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Titan AE
Posted - 2004.05.28 17:08:00 - [1]

Edited by: Titan AE on 28/05/2004 17:25:48

Many of you are new, this post is for you. Some of you have about 6 months exp playing MMOG's, this post is for you as well. The purpose is to teach beginers how to become dignified players and lead everyone toward the final destination, which is common for all of us. This is where your going weather you mean to or not... more follows :)

Hi everyone,

I have been playing MMOG's for a good long time now (I am 31 and have been playing since UO) and I have noticed there is a certain evolution that people go through in playing MMOG's. EVE has a lot of new players lately and I thought that perhaps some of you might find my opinions on the common course development of playstyle useful in figuring out where your going in this imaginary world.

I'll write a few stages down. I don't claim that they come in this order but we all end up at the same final stage for long term players imo. Hopefully you can have more fun if you understand your final destination as a "mature" player.

1. "COOL!" , you'll love the game your playing, everything will seem very shiny new. At this early stage of the game your still figuring out how to run to proverbial toilet in your spaceship, flushing is a challenge. This stage is fun, as these games are very complex to run well you'll be expanding in all directions, it'll be great. This is sort of the stage where your still very cute to the older players. The only downfall for players at this stage is thinking its all too tough, that its too hard to progress. What you need to realize is that when you run out of things to do you run out of reasons to play. Be thankful there is so much to do, you'll be running thin on exciting things to work on soon enough.

2. "The amature-Dev stage". At this stage you start to be interested in the game and wonder things like "why don't indys have 8 high slots for mining lazers?" in public on the forums. At this stage your just a little less cute becuase your still missing the point. But you will get brownie points for caring enough about the game to think about it. The main downfall of this stage is combining completely ignorant Ideas with a very nasty attitude. This is the stage when you learn what the word "Flame" means if your attempts at restucturing the game take a strident tone. The best thing you can do when your at this stage is be polite as you suggest the absurd to your friends. You'll find some new friends at this stage, people who are as new as you are and you can have fun learning the game. I'd even go so far as to suggest skipping join up with the uber corp for a while so you get a chance to experience the fun of noobness.

3. "The gimme stage" Some people skip this stage. Most people experience it however. At this stage of the game you've learned to play a bit and you know what ship your shooting for. You'll either work your tail off day after day or join a corp to get what you want from them. The gimme stage is a comfortable time, you'll go out and work hard every day to get what you want. You won't have a lot of decisions to make about playstyle here, you'll just plug along every day, it'll be hard but simple and gratifying. The great downfall of this stage is the gimme aspect. Most new players aim for a Battleship (BS) but don't have a CLUE of how much effort it takes to earn one. They'll go to work for a corp for a couple of weeks and wonder why they havn't got a BS yet. This inablility to comprehend how expensive a BS is can lead to early quitting, as some players feel they are being ripped off in their working for a corp. Here is a tip, one mining lazer mining scordite at 10isk per scord would take 383 hours of labor to buy a 100million isk battleship( this is what it works out to in my real world ops. btw if you figure the numbers on paper it'll look better than this figure). 383 hours of labor is like you working a 40 hour work week for 9.5 weeks. You of course will be using more than one lazer ect, ect. However the point is that you should try not to be too flusterpated with your corps seemingly slow rate of earning you a BS. There is a very high chance you'll be given one a looooong way before you've ever repaid your corp with your effort. The point is skip the gimme in the gimme phase, people will like you a lot better :)

3. "The Confusion Stage" This is the stage where you have put together your first BS, you can run it adequatly and you don't have any other big purchases to keep working on. This the stage where you don't know what to do next, you have money, you have a ship, and now what? This is the stage where you'll pick your first real role in the world. You'll choose to mine, or fight, or trade, or build ect. This can be a disheartening time as your no longer sure why your playing the game. This is the first sign your starting to mature as a player. Pick a role, and fufill it. Its time to find a corp and friends to hang out with make sur

Titan AE
Posted - 2004.05.28 17:23:00 - [2]

4. "The I Quit stage" This stage is inevitable, and everyone that has played for a while has experienced the embarrasement of announcing they are quitting the game then returning sheepishly a few months later. Usually the player is confused about where to go next or has been nerfed or hunted mercelessly by some group and that is named as the reason they quit. Boredom is really the defining quality in this stage. The very smartest thing you can do in the "I quit" stage is to quit with grace. Its very embarrasing to complain publicly about issues in the game that make you seem like a whiner when in reality your just bored. If you hit the "I quit" stage follow these instructions. 1. Don't give your stuff away, you'll be back. 2. Don't flame the game on the boards on the way out the door, leave with dignity. 3. Since your using ventrillo or teamspeak now stay in touch with your friends as you play other games, it'll really improve things for you.

5. "the roleplaying stage" Most every new to middle experince mmoger roleplays though they don't realize it. If you hate pirates and genuinely believe they are bad people that is roleplaying. If you think miners are lazy and boring people who deserve to die your playing a role as well. This is the phase where you'll start looking to get involved in player created content. You'll move out to a alliance and start to fight at a minimum and probably start to fiddle with politics. Politics can be VERY vicious, and entertaining. The downfall of this stage is that if you don't have friends by now to work with you probably are not having too much fun. At this stage of things you'll be blowing up ships and fighting for territory so you'll always be able to go back to your "gimme" stage for short periods of intense time-consuming labor.

6. "the mature player" The mature player often does not roleplay anymore without meaning to. The mature player has come to realize pirates aren't bad, miners arn't lazy and a good hard fight is the best thing in the whole world. Most mature players are in the game to be with their friends and have harrowing experiences. Experienced pirates don't want to slaughter indys as much as they want a good fight. Also most players that have become experienced become pirates, they are usually the most skilled players in the game. The mature player doen't smack talk or hate their opponent but they do love to fight them. In the last and final stage of the game you will become adaptive, you won't be thrown into fits when the devs change the way the game is played. You'll be excited to work for benifit of your friends and the game world as a whole, often working on test server on a voluteer basis.

In the end, there are no good guys, no bad guys, and the size of your ship doen't matter. What matters is weather or not you have friends to fight and laugh with and good enemys that are hard to beat. Good luck!

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.05.28 19:24:00 - [3]

Interesting topic, some very valid points Razz

Posted - 2004.05.28 19:43:00 - [4]

i am in the gime gime stage in this mmorpg and have been through all these stages in others

the most important thing i can say is dont give your stuff away if u get bored of the game you might be back and if you come back with nothing it takes a while to rebuild

also if your quiting it is best not to post a quiting post unless you are sure your not coming back. ive quit another mmorpg i play about 3 times now the first time i gave everything away, i so far have never posted a leaving thread anywere and it means when i come back people wont remember me as the idiot who flamed before he left. you can tell your corp, guild, clan that you are leaving because of such and such but you never know you might be back and geting back in the same corp with people you know is a good thing.

as for the mature end when youve grown up got everything you want in the game and dont know what to do this is usualy the point wer ei start to role play heavily and engage in pvp, but again some people may want to be traders etc.

if you have alot of cash and are bored you can find fun in many places you just have to look or make it your self.

Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2004.05.29 12:05:00 - [5]

Edited by: Dallenn on 29/05/2004 12:08:37
Stage theories often come under critique in psychology and such because people display too much uniqueness to nicely fit in stages and sometimes the stages can just be plain wrong :-)

However this was nicely put and gave us some food for thought. Thanks.

What messes up things in this model? Some people can have a certain style of play, as if they were in a certain stage perpetually. And some people can mature in a certain aspect much faster than others, reaching a stage well before the others.

However you can map the stages, for example a roleplaying-oriented player could still go through all the stages, but upon reaching level 5 (the social stage where you have a role in the universe) she would understand the game world better and have a certain place in the organizations surrounding her, finally seeing who her character is in this world much better than before.

The text for Stage 3. "The Confusion Stage" seems to be clipped.

Telnen Kahfir
Triple Crystal Miners
Posted - 2004.05.29 19:21:00 - [6]

I would disagree with your assessment of the "Mature" stage.

In my case, at least, I have no interest in PvP. I enjoy combat, but I prefer to work with, not against, my fellow players. One of my favorite activities is to PvE with my corpmates. I'm not balking at PvP because I am too weak or too scared, but because it gives me no pleasure. I've always been more interested in cooperative play than combative.

Mostly, though, its the time and effort involved in replacing what is lost by an encounter. In another game, say Counter Strike, if I die, Im out a few minutes and some equipment that I can generally get back in the next round. Here, I can lose a ship which took hours, days even, to acquire, and items which may have taken a comparable amount of time. So forgive me if I don't particularly want to lose it all two to three times a day.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were othes like me out there. I also wouldn't be surprised if I got flamed like heckfire for this post.

Posted - 2004.05.29 19:53:00 - [7]

Most every new to middle experince mmoger roleplays though they don't realize it. If you hate pirates and genuinely believe they are bad people that is roleplaying. If you think miners are lazy and boring people who deserve to die your playing a role as well.

Rolling Eyes

In a word, no. For example, if you hate pirates and genuinely believe they are bad people, you need to turn the computer off and get counseling.

If you think miners are lazy and boring people, you're absolutely right. If you believe they deserve to die, that's your opinion.

Now, if you run around blowing them up while shouting, "Stupid fat lazy miners!", log off, and then go down to your local bar/pub/saloon/tavern/what have you and get drunk with the people you just podded, you might be roleplaying.

Titan AE
Posted - 2004.05.29 22:22:00 - [8]

With respect Marias,

You to to my eye describing the "roleplaying" stage. Genuinly believing that miners are lazy for instance was specifically mentioned. Your roleplaying. Nobody in this world has any real qualities due to their playstyle choice. There is nothing to hate or love in the way they play, only roles that people like to fill. You can determine qualities of a personality by interacting with the person but you can't call all miners lazy without being a roleplayer.

This is what confuses people the most about roleplaying. Many of the heartiest roleplayers cannot understand that in fact they are so entrenched in a role that they don't even know they are doing it. The "mature" player has come to realize it IS a game, that its not real and every choice of playstyle is valid. When you realize that no one in a game is any more good or evil than white or black chess pieces is when you've made it the rest of the way. At that point you may actually CHOOSE to roleplay conciously which is very fun too.

Also I'd like to aknowledge that the final step need not include PvP, but it usually does.

Lastly I'd like to say that this post is intended to be USEFUL not nessisarily entirely correct or some sort of perfect way to describe everyone that plays. Its intended to point out some common things we all tend to go through and how to avoid some of the pitfalls to have more fun.


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