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Raven x1
Posted - 2008.09.18 06:05:00 - [631]

It all because they dont wont to WORK like a minerCool for the ISK they got to steel it the little pantie wastes.

Old Spice Syndicate
Sailors of the Sacred Spice
Posted - 2008.09.23 18:12:00 - [632]

While this might not put a stop to suicide gankings, it will certaintly put a more deserving consequence to it. I know I'm tired of the countless ships sitting in .6 and .5 space trying to score a quick kill on unsuspecting players, trying to hit that one in a million lottery "kill". With a little ambition these folks could be making isk the old fasion way...."EARNING IT!"


Tac Ginaz
Liberation Army
Posted - 2008.09.23 18:57:00 - [633]

I do not see how any of this helps suicide ganking.

Its all about economics. If I see a freighter hauling billions of isk worth of stuff and I really wanted to grief the poor SOB, I know I could easily find a small squad quite willing to sacrifice a 200-300 mill worth in battleships to terminate the freighter and then pick up some loot. Faction loss standing?

Isk > Faction.

The only true way to stop suicide ganking therefore, is to go after the offender's ISK.

Take the value of the ship lost. Multiply it by the number of items that were destroyed or dropped by the ship's explosion (including # of modules and each individual cargo item). Charge that as a penalty to EACH player involved in the gank. modify the above by space sec rating.

If the character that is fined does not have enough isk in their wallets they have 10 days to pay the fine otherwise account is suspended. Accounts with fines cannot be sold to other players.

Victim receives the ISK from the fines from 2 players max. Meaning the victim in this case, recoups a lot of his lost items.

Old Spice Syndicate
Sailors of the Sacred Spice
Posted - 2008.09.23 19:03:00 - [634]

Also for you whinners.....

Eve is a great game because it provides opportunities for all type of players (not just pvp and pirate scum). CCP hasn't stopped the suicide gankers, but just added some teeth to the consequences of these actions. So go ahead..nail the poor bastard and take his stuff...but enjoy the next few days building your standing up before you can do it again, if nothing else there will be one less pirate scum at the gate for a while. This isn't pvp or pirates roaming low sec belts for their prey. There is no glory here on the kill...attacking a defenseless industrial ship...give me a break. Call a spade a spade, these folks are simply out trying to get easy isk, how is this any different than what the countless macrominers are doing every day?

Up to now these scumbags have had all the cards. So they lose a fully insured ship with low cost mods. The victim meanwhile has lost costly cargo and can't get but a small percentage back on their ship, as most have the costly cargo rigs. Spare me the shouldn't use those rigs as the owners don't intend these ships for combat and in fact will go out of their way to keep it that way. You want to talk about risk to reward? Yeah as long as it's stacked in your favor...Please.

So cheers to CCP for evening the playing field a bit and I look forward to the insurance deployment!!!


Dr Chicago
Posted - 2008.09.23 19:59:00 - [635]

Newb observation

I only have a couple of weeks in EVE and I don't know all the Eve vernacular yet but as a recent outsider to the community, and after reading what appears to be 22 pages of two sides of the sandbox story. Let me see if I get this straight?

Side 1: Dudes in mining barges "Carebears?" who use possibly macro's to mine 24/7 and make loads of ISK are getting pirated by player characters who make more ISK from the loot then the ship costs +insurance payoff.. These Side 1 dudes loose the minerals and the cost of the uninsured portion of the ship possibly... They complain alot?!

Side 2, Dudes who figured out how to game the game by whacking and taking minersls, salvage, and insurance profits from "Carebears" whom game the game expecting no risk by being in high sectors and whine to CCP cause they have to macro longer and harder for a couple of days.

Did I comprehend all that right from all 22 pages?

Both sides sound like genuine entrepreneurs, and with being an entrepreneur comes risks along with the rewards.. I say why fix whats not broken <Opinion>

I entered the Eve universe realizing that every sector had danger and a potential for my virtual ship loss and possibly character death, it actually
for me adds to the game experience. I get amped up on every jump, will I be targeted and or jumped in the next system? Without that the game is actually endless training clicks at times...

If your in a "carebear" mode of entrepreneurship, and banking huge ISK then
the fix would be hire a security firm to protect your assets...Thats real life drama in a game environment, suck it up and deal with it..

OK I get yelled at alot for thinking to far out of the box but with that risk comes rewards sometimes as well.. and often I am way out of line..

All Best!

Dr. Chicago

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.09.26 14:27:00 - [636]

Good job bending over for the whiners, what made this game unique you are destroying.

UnderHated iNc
Brotherhood Of The Sick and Twisted
Posted - 2008.09.26 23:40:00 - [637]

Originally by: Shinigami
Edited by: Shinigami on 06/08/2008 10:27:02
Originally by: Esmenet
EVE looking less and less unique and interesting every dev blog these days.

It's only a matter of time before they introduce "podbound" items/ships, and make it possible to opt-out of pvp. Did these new devs get recruited at blizzcon?

CCP Fear? More like CCP FuzzyBunny.

We already do have podbound items... Implants!
As to the changes I don't really see any problem. All it will do is stop people from suicide ganking empty shuttles and any ship that will drop less loot than their ship costs.

Priory Of The Lemon
Posted - 2008.09.30 12:32:00 - [638]


As a novice player I have no problem with the way sec status is lowered, but i do have an issue with the fact that once your sec status get low it is almost impossible to get it back up again, this is a great bother for me because yes i got a bad standing (warpscrammed a pod while someone else shot it to pieces)and it's almost impossible to get it up again. CCP might think of something to get up your staning faster (maybe followed by a cool down period of a certain time) to enable players to get back into Hi sec after they did something stupid (possibly unintended or unaware of the consequences)



Posted - 2008.09.30 15:15:00 - [639]

Funny how this reminds me of soooo many other games like Ultima Online....
People start to die they complain and soon after that the world is made ultra care bear safe and guess what, within 1-2 years the game dies off to everyone over the age of 25

They quit and everything goes down hill....
Who cares if someone macroing dies, its a weak way to play the game anyways, if you are too lazy to actually play the game then go do something else!

cowards lol

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