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Kirja Delantae
Posted - 2004.05.28 01:12:00 - [1]

Basically, I'm looking at putting together a projectile based Minmatar artillery platform.

At the moment, my budget stretches to a low-end Cruiser, but I can sell off the minerals I've stockpiled to make any additional ISK, and I have about twenty days or so before my last two learning skills have reached level 5.

With that in mind, what ship should I go for and what sort of skills should I gather up for when I can finally concentrate on combat skills?

Any help is appreciated.

Ta in advance.

Posted - 2004.05.28 07:49:00 - [2]

Edited by: Ishtari on 28/05/2004 07:50:20
Rupture cruiser

skills: minmater cruiser, electronics, engineering, weapon upgrades, shield operation, medium projectile weapons, all non specific weapon skills, lots of engineering skills. Drone skills are always usefull but not required.

I fit 3*720 projectile, 3 mixed missile launchers, 6 scout drones, 10 mn afterburner II, medium shield booster, medium shield extender, tracking enhancer II, gyro stabiliser, 2 overdrives. Get the best you can get preferably tech II or named.

Total package cost around 10 mil including cruiser without counting skills. Most modules are looted.

This package requires electronics 5, engineering5 and a few engineering skills to lower cpu/grid requirements also added a low slot to get enough grid/cpu.

It s a quite grid extensive package but allows me to hunt in .4 and lower without risk.

Tactic: lock all targets, set orbit at 20-30 km depending on gun ammo, hit afterburner and enjoy the show.

BTW I can build frigates/cruisers

Posted - 2004.05.28 09:13:00 - [3]

if its a budget your on, gor for the bellicose, try 3 720's and 2 launchers or if skills arent great 3 650's n launchers with a couple of damage mods, you get a nice drone bay too,
med slots are up too you.

Destin Tyr
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.05.29 16:56:00 - [4]

The Bellicose is a very good (and underappreciated) ship. I went with the Belli for my first cruiser because A., it is about half the cost of a Rupture, and B., It is similar enough to a Rupture (ie, you have some drone bay space, not all that fast, good mix of turret and launcher hardpoints) so that it is good training for when you upgrade to the better ship. Plus, it looks very cool :-)

Get a Bellicose, and use it while you train up those Rupture skills and you will benefit when you can afford a Rupture.


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