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Molock Saronen
Posted - 2008.11.06 13:47:00 - [31]

Oh yes!

Dafydd ab'Rhys
Quantum Horizons
Art of War Alliance
Posted - 2008.11.07 01:48:00 - [32]


Kazzac Elentria
Posted - 2008.11.07 22:04:00 - [33]


Posted - 2008.11.13 20:04:00 - [34]


Anig Browl
Posted - 2008.11.13 22:45:00 - [35]

Originally by: Dibsi Dei
Pretty sure this has something to do with 0.4 usually being right next to hi-sec.

So what? It's not like there's a 50% chance that Concord might show up. Once you're 0.4 you're on your own so why pay rent to someone that's not going to give you anything in return? It's already silly that 0.4 is riskier than 0.0 because all the uber-pirates are gatecamping.

Shane Savage
Posted - 2008.11.24 18:14:00 - [36]


Hatsumi Kobayashi
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.11.24 23:54:00 - [37]

Signed ++

Gods of War LLC

Posted - 2008.11.25 00:13:00 - [38]

If the "no man's land between highsec and lowsec" were true, then how come there are highsec to nullsec systems? I don't think that RP reason is valid.

I support this.

Kathy Vera
Dark Collective
Posted - 2008.12.03 08:00:00 - [39]


Alekseyev Karrde
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2008.12.03 17:00:00 - [40]


Axel Vindislaga
Posted - 2008.12.13 09:28:00 - [41]

HEY Sad My Home is lovely 0.4 system.. I like me swamp.

Demio's Corporation
United Stellar Alliance
Posted - 2008.12.13 11:30:00 - [42]


Nick Domani
Posted - 2008.12.13 15:29:00 - [43]

In an IC sense, if the various Empire Navies never go there, how can they possibly keep you from anchoring/doing anything?


graves biatch
Posted - 2008.12.13 19:01:00 - [44]

opening up moon mining in 0.4 would allow more alchemy and thus a stable market for t2 materials

24th Imperial Crusade

Posted - 2008.12.13 19:30:00 - [45]

Synthia Sin
Hellfire Cult
The Jagged Alliance
Posted - 2008.12.13 20:33:00 - [46]

*Abstain* I like the idea, but there are implications for other legitimate play styles ie: piracy. Perhaps if a proposal for compensating that play style with security hit adjustments and making 0.1 the pirate playground, (no sec hit, making it effectively 0.0 with empire sovereignty) then it would be a better and more complete proposal to put to the CSM/CCP.

Janu Hull
Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2008.12.14 21:01:00 - [47]


Madhatters Inc.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.12.14 22:28:00 - [48]


0.4 you can get attacked but no warp bubbles anchored, that means its a semi safe entrance into 0.0/low sec or you even get more gatecamps.

Jimmy Ray
Posted - 2008.12.15 03:05:00 - [49]


Destructive Influence
Posted - 2008.12.15 06:28:00 - [50]

I don't pirate anymore, but I am all down for this. Lowsec as a whole needs some love. This is a great start.

Also, I rather liked the idea of making 0.1 sec space the pirate playground. But let's expand that. Allow bubbles/bombs/HICs to work in 0.1 sec, however leave the sentries. This way HICs will be viable, but will have to earn it. And bubble camps can intercept alliance/0.0 low-end logistics (because they all use carriers/JFs really).

Also slightly increase lowsec bounties across the board, RP reasoning: "Due to their close proximity to Empire Sovereign space, we are offering a bonus on pirate ships in the systems that are not viable for our Navy's fleets to patrol."

Jason Edwards
Internet Tough Guy
Spreadsheets Online
Posted - 2008.12.15 06:51:00 - [51]

Edited by: Jason Edwards on 15/12/2008 06:51:18
thing is... low sec isnt low sec. It's basically 0.0 with a few limitations.

Why 0.4 had charters cost is confusing... but having limitations on 0.4 like moonmining is alright i guess. There are a ton of 0.4 systems which are out of the way that nobody ever goes to.

0.3 generally means there's attention there from pirates and pirates can get there.

There are 0.4 systems which are all by themselves; pirates have to go through high sec to get there. Leaving them at quite a disadvantage. that's why u have the limits.

Zel Nughat
Nughat Corp

Posted - 2008.12.22 11:39:00 - [52]

Orion GUardian
Posted - 2008.12.22 12:53:00 - [53]

I think differences should remain logical, lowsec is lowsec

Tulisin Dragonflame
Posted - 2008.12.22 16:31:00 - [54]

Originally by: Nick Domani
In an IC sense, if the various Empire Navies never go there, how can they possibly keep you from anchoring/doing anything?


Boma Airaken
Seekers of a Silent Paradise
Posted - 2008.12.23 09:56:00 - [55]

Edited by: Boma Airaken on 23/12/2008 09:56:00
Nice to see this topic getting some love people. And some interesting ideas. But the basic foundation is that lowsec is lowsec and anything you can do outside of highsec, you should be able to do in ANY lowsec. Lets try to stick to the foundation and take it from there.

Thnaks to all of you for the support so far.

Abrams Elisium
Posted - 2008.12.27 07:39:00 - [56]


Vaden Khale
Damnation Angels
Posted - 2008.12.27 08:47:00 - [57]


Telore Dragonsun
Dawn of a new Empire
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.01.12 18:16:00 - [58]


Camilo Cienfuegos
Earned In Blood

Posted - 2009.01.12 18:52:00 - [59]

This gets my vote.

Posted - 2009.02.08 18:10:00 - [60]


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