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Zardek Hayto
Posted - 2008.08.14 16:17:00 - [1]

Hello I just started playing eve the other and really like the game , As eve has many areas to train in or focus rather , I want to get involved in all of them but one area at a time .

Long story short i want to join a corp that does it all , Has teamspeak or vent :) I'm canadian to btw so a corp that plays in the eatern time zone is preferred And I see myself wanting to do courier service for the first few months as i don't like mining but i don't mind traveling long periods of space hehe . Anyways pls leave your replys here or eve mail me thanks :)

Alty MacAlterson
Alt Corporation
Posted - 2008.08.14 16:27:00 - [2]

You should try putting your application in to Hydra. I've heard they're recruiting couriers.

Lost Soul Society
Posted - 2008.08.14 16:33:00 - [3]

We the People is recruiting. Were a group of PVPers turned industrialist to make some isk. We have low sec access with plenty of mining oportunities. We use a TS server and are just a laid back fun corporation. We also have many members in eastern time zone, including myself. If you have any questions PM me in game or shoot me an evemail. Or you can stop by our headquaters in todaki and put in an application jsut tell them you talked to me. We'd be gald to welcome you aboard Cool

Asziaduad Furion
Posted - 2008.08.14 16:46:00 - [4]

Heya Zardec.

Check these guys out....they are very Noob friendly.

Posted - 2008.08.14 19:36:00 - [5]

I heard Goonswarm is recruiting.

Lexandrius Megens
Posted - 2008.08.15 08:34:00 - [6]

Edited by: Lexandrius Megens on 15/08/2008 08:37:34
Hi Zardek,

Please check out our corp profile here and see if we are what you might be looking for.

We have allot of ingame information and guides that all new members recieve upon joining our corporation. It has information reguarding skilltraining all up to how to effectivly pvp.

We have several divisions within the corporation, ranging from mining, missionrunning, to industrial, R&D and fleet division.
We have some veterans that are helping the new so i think you will fit in. We also have our own ventrilo server. Please contact me via EVE-mail or PM in game if you are interested.

Posted - 2008.08.16 19:55:00 - [7]

PODU is now rebuilding its ranks. Come join what is to be a very aggressive and organized corporation.

We are members of The Village People Alliance. Of course we are pvp with a name like PODU but looking for anyone who is interested in doing some pvp even if your primary goal is mining, industy, etc etc. Everyone should get some pvp time so why not with us. We are looking for some good people to join our ranks and fight. Be part of a team but also be allowed to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Freedom is the key to our success but teamwork is the door we must open to win.

Everyone in this game was new at sometime: So new and experienced players apply (Please no
alt/trail accounts)

1. 0.0 access with plenty of pvp
2. Very good relations with our select locals
3. Plenty of PVP with people in the alliance in all timezones
4. Part of an alliance that is pvp oriented
5. Freedom to come and go
6. Very nice and organized alliance TS
7. Fairly close to empire compared to other alliances (single carrier jump)
8. Ohh yea and one hell of a good looking CEO

PODU - Your Next Life Begins Now!!!

Convo or eve-mail me - Stone757


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