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Kel Shek
Posted - 2004.05.29 07:13:00 - [1]

ok... I'm about... probably a month in... taking my time, at the moment I'm just tonight starting training on Frig 4 so I can get my cruiser skill...

I know compared to most my progression is relatively slow... though it is deliberate, I feel like I'll be more... "prepared" to really fly and utilize it.

is this so unusual? I mean I hear of new people joining some huge corp and being just... up and GIVEN a cruiser or BS as soon as they can get the needed piloting skills trained.

well maybe I'm just... hell I don't know the word that'd be appropriate... but I find that appauling, and in large a HUGE waste, and in the long run, quite destructive. is someone who has the skills to pilot a BS, but level 1 electronics, level this and that... not to mention player skills, of being familiar with the interface, with the quirks of the game... ect, being able(from the player's skill, I mean) to manage several targets and stuff...

not to mention all the fun in building up to being able to use a battleship, earning it and so on.

now, this again, might be from my inexperience that it makes no sense... but I hear of "blasterthons" and using blasters on a battleship... is there something I'm not getting here? I am trying a close range combat loadout on my merlin, and at least for NPC's it usually pretty much kicks ass... but it seems peculiar to have a similar tactic on a big honkin battleship...

I've also seen a trend that in other forms I've seen in other games... where vetrans view everything below their hardest-core, most extremely advanced stuff to be useless.

in this case, calling cruisers and frigates useless... hello? what about the people who are not up to the level of using BS's yet? do real world battle groups have only a bunch of their biggest hardest most heavily armed ships? no, they have a mixture, a few huge ships, a few medium ones... ect, I guess I could see this mixture being ineffective in a game, but the impression I've gotten, is that theres value in having cruisers and frigates in the mix, like using some of the sensor linking stuff, with having frigs doing target locks for bigger ships with slower sensors?

Dust Puppy
Posted - 2004.05.29 09:24:00 - [2]

That's a bit of a rambling but here goes. It is nothing wrong with taking your time slowly and get to know each class before you progress to the next one. I myself didn't use cruisers until I head 1.5 million skillpoints and I still haven't trained for battleships yet and have 7.5 million skillpoints (although I might be training and getting one in the next few months). I asked some time ago how many skillpoints people had when they had their first battleship and was surprised how many actually have over 10 million skillpoints and don't fly battleships.

Also I don't think many veterans do think that frigates are useless or they are very foolish and indeed maybe veterans is not the right name for them.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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