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Posted - 2008.08.03 15:42:00 - [1]

this pilot got some good reprocessing skills and some manufactoring skills
have been in one corp for like 2 weeks, is now in its own one man corp
it got a sec status of 0.0, it has really never done anything, iv just trained it and never really used it
this link should show my skills
the pilot has a positive wallet of 2.9 mil and is currently based in 0.8 high sec, (poinen, caldari space)

Start Bid : 800 mil
Increment : 100m
Buyout : 1.8 bil
Char to receive isk : Minimachine

I will pay the transfer fee.

Auction will last one week from today 3/08/08 to 10/08/08, day/month/year :P

Dangerously Inebriated Enterprises
Posted - 2008.08.03 15:43:00 - [2]

to confirm that im to get the isk

Mortis Angelus
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2008.08.04 09:51:00 - [3]


Posted - 2008.08.04 13:25:00 - [4]

I will take the 1.8b buyout on this char. I will contact you in game to coordinate payment. Thanks Very Happy

Posted - 2008.08.04 16:14:00 - [5]

Ill pay 1.9 bil contact me ingame or on forums

Posted - 2008.08.04 17:23:00 - [6]

The buyout was 1.8b did u notice i already said i wanted the buyout?

Posted - 2008.08.05 11:28:00 - [7]

Hotot did take the buyout, so Hotot is the winner. when the server comes online ill go in an check my chars for mails.

Posted - 2008.08.05 11:32:00 - [8]

Thanks I will be online when the server comes up

Dangerously Inebriated Enterprises
Posted - 2008.08.05 15:50:00 - [9]

okay, isk send to me and char is sent and ill see this auction as closed :)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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