmatar and think that every of our great fighters will nail two of that Amarr fighters against the control towers with their Autoguns. But of cause that's just patriotism. I have not seen the suffering at the front with my own eyes. I just hope that I'm right, cause I don't want to be a slave to anyone, never! It's all about the right to say 'No'.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.20 06:49:00 - [4]

Dear Log,

sorry I did not find time to write the last days. I got plenty to tell. After I found a personal log in a shot down pirate vessel I traveled to a system at the frontier of our republic where he said he will go back to his family. Yea pirates have family too. But most of them are brainless idiots, are slavetraders and damn rapist. I should know, I have read their logs. You get a lot of intel if you are out there doing missions for your country. I heared that my father who left my mother when I was still a baby went to be a pirate. So I tried to contact an agent of the angel cartel. But instead I found a hidden complex out there. And while I was snooping around I met these two guys. One was really a hotshot in a very cool vessel, I adore very much - a rifter. The other was more the elder kind of guy, you find in repairshops and that give you good tipps how to fix the injector of your afterburner or something like that, ya no? Called himself The Rat but I don't think he was anything like that. He's a salvager and flies a Thrasher like me. But of cause his Thrasher was much cooler than mine.

But later more about Thrashers and what I think of them. We found a really big sphere full of wreckage and while we all fought off the pirates and were advancing deeper and deeper in this ship-cemetry he was salvaging parts of the wrecks and was finding great fortune in there. Thats more my style than mining! So I learned of him how to do that. That were great weeks together and he told me again and again that I should not make a fuzz about shot down Angels cause they are all stupid dreckheads anyway. Can't say I ever met one that was not to be true, so he might be right.

So now I am in salvaging. No big deal you might think, but I really like that. In some ships I find stuff, intel or personal belongings that tell me about the people that owned that ship before. And I really like the drift in free space when you leave your safe ship and glide through the big black void around you, all silence but your own breath. And to break in is a bit like that kind of partys I did as a teenage girl down there. We broken in some rich estates, done all graffiti and had big time and party until the police arrives. Then we run away. Was fun. Salvaging is a bit like that. Has the fun, has the thrill.

So my ship is looking like a workshop inside with lots of stuff messing around now. I tell you this cause it leads to the thing I really have to tell you, log. I did not forget the search for my father, but I can't imagine that he is living with those guys.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.20 07:21:00 - [5]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 20/08/2008 08:09:46
Dear log,

I was out on a salvage at the outer rim of our systems and found a wreck of an Amarrian slaverhulk. I nearly had to vomit when I saw all that. Boxes full of Mimatarian bones, must been hundreds of slaves in a standardcontainer without water, food, toilet. Even through the spacesuit I meant to smell the stink of the ship. Captains quarters with a library, lot of art, bones of slavewhores in his lustchamber. Oh these monsters! I ripped some electronics from the library and found later this fragment of Amarrian story: »...freedom is slavery, war is peace...« Can ya dig that? After that I really wanted to shot an Amarrian, to be true. I was in fury.

Normally I don't tell you about missions cause that's all top secret but this one was quite important for me personally. I had a headache I was tired I did not really listen what the agent told me when I got the mission. Prevent some act of terror and all that kiss my ace. Just another mission. Hey, stop there! Amarrians? Slavers? Kill them? Ah, oki, I'm with that. I gave my word.

Big time botch. Never give your word for a mission when you did not really listen to what your agent told ya.

Out there I found myself facing some Amarrian security, lock, shot, silence. No problem for me, I even collected their dogtags after that. Kill dumb Amarrians, yarr, I was full in my element. Then I found myself beeing pissed off on com by those terrorists. I got in rage. Did not exactly know what I did. Shot that buggers down. Oops. Found out they were no terrorists at all, they just tried to free some slaves from an Amarrian Slaver-Trade. Great ****e! Me an idiot! Big time!

Words gone round and nobody is willing to talk to me now. So I'm all alone again out there. ****e!

Per incident I found some scientist making killer-rabbits from Amarrian pets. Pure incident, has nothing to do with any missions, I promise! What the hell did they wanted with them? The whole station was a mess, all dead, doors eaten through. A seed of an idea grew in me. I got a hand of a container full of that really rabbit rabbits in the remains of a smoking lab. Silently I snapped the container and sold it to the next Amarrian trader I met near the border. Hope it works.

I painted my Thrasher FR33DOM, PUNK and AUTOCANNONS on its side, written in slaveblood. And the remains of the slavetrader captain are piked on the top of the sporns that are in front of my Thrasher. Docking masters always give me a look for that but that's my style, so ka? I give a ****e on my reputation for that. Next time I do the right thing. I promise. Anybody wants Amarrian Dogtags?

(OOC: I hate when simple words like sporn are censored by a machine, really, really hate! Where are we going with that?! Especcially when I referenced to 1984 in a log. N3wspeak. Will use "-" to cancel out my own bad words in future. When that helps. Mea culpa. I don't want to bother the word-whipping autocensor. Saves CPU this way. Oh. I found a way to write sporn that is not bothered by the censor. Fine for me if its fine for the censor. Does a good job, gee. I really like mister autocensor. So smart. Reedited all words above to please him.)

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.23 11:59:00 - [6]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 23/08/2008 15:54:59
Dear Log,

I do really struggle for survival. And even with salvage as a quite nice income thats not enough to make it. Life is hard, competion is tight. Ya know I'm building these little shuttles I call 'Wildfire Shuttles' without slaveworkers and no childworking. But I'm just a very small company and other can do it more efficently especially when producing without ethical standards I have to hold up. All productionlines for time- or materialefficiency are jammed for weeks here so I cant do anything by working on the blueprints.

So I try to compansate it with small extras I build in. Like the 0.5 MW amplifier 4D soundsystem that even transmits in subwave and beer-holdings at the console and of cause games on the navcom display.

But the income is not nearly enough for a living. So I did some smart deals and got hand on that old rubbish-transporter. Some call it smart deal some gambling, okay, and I have the strange feeling that I might be have conned. My new hulk -okay Hauler- is no beauty that's clear and even with tree 1MW afterburner its not flying a minimum faster. Its stearing like a dead cow and the reverse rockets are sometimes not starting. And to be true that ship stinks even after I tried to clean everthing by clorining it with CS-gas grenades.

Now its still stinking and smelling a bit like riot. Okay. Much better for me. The stink does not come through but its burning a bit in the eyes. Wearing some of that cool Minmatar salvager goggles stops the tearing - that's a patch I can live with even if I look now a bit bizarre. Redhaired, a bit messy, smear everywhere especially on my bootie cause the pilotseat is not that clean at all and wearing these round, brass, shabby goggles and that CS always lets run my nose.

So I was out, hopefully, to make that big deal that everything will change for me and me stinking life. And stinking was the right word. Only thing that was on the market and making profit was -guess it- garbage. Great! I just cleaned that damn hulk. Garbage. Okay. So I invested 500k ISK for garbage. Of my hard earned money. I shipped it over six jumps and when I arrived someone was faster. Nearly all demand was satisfied I just sold a small part of my great investment.

I tried do find anywhere anybody in that damn universe who needs some garbage but now I sit on a whole shipload of that shit and cant get rid of it. I unloaded it in the dock of a Minmatar station and the storehouse foreman, who is a Brutor, was calling me some not so nice names, cause the whole station begins to stink like a dump.

Great! So you make friends and burn your money. Damn hulk! Maybe I ship the trash to the outer planets. Or to the Amarr. Yes! I try to ship it to them. In their wiseness they certainly will find use in that trash and enlightenment in the stink.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.23 20:18:00 - [7]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 23/08/2008 20:23:34
Dear Log,

when I lie down in my hammock and out there is only the great silence of space I sometimes feel so alone out here. The Hauler is aching in the sunstream and ionstorms while the ship is gliding through the endless void of the warpbubble, moving through space and time. And in those moments I browse through the rare intel my mother left me. You know I ain't any poet and never will be, so I just borrow me some words of a poet of one of those ancient people that traveled as one of the first pilgrims throgh Eve. Ya know I never forgot where I come from and even when I speak the intergalactic standard my mother taught me to talk in this ancient language thats a sort of intergal dialect now. Rilke is one of my most favored poets of that former time so I hope he does not dislike it if I borrow some of his words for the things that are going through my mind. Its called "The slave" - Der Skalve.

Der Sklave

Sein Blick ist vom Vorübergehn der Stäbe
so müd geworden, dass er nichts mehr hält.
Ihm ist, als ob es tausend Stäbe gäbe
und hinter tausend Stäben keine Welt.

Minmatar und frei geboren nun in Ketten,
kleine Schritte müde, im Takte der Amarr,
liegen eng gepfercht in ihren Betten,
zum Folgen jetzt gezwungen wo einst freier Wille war.

Nur manchmal schiebt der Vorhang der Pupille
sich lautlos auf -. Dann geht ein Bild hinein,
geht durch die Glieder angespannte Stille -
und hört im Herzen auf zu sein.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.25 16:18:00 - [8]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 17:58:47
Dear Log,

Death. The final conquest. The reaper of all knowledge and everything that is. He seems to be defeated. If I die out there, shot in my pod, helpless and my screams are unheard by the endless void of the universe around me then my clone will be reanimated.

Sometimes at night I awake, screaming. When I die and my clone takes over is that still me? Sure, all the software is uploaded into him all personality restored. But he is not me. What am I? Am I only software? Software that is stored in the great databanks of the medical service? Is my body a nothing? If this works, what's that lie about the soul? Or can souls be redublicated and stored away in a computerstorage. Are there souls in the machine, waiting to be woken up?

My body changes all atoms every seven years. So after seven years no atom in my body is the same. If my body entirely is formed by other matter, then the "me" has to be software, or not? Software is nonexistant. It begins to be in the moment it is influencing matter somewhere. Then the software can begin to work. Software is bound to matter, even on a database its stored in it. Maybe its stored in energy but we know energy is matter and vice versa. So... who I am?

Just a bunch of bytes out in a database? How can that be? How can I feel that I am alive? How can I feel pain and love and hate and anger? How can I cry? Is it only the body that is like that? Like a malfunctioning part of hardware? Can my soul cry? My soul? What is a soul? If it can be copied and redublicated and made real clone after clone after clone again?

Who am I? If there is no soul there is no god. If there is no god there is a great question for mankind - what is the purpose? Purpose of us all?

Okay, dear Log. Now I really have an urge to kick some ass. Hope that makes it a bit clearer for me, thinking like that is making me triggerhappy, gives me an urge to drink and to fragg the whole thing that people call creation.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.08.27 17:46:00 - [9]

"... und hört im Herzen auf zu sein."

I had to go a long way to have it translated into my own language we speak planetside in our community in Hulm. But I do love the poem, especially that last sentence.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.30 12:36:00 - [10]

After receiving several warnings I found out, that an Amarr spyware was part of the control-firmware application in all my ships logging systems. I decided to ignore this sort of dishonourable fight but warn all Minmatar shipowners to check for the /usr/lib/navcom/ in their system and to apply a patch found in the secured databases on the next infohub database and confirm the sourcecode.

I decided to continue the logging and allowed to post comments to it on this galnet channel but will not answer. It's just a stream of thoughts that I do not have to and will not defend or justify. I will think what I think and log about even if an Amarr slavetrader is standing behind me with his electrowhip.

But now back to log:

Dear Log,

I am a barbarian and I am proud of it. The more I travel around in the galaxy the more civilized people I meet the more I come aware of the values of our code of honour and how it is missing in so many places. There are two sorts of society. The barbaric and the civil. The civil searches for consense and to live together and has no strong points of ethics that can't be changed. If given enough money a civil character will do anything. It has its advantages when living in agricultural societies while murder will never end in blood feud but can be simply paid by money. Thats the reason the civil societies fight wars for nothing but money.

On the other hand the barbaric values are honour, loyality, freedom, bravery, equity, humanity, brotherhood and many more. Values that do not allow any discussion any consense and that are not to sell. We might value some of them higher than other but we never barter about them.

We never kill helpless capsuleers in a pod. We do not fire from battleships on rookie pilots in Reapers. We do not break our word when we give it. Honour is something that I have to face in the mirror. Before myself. It's not that public thing that some people claim that someone other has messed with. The only one that can harm my honour is me. When I do not follow my ethics.

So I prefer working with barbarians and I find many more in the civilised parts of the universe than I thought. And not all are Minmatars.

So a barbarian like me is limited in the things he can do. But a civilized man can do whatever brings him profit. This is why I prefer being a barbarian and I am proud of it. And I think this is the reason why we are always in defensive and have to fight for our freedom.

I am in Gallatean space now. They really have ugly shuttles here - like flying bananas. And I am thinking to start the production of some real shuttles here from my blueprints. Hope they sell cause everything is smooth and rounded here. No place to hurt yourself and get bruises. No edges but also no character. It's very civilised everything is made to please and be in consense with everyone. Makes me a little sick. Living without fight is like endless death for me. I really hate consense. There is no progress in it. No fighting. No prove of a better concept just mediocrity and pleasing everyone. Thats not the equity we try to live.

I'm feeling a little lost and hope to meet some barbarians soon. No fighting in bars here. You really get bounced when you just start to talk a bit louder and have your own head. Everything is for sale.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.08.31 12:10:00 - [11]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 31/08/2008 12:28:45
Dear Log,

nothing special to report today, but something personal. On a patrol we were attacked by an Amarr fightersquad that was convoying a transporter. After a hard and heavy fight with some losses on my crew, we entered the wreck. We found containers with Vitoc in it. Vitoc is one of those things that are the reason we fight the Amarr.

The crew that was still alive was beeing made obedient with it and were mere shadows of human beeings. It would be one thing if the Amarr would force slavework with the whip. There is more honour in a whip than in this. Seeing it makes me just speachless. I even have no anger. It just has to stop. They are so civilised, yes. And their godgiven superiority. Without honour, without respect for a living beeing at all. What kind of human can do this?

We gave two of our crewmembers a freespace burial. They died when a shot of a frigate hit us, went through the armor and destroyed the lower gundeck with the 280mm Howlitzer mount where they had been cooling down the rifle. We gave a salute into the near sun while jettison the container with their remains. Tala Niche and Rowan Walker were friends I did know from my time at military school, not just crewmembers. They planned to marry and settle next month, both were just nineteen.

If not a Gallatean friend came to rescue us in his battlecruiser we all would have been toast by now.

May they rest in peace.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.02 18:08:00 - [12]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 17:58:24
Dear Log,

after a long time being in space now I was passing captains exam a few days ago and was allowed to manoever cruiser-class ships. I really loved my old destroyer and took most of my crew with me - those who are still alive. Some people argued that in modern times you should be able to control a ship with a single capsuleer and are not dependent on a crew anymore.

But I replied to this that ships without windows and just a bunch of sensorpanes were ugly things. Not that ugly as Gallatean shuttles but what in universe could be ugly as that? Of cause on frigates you only need very small crews, I started on a slasher which could be controled single handed. Maybe in other factions they use computers for everything but Minmatar ships are plain and simple in design. No fancy things like speaking intelligent doors like they use on the Gallatean battleship I visited.

So now I am a cruiser cap, Gee! But I really miss my whole lotta guns. Tried to fix some guns in the medium energy slots and even forced them in first with some kicks with the boot then with a big hammer and then they fitted. But do not work. Tomorrow I try to use rocket launcher. Using defensive measures is like fitting brakes on a speedcar. Thats not bold. Better rip to pieces every target before it can shoot back than to mount something defensive.

Alas, but if I fail I will be forced to use that type of machinery but I do not like that.

Tried some testruns with the pretty thing -looking like a dragon, gee!- but had to say it really sucks against frigates, even if I love that really big guns of it. So I think to have something bigger not always means it is better. I thought bigger was better and have a massive 425mm Autocannon Bullet as a table in my quarter. But even if I love that thing and the big rifles I have mounted you really have problems to fight off a simple frigate. I hope I will not be ripped apart in this cutie while patroling around by someone in those small fast vessels I love so much.

But not everything is negative in a cruiser. I nearly singlehanded killed a battleship this day. Gee! Quite a bang! Love it. My friend in a Gallatean battleship does not count as a help cause those Gallateans fight enemys with light!? Can ya dig that? Light as a weapon, I personally use lasers from shot down frigates for my lasershow with my amplifier for partys. But to use it as a weapon I never would think off. Real weapons make lots of noise, make big white melting holes and leave fragments of tons of bullets that were streamed through space like burning hot white rain. Thats a weapon not those flashing "sush!" you hear from a laser.

So Minmatar cruiser versus Battleship is making a big heap of smoldering trash of battleship. I'm impressed with that firepower. And its nearly as light and fast as a frigate. Love it. Cute fast "FMS Starfire". Not a big one but sure the fastest in the whole region if you don't count in the military ones.

Have now some training hours with the new crew. All still very green and new, just like me. Nearly twohundred souls to care. Big time responsibility for me.

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2008.09.05 11:40:00 - [13]

..zool hacks AI software, and replaces old buggy parser with new one correcting words like "gallente" and "caldari"...

this should help with her spellchecking.
zool thought, just before he sent a mail to alicia wildfire with the subject: "you have personal log data leaking into public broadcast channel"


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.05 11:50:00 - [14]

Dear Log,

the cruiser is not what I hoped to get and I hope I will never have to stand against a Rifter in it. The guns are amasing big, of cause, and can take more incoming before falling apart than in a destroyer but alas - I miss my seven big guns.

And of cause I have to face certain discrimination at certain warpgates that don't allow me passing through. Man! My stabber "FMS Starfire" is nearly smaller than my damn destroyer "FMS Revenge II"! It's not easy but when I am looking out for other ships of the same class all are damn slow. I tried to fit several overdrives and a huge afterburner and that was okay. Good, say I have a big fee to pay last time I docked in cause I came in a little bit fast and it was wobbling a bit. Really not much. Few scratches. What can a cruiser do to a station when its parking in with ninehundered meter per second? Not much. Yes. Not much. And that fee, a little bit over the top. Thats not fair. I'm not rich, man!

Okay. Back to politics. We got the message from the 17th Minmatar Tactical Wing raiding the evil empire back in the homeland. That's what we need, this kind of spirit is it. I still got a little hangover. So the fight against the Amarr is going well for us and we have driven fear and bad company deep in the heart of their homeland. But here in Gallente space the things are going bad.

The Caldari are slavetrading even more than the Amarr ever would dare, they have masses of fleets that are not decimated in hundreds by brave Minmatar fighters and I saw some veterans today that dropped by in a bar I use to frequent and told storys.

I think about joining the fight here cause the odds are against. Without the Gallente Republic the Minmatar would have to face two Emires alone and so I think about putting my little weight to this scale. Maybe if I bring in some of my 425mm it's more than my own 57 kg and helps a bit more.

See, these Gallente are nearly helpless. They fire this *slosh* Weapons no *BLAM* ones. Blinding their enemy with light or something. The are no warrior souls like us. No savages, they are very polite indeed. But you cant fight off an evil empire with nice words without backing them with tons and tons of ammo. They really need help I think.

I am still feeling so weak.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.06 18:23:00 - [15]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/09/2008 19:38:05
Dear Log,

just a few days off duty. While having an exam for type four ships I was strolling around the spacestation here in Masalle. My crew and I had some hard fight a day ago. Without the help of my Gallente friend who had a battleship at his command the living here is even harder than I ever would have dreamed before.

He signed a contract for a corporation that is down deepspace, more than fifty jumps away and took his goodbye yesterday. So another pilgrim to the better world outside in the wild void. Soon after he left, a message arrived that he was missing, shot down and killed while still trying to get away in his pod. But on board of the carrier of is new company his new clone has woken up. Is this the way it goes? I'm missing him and sometime stand here at the side of the welldesigned gallentean steel-tank where one of his clones are resting their endless sleep and press my hand against the cold wall. Good luck, dear friend!

So without the firepower of his ship I was forced by my friends to go to get a licence for battlecruisers which is one of those things that don't go too well with my style I admit. But I hope it pays out with better standing at the corporation I work for here and a ticket for the outer worlds someday.

So between the sittings in the local DatIn-learning-center I got time to take a look around the station. Everything clean and tidy but with some sort of easy going that is missing the messy style of Minmatar stations. I was standing at the big bright observation deck and was staring into space right behind the moon where the station is in orbit. Ships are coming and going and very seldom I could see one familiar, a brave Slasher, a mean Rifter or some of the lean and mean Minmatar fighting cruisers.

Back to cruisers. I still got a dept and owe more about 30 million ISK to the friend who traveled deep space which I have no idea of how I could them ever return for life is mindbending expensive here. Sometimes I find a simple Minmatar Autocannon for sale for millions ISK, which is really not funny if you are a little bit guncrazy, like I am, who always is looking for cheap and second hand guns to fit my ships. So flying around for business is consuming more time than really fighting what I love.

So what shall it be? A Hurrican or a Cyclone? The first the tougher the second the faster vessel. For me the faster one would be better, I think. To be true its not all about speed, maybe its a bit about money too. I do not think too big of this sort of ship, but for the missions I have to fly that will be okay. The targets I have to fight are not very smart at all. So everything I learn fighting them will be nothing when I meet my final destination, the fight for freedom or the great adventure in zero-zero.

Oh. And another friend of mine is missing. He had the incredible silly idea to join the Angel pirates in his brand new Rifter only a few days after beginning to start his career as a capsuleer. After a few jumps we lost all contact to him. Hope he updated his clone. Some pirate had set this silly idea in his mind. I hope he is doing well.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.09.08 09:00:00 - [16]

Sophie double checks the filter options on her communication software.
Seems to be working fine. Strange. I'm sad for Alica. Like so many Minmatar. Far from Home. Floundering. Tribeless. Makes me proud of our people. But sad for current state. I wish there was a way to reach out to all those lost Minmatar. The whole tribe here at Starfish Operating Syndicate were in Alica position once. Before we found each other, and started laying the foundations for our own culture. I have read Alica logs before. Not sure how they are getting through? Must mean something. Until I know otherwise, I'll just take it as continuing affirmation that we are doing what is necessary, and will allow it to continue to give me strength. Oh, well, have that Amarrian cathedral to make go boom. Always looks so pretty :)
Sophie closes her comm window.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.09 17:13:00 - [17]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/09/2008 17:46:38
Dear Log,

I really hate PR-Agents. Especially when I have to work for one of them. I'm so fed up with this mercantile type of character that has absolutely no ethics and I don't want to be his 'tool' anymore. I turned my back on this guy and went on.

Happy news! My new battlecruiser is doing fine. It's the fastest battlecruiser you can get for money in all four factions and I fitted it with some nice afterburners to give it a kick. Its not as sleek as my cruiser but I do like it. I fell in love with her big guns at first sight after I traveled through halve the galaxy for to find a second hand dealer down some jumps on the other side of Jita who had it on his dump.

Man is she big! And even if we had to tow her with two destroyers through halve of the galaxy, and even if she was still burning on three decks and had this nasty holes all through her middlesegment, her engines were quite all right and the gunports were working. And what else do you want from such a vessel? Comfort? You don't find it. But you have a swimmingpool on board when you dare to jump into the cooling-tanks for the cannons.

It's a little city for itself and I can run on board! That's cool. I really love to run along the gundecks from aft to bow and back on the other side. Standing at the windows and staring into space I sometimes think I can see the systems and konstallations of the Mitar homeworlds. But no - that's an illusion. When the crew is not on board the ship is no home anymore. It's large, it's silent only the crackling of the fast microparticles on the shieldsystem can be heard at the condensator room. It's remembering me on a campfire somehow and I take a blanket and warm my back on the energy dispensers and fell asleep.

I have dreamt that nobody was coming to wake me and I was sleeping away, leant against a crackling energydispenser, drifting through space - forever.

I had to hire a mixed crew. For the Minmatar ships are somewhat crewintensive and I could not find enough Mitar members to join. There was some argue about the kitchen for the Gallente people seem not so keen on the Minmatar kitchen and prefer their gooish glibberfood and were telling us that vodka were no spice. Ha! What do they know of food? It was not easy but I tried to calm everyone down, some of my strength is keeping calm. But maybe I am not cause the argue was going somewhat out of control.

I hope when everyone is back from shore leave it'll go better. We all fight for the same cause so it should.

We will have to accept some compromises and I really see forward to this it might be a chance to learn something about their folk.

Messages arriving at this far station from the middle of the universe a bit later. On a local newsclip I heard that there's a new Titan on our side joining the fight. That's really great I hope it will help. The pirate problem somewhere way out to Zero at Stacmon is getting really bad. I heard a whole region was full under control of some maroding war patrols and they killed off whole outback corporations, hijacked stations and that.

Why is Concord not patroling in times of need these regions? Society benefits from the ressources from there. Even if I understand that the polices deny any protection out there it should be possible to hire convoy escorts or something. But maybe the mercs would do that? What do I know? The only thing I really can't understand is why a ship in space can fire rockets on a longer distance than the big massive turrets in the stations. Can call me silly but it's not making sense. And it even does not make sense, that the corporations that fire those stations don't act to protect their assets when camped by outlaws. Isn't it funny?

Sometimes I think it's a crazy world we live in.
P.S.: I named her "Spash of Red Fury", this little Cyclone of mine.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.10 20:08:00 - [18]

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Dear Log,

today was a day of hard work. But it also was a day of joy. I collected my fleet to travel back to Minmatar space with the small fleet of mine. I had to drive many times but while doing I made a small fortune with cashing in transport contracts that were affordable for me. So the time was not lost at all.

I decided to do after losing some of my friends in the choas of war that is burning on the entrys to the zero security space. They are cut off but healthy. So there is nothing I can do to help them or be of any use anymore. So I closed down my small "Wildfire FREEDOM Shuttle" industry and packed my things. To be true I was a bit homesick, it was not the food alone. But I leave from friends and am a bit melancholic about it.

But in the moment it was hurting most I found a friend just outside Masalle VI - Moon 9. I docked off in with my last vessel, a comfortable Probe that I named "Runaway Bride", when it happend.

Outside was whirring helplessly around a little lost drone. Not one of this big ones but a really cute "Hammerhead I" and piffed with her pathetic little guns around as to call for her mother. I nearly bumped in this little thing and cause I have a big heart for straycats I pulled it abord. I really do not know what kind of capsuleer did such a cruel thing to the little "Beeper" (thats what I called him). But I had a droneport free on my vessel and oiled him and brushed him and build him a little nest.

So he is now something like a little mascot for me. And it helps to come over the little sadness that always overcomes me when leaving a fine place like this.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.10 22:55:00 - [19]

Dear Log,

today seems to be the day of the lost drones. Everywhere I fly it seems that unspeakable cruel masters let their little ones alone, abandoned in the cold, cold, infinite lonely space. This time it was a helpless, little Warrior I drone that I found with some bad scratches and wounds, left all alone by a heartless miner out on Hek 9-3, almost hidden under lots of wrecked Angel beltpirates. I nearly ignored her but while I was patrolling the belts, looking for unused wrecks that were left for my brave little "Straycat" salvage vessel I found her, whimpering badly. It was not easy to work on first aid for her because I do not own any remote hull repairer but in the end I managed to hammer the damage away in the repairdock by myself for a few bucks.

I named her "Bandit" for she has a deep scratch over her sensorplate that is quite distinctive. I am thinking to open a refugee home for lost drones as a new addition of my little enterprise here.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.12 12:14:00 - [20]

Dear Log,

I had my first pirate encounter. If you can call it an encounter anyway as fast as I kicked my afterburner and made a hole in space where I was. Not that I would have had any chance to stand a fight in my "Starfire" cruiser, a Stabber design fitted with lowcost gear against a full pirate-fitted Interceptor class. I would not have survived a minute I guess.

So, it's not easy for us Mitar to find agents -any agents with fighting missions- that not either are placed in lowsec themself or give most missions in lowsec. I spent most of the day to browse through the list of all agents in our small republic and ended where all end. A single system, a single station and had ot fight for a mission with dozens of other capuleers that try to do something for our small country.

All was fine in Gallente Federation. Even if their direct enemy is much more dangerous than the Amarr here it seems they can protect their borders better from the real menace that is lurking outside the secured space - the pirates.

I don't know why the civilized people don't just pull themself together and act against the dangers out there. Not that I am angry at pirates, I think I got enough of the blood in my vains to sympathize a bit, but I do not see any honour in fighting there yet. There is no honour in plain suicide.

And even the plain and most basic missions we do here drive us outside our safe regions and feed us to the sharks. I ask myself why the CONCORD police force is not able to softly lose their grip of security but instead create a clear border where naturally all pirates assemble outside? Else to slowly higher the dangers? Like not only let them react to conflicts but forbid certain dangerous vessels at the warpgates to the systems from the dangerous side and look away otherwise?

But who am I that I am thinking about the big politics. I found a place to survive for now. Feeling at home again and tried to do some speedruns around the next moon. Gee! I'm getting better and neared myself the magical 5000 m/s where the real fun is starting.

I lost my vessel again while crashing into a control tower with that. I think it should be forbidden to place invisibility devices in control towers!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.13 14:32:00 - [21]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 13/09/2008 14:34:14
Dear Log,

making friends seem to be easier here in Mitar than in Gallente, for a small corp was showing interest in me. I don't know how they came on attention of me but I visit dem quite frequently now, chat a bit, learn a lot and begin starting some serious business operations. I hope to grow to be something useful and to pay back some of the friedly welcome they have given me.

But that will need time. I have the feeling that even a small, young Sebiestor women can lay her weight into the scale of a small company and maybe that it can change something. I am in contact with some of my friends cause they have been invited too and I am waiting expectantly what will evolve from this.

My experiments with my fun-speedboat were quite interesting and showed me, that I still have to learn a lot, especially manoevering at high speeds. Before I did not know why those vessels are named "Nanos", now I know. Will it be enough to stand my girl in the dangerous systems beyond the protection of CONCORD? I do not think yet. But I am starting to be helpful there.

The knowledge with my speedboat I did transfer into a design of a new speedtrader that I hope will come handy in my new business. I shall not dare to use the unsafe traveling routes but I will try to make the runs faster than before. Traveling through most of the secured space is now something very normal for me and often enough I can fulfill some transport contracts or have a small additional income by transporting some tradewares. Sometimes that are arms. I do know that dealing in arms means dealing with blood. But as long as those arms are used to protect our freedom that can't be a bad business at all.

My new agents are quite okay, but still I am not very popular and often enough they do not even recognize me. But I know that changes and it might be that sometime I am able to use a jumpclone facility. That will be the day I think. Or I get that rich that I can afford to buy my implants every day new.

On board of my "Splash of Red Fury" battlecruiser we had a marriage celebration. One of the mechanics was marrying of of my navcom officers. She was so proud and so beautyful. And she had a belly like my "Tinkerbelly" Hoarder too. Average age on board is now nineteen, for the Gallentean part of the crew is pulling the average age up dramatically.

We have to lie on dock for some days, cause I have ordered a drastic reconfiguration of my shieldsystems. The new shieldgenerators were quite expensive but I hope they give more protection for the young couple and the rest and that's worth it, I think.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.14 14:47:00 - [22]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/09/2008 15:19:46
Dear Log,

I woke up this night, had a bad dream. I remembered the almost pirate-encounter at Atlar and what the pirate said to me: »Molden Heat is brutal and will be more brutal next weeks.« Whatever that means, it lets me wake up covered with cold sweat. »Some people come, get shot and come again. Depends on your attitude.«

Even if I silently adore the life of a pirate it also makes me shiver a bit. That's quite a brutal life and I wonder if this kind of life really is bringing great prosperity and freedom or is it just brutal egoism, fast death and only works out with some rich merchants backing you with their money? Destructive? As destructive as the small pirate gangs we have to fight when asking our agent for work? Just like that? Blood is the only gain?

I think most pirates are not able to live off their attitude. If they really do, that's a kind of war of the one against all. It's something civilisation should prevent and in itself antisocial. Will only the strong survive such life? Will the females, the aged and the kids be reduced to slavery or cannonfodder? Anarchofashism? Anarchodarwinism?

Is my father really among them?

I am quite a bit romantic about this issue but after a nightmare like this, I think this might not work for me as a future perspective. What are they fighting for? Plain survival? Just gold? No idealism? The dark side of Anarchism? The war of the one against all is Anarchism without Idealism, without honour, without future, without culture, without values, without respect and perspective. And therefore without gain. Even animals have social instincts, family, hives, nests. They do not live just to obtain their mere living; they do love, follow, support.

This is not the Anarchism I would support. Fighting for nothing but money means you gain nothing but money. And with no goal you receive in the end nothing.

This can not work for me. I do long for more freedom but to carry that out on the dead bodies of merchants and miners might not work for me. Time will show.

Eliza Velvetpaw
Posted - 2008.09.19 07:50:00 - [23]

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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.19 08:03:00 - [24]

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Dear Log,

something funny happend today. You surely remember the celebration day two weeks ago when all work had to stop for a day and the whole universe was celebrating the new rules. I am not sure which rules were celebrated, but never mind - I got drunk, that's all I need to know.

Just before I was going to the party where I got dead drunk, I put a simple order into a production line. The foreman, I think, was not entirely sober that day. I ordered a simple ammunition production, mostly for own use, with around 50 runs. That needs about six or so hours to produce and consumed some ressouces. Everything completly normal that day.

Then I went to the party and after I returned a day later to fetch my ammo I discovered the line was still busy. I was a bit angry because I wanted the blueprint back and was moving back to Minmatar space. But this line said, it was busy for almost three weeks. Funny I thought. Maybe the foreman was so drunk that day that he made a mistake or somebody was seduled before me?

Ah! Today these days where over. I traveled back to Gallente space to get my stuff. And guess what? Whole lotta fraggin shite! I ordered to deliver and the guy with the forklift were coming and coming and coming. Until I even had problems to pack all that stuff in my Hoarder, even after I expanded the cargohold with everything I could get. Some of the load I fitted on the hull!

Okay. Now I'm proud owner of some million shots of the most expensive ammo and that was a nice rain for my small pockets. I set it for sale just after arriving back in Minmatar. Imagine what happend if I ordered to build expensive ships!

Damn. Some guys run over the gangway and step with a foot in a pit of oil. They are happy and shout: »How wonderful! The pit was not deep!« And I am of an other kind. I visit a lost space station and discover a box full of Energyrigs and shout: »Damn fraggin Shite! Why could that not have been ten boxes of them?!«

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.19 17:44:00 - [25]

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Dear Log,

sweat is dripping off my forehead but what has to be done has to be done. I just drove over to Rancer where Inara Subaka was residing and holding capture of several slaves. Most of them Minmatar. Some of my Militant friends were asking me for the deliver and so I just did it. For the Freedom. They promised me to place several graffiti on the walls. "No more auction block" and "Freedom Minmatar!".

Dangerous pirate or not. Some things have to be done. I hope that causes some trouble and that they can steal a shuttle and get away after their mission.

(OOC: a contract has been placed at rancer for five Militants, to catch them and get cleaned the walls she has to pay 50k for them. If not they get away. Contracts stays for 24h for them to get a shuttle and getaway.)

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.22 07:38:00 - [26]

Dear Log,

those five Minmatar Militants have returned savely from Rancer today after having an appalling escape from there. To walk into the lions pit and tag the walls in the center of it with some political statements is a brave job to do. But maybe a bit careless too. I sent them home today after having a little happy hour. Hope they don't ram an asteroid on their way home.

I'd be interested if there would be anything to hear from the outcome of their adventure. Inara Subaka wasn't at home it seems or they would have been hunted, I guess. So all went well! I'm very happy about that cause the kids were a bit lightheaded doing this. Alas, they are Minmatar, what shall I say? They would laugh at me.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.23 11:27:00 - [27]

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Dear Log,

today was the day! I was not covered with endless fame but I can say I did my duty to drive back the Evil Empire for a friend make me join the militia. And still full of hot fire to fight for our Freedom and every freedom of human as far and bold we can, I played my part in a really tiny Rifter, patroling the borderlines with as a simple, plain wingman - winggirl. Whatever.

So the Joiningparty was wet last evening and it was not that easy to convice the Tribal Liberation Force that I may take part in this adventure after I shot down accidently those freedomfighters in a mission. Man, those people never forget...

So a simple fitted Rifter and a jump into the invasionspace for the Amarr fleet. Nothing but duty at start, just some configurations, lot of lessons and all that stuff. Bah! Booooring, I really wanted to do my "Ratatata" and show them what we're like! Yeah! But my wingleader was shot down by a Tranis, which I'm told is bad for a Rifter. After passing the wreck and the dead body of the destroyed capsule I really gulped. All the beauty of the universe fades if you have to see such a thing. And shortly after I passed, from out of the sun the same pilot was bolting down on me. And I...!

All black. The whole system shut off and I rebootet my whole system. Damnation. Was this the kind of fight I'd been in? Fighting with that damn juryrigged computertech we Minmatar use? To be true we have many things to be proud off, I can say as a technician, especially this wonderful ships. But the computers are not the thing I would mention first if I would be asked for a something Minmatar should be proud of.


Okay. After booting up I just hit the warpbutton in time to not be sharing the same destiny as my brave friend and traveled home in my less than heroic pod. But our Minmatar industry is producing enough of those really cool Rifters for a decent price so I can afford doing my duty again. The technicians were doing wonders and after some minutes of really juryrigging an other Rifter from scrap to mean war machine with packing in all sorts of things that I "found" while traveling through galaxy I was on duty again.

This time my computer worked! Gee! I really put the vodka to an other place than the console. And again! Of cause I named it "No Pasaran!" which means.. ah.. nevermind, I should have taken a more Brutor name like "Ratatata" for I'm a really mean lean Sebiestor fightingmachine or something! Gee!

So. Securing a system and then patrol again. After a while we met this Laerise in his Punisher. Punisher, said my wingleader, are good for us. So we jumped in. Nah! Was a damn short fight I'd say. But we planted the fear in the hearts of our enemys, when not with our weapons we did with our spirit. Yeah! Never surrender! Fighting for freedom! No Pasaran!

And of cause be nice and polite as we really told him what we think of the Amarr gods and that after that. He suggested that we should surrender next time.

Papapah! Never I say! But I think we really need more people out there and better computers... But we Minmatar are even when defeated going down with blazing Autocannons. This is what we are! This is what we love.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.25 08:30:00 - [28]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/09/2008 09:05:49
Dear Log,

a poet of my Sebiestor dialect speaking anchestors once said:

»Krieg, Handel und Piraterie, Dreieinig sind sie, nicht zu trennen.« - Goethe

That's it, war, trade and piracy, triune are they, never to part. And how did we live that today!

The day was under the shadow of war, first we conquered back system after system in a small wing of a fast hit and run squad. That's the way of war in Mitar! I wished I could have opend the cockpit to let play the wind in my hair and sing at the top of my voice the warsongs of our proud tribes. The Amarr were not seen on that patrol, but we were ready for them. They told me that was 'Plexing', cause we scanned a lot and I learned how to find them, jump them and secure. Maybe it's not the same like throwing yourself in battle with blasting Autocannons but that's duty and has to be done. And -Gee!- I had fun.

Sometimes we saw Amarr in so called 'Blobs' which simply means they were much too heavy for our squad but when you are in a simple Rifter and the biggest weapon in your cockpit is your 5 MW amplifier then you avoid this sort of fight or you do suicide and just give the Amarr something to celebrate. Is this good for our republic? No! We need victorys, no defeats!

Fightable enemys were not seen by us and all were vigilant for that. I did not die doing my duty. Is that something to be ashamed? I did my duty and was promotioned twice! So you can tell me that this is no victory, but I think it was. We gained points for us not for Amarr.

On afternoon we started a second patrol, this time up into Amarr owned systems to try to find targets for our trophy wall back in Amamake militia bar. And after some searching we decided to bring the war to the Amarr Navy infested hisec sectors. Not that our chances of survival grow better with thirty, forty or fifty navy vessels always hunting us and everytime in pursue, but we really liked to let that fatasses to work a bit and do some excercise and not only hang around jumpgates, drink the stale, chemical, watery Amarr beerthing that they let serve from their slaves and harassing tradegirls that pass.

And of cause we sung our songs and messaged on Local that the slaves can sing songs of joy, cause soon we crumble this evil empire and free them all! But of cause during our mission we were not attacking neutrals, cause we're warriors, no pirates. Anyhow not on a mission, even if some of us were blinking like a bordello-sign. But poor Concord misunderstood traders or Concord accepted ones pull together in this fight!

But the Amarr militia pilots did not stand the fight and remained docked, draw back their miners and haulers. Maybe they get tired by the uprising spirit of war from our republic. Many away home were listening on our lively tales of the adventures on the borders of us. And many, I know, want to change their Hulks, Scythes and Hoarders into Rifters, Vigils, Ruptures and join. Do not fear death! He's the comrade of a capsuleer, not his enemy! The Amarr are many as legion, have lots of really fat and oversized vessels, bigger than ours and much more expensive - but they are not Mitar! Most of them lack this kind of spirit we share. They prefer water not vodka, prefer mana not mint. The spirit of a tribe warrior. They even do not know exactly for what reason they fight, I think, cause their god seems to look away from their fight or silently has placed bets on us and enjoys.

Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben?! Legt nieder die Lauten und nehmt auf das Horn!

And hail the spirit of the 17th Tactical Wing! And thanks to our Wingleader Niko.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.26 00:07:00 - [29]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 17:59:54
Dear Log,

sweet, sweet honey and wine of victory in battle. I was part of a militia fleet that was assembled to throw back a large Amarr invasionfleet. And I played my part. The fleet was completely destroyed and I was amoung one of four Rifters that lay shattered on the battlefield. Oh, my poor "No Pasaran!", how I miss you.

But the battleship of one True Amarr paladin warrior did not escape. I did not flee and was holding position with the scrambler running hot, until the massive fire on my poor little frigate turned it to scrap. I do not know what happend next, cause the computer in my capsule just blacked out in the moment I tried to escape. More I did not know.

It is not important to survive in battle. It is important to play your part. And all in all, yes, it did cost me money. But what did I help to destroy? A battleship, an amarrian Tempest. Is this worth a Rifter? Even a fine one? I think - YES!

How many wrecks lay shattered on the battlefield? I do not know. But I think it was not the failure of the brave Amarr warriors that were fighting. I think the failure was their cause. And their god was not on their side, he had silently bet on our and is laughing in the heaven of the Amarr.

Good to have no god like this. We better trust our planning, choice of weapon and friends instead of questionable beings with unsure likes, dislikes and loyality. And then you win. Simply like that.

And if the Amarr will learn this lesson some day, there would be no reason to fight anymore. I hope that day will come. But for today, the frontier is save. This hour I am mourning about the heavy losses of our enemys and hope that they got the message, that their invasionfleet is not wanted at the Mitar border. And that this will happen again and again as long as they keep coming. But when this hour of mourning is over, I will be full of joy and go and celebrate my first kill. Gee! Vodka! Vodka! Vodka! And dancing till dawn.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.09.28 14:03:00 - [30]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 18:00:17
Dear Log,

I was thinking about the war and what it means for the people. We capsuleers may be invulnerable to death but our crews are not. Everytime I see a ship explode under the bellowing sound of my cannons I can not forget that many people on board of the targeted ship have friends and families, mothers, sisters and children. And often enough only some of them can jump into the lifeboat and escape. More of them die together with the sinking ship - unnamed in their cold, cold grave that is the void of space.

Everyone of my crewmen knows that the chance of survival in battle is not big. And since I started to do my duty in war, some of them died. But they always know what their chances are, they know of their almost certain death and maybe this is the reason people on board my ships are even more alive than on stations and planets.

Crewmen on Amarr ships often have no choice, they are slaves or even True Slaves, I don't really know for sure what is worse. And often enough they are enslaved Minmatar that die when I blow those ships to kingdom come.

For what do I fight? Freedom is a good thing to fight for, the right of choice. But while some people are killed for ideas more people out there in universe really are killed for money.

Some people might say we all fight for money the one or the other way but I think not. Not among the Tribal Liberation Force that I know. Maybe the expansion of the Amarr Empire is not really about fighting for a god but just fighting for control of systems and exploitation of ressources. But I am not talking about the militia.

I am talking about the mercantile wars, the corp wars or the killing and fighting by certain pirates.

What do they fight for? Some fight for survival and I think survival is a good reason to fight for. But most fight and kill for profit. And this means the strong and rich are fighting to take it from the poor and helpless.

Is there any glory with such a fight? I think: no. It's nothing but shame and it is something that the Tribal Liberation Force will try to prevent in the systems they control. To fight an even enemy is full of honour. If you win, you win because you were smarter, you fought with spirit and passion. But simply to kill of a young miner in his helpless vessel or a trader in his Hoarder is way under dignity.

And especially if those "fighters" blow their prey up with ships that are several times more worth than those common capsuleers or traders own. This is nothing but greed.

I do know what famine can do to people, I myself am always hungry since I was a child. And I know that the struggle for survival is something that justifies many things that would be bad in normal circumstances.

But those people who already are mighty and fly expensive ships, that can blow out of sky any target they want, those people are really poor if they do not find something to fight for. Because after the first stage of existence the question of how to survive comes automatically the what for?

I'm fighting for freedom. Take from the rich, give it the poor. Sounds like a good cause to me. What do these people fight for? I really have problems to understand. Maybe they are just without imagination. Maybe they are evil. Taking from the poor and giving the rich means nothing but to be an outsourced asset of a inhuman predatory capitalism I don't support. To be a willing tool for a philosophy I don't back. But I'll try to find out.

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