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Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:20:00 - [91]

hey guys they spent 5 hours talking about it - i mean 5 hours

Solar Dragons
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:25:00 - [92]


Devil Digger
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:25:00 - [93]


Posted - 2008.07.26 16:33:00 - [94]


Posted - 2008.07.26 16:35:00 - [95]

Mercenary Cooperative Conglomerate
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:37:00 - [96]


Dmitry Grigoriev
Free Space Tech
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:39:00 - [97]

Edited by: Dmitry Grigoriev on 26/07/2008 16:51:31
Against (even if i do not fly nano ships). May be a very little fix is possible, but not such hard as planned.

Ancorehraq sis
North Eastern Swat
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:43:00 - [98]


Star Dancer
North Eastern Swat
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:44:00 - [99]


North Eastern Swat
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:45:00 - [100]

In Soviet Russia, awox is *your* alt

William Hart
North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:45:00 - [101]

Hey, I have more accounts so my opinion matters more.

Big Al
The Aftermath

Posted - 2008.07.26 16:46:00 - [102]

Edited by: Big Al on 26/07/2008 16:46:29
/signed, will post with all 29 accounts in a random fashion.


Posted - 2008.07.26 16:49:00 - [103]

Supportin dis.

Stain Empire
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:49:00 - [104]


nerf lag & blob better

Milena Rage
The Aftermath

Posted - 2008.07.26 16:51:00 - [105]

Being a pure gallente pilot I am pretty against changes that make it even easier to kite me outside of falloff.

Fremen Sietch
Posted - 2008.07.26 16:59:00 - [106]

Edited by: Creamster on 26/07/2008 17:00:20
Nice post, fully supported

Posted - 2008.07.26 16:59:00 - [107]

Edited by: xAirJetx on 26/07/2008 17:02:57

Stain Empire
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:00:00 - [108]

Posted - 2008.07.26 17:01:00 - [109]

Marissa Edildo
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:02:00 - [110]

Sakura Nihil
Selective Pressure
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:03:00 - [111]

I'm against the nano nerf.

Do some ships and setups go too fast? Yes - this patch should be looking to bring down the extreme speeds of some setups that have things like boosters, full-grade snakes, T2 polys, the like. But, at the same time, it shouldn't smack "average" nanoships very hard, the ones with no snakes, T1 polys, and max skills.

The 7.5km scrambler is also a completely idiotic idea. It will seriously gimp Deimos and similar ships, ironically enough giving their cousin the Arazu an overpowered ability to both scram a target and keep it from running with a single module.

Fei Lu
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:03:00 - [112]


Fei Lu
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:04:00 - [113]

Silentread Logistics

Posted - 2008.07.26 17:04:00 - [114]

Edited by: Yendaj on 26/07/2008 17:04:59

A few points:

- People who say that it was possible to go on 0.0 roams before nanos, so it should be possible after. You are mistaken. 0.0 has changed. You will be surrounded by defenders using jumpportals and wiped out in your small gang if you jump through the next gate. Its not that nanogangs don't use scouts, its that nanogangs can go through small gatecamps without being slowed down enough for a big blob to catch them.

- That is not just a matter of getting to warp faster. A nanogang will typically be able to jump into a 10-15 man gatecamp and run off without losses if they just run off. Nanogangs don't kill anything while running off, but they can run through smaller gatecamps. That is important because otherwise the only alternative becomes to log off or cloak (unless you want to Leeroy and die horribly).

- Not being able to be hit while doing 5kms is not that much of a problem, since you won't be hitting anything yourself either. Its almost like a cloak, except there are counters to nanoing, but not to cloaking.

- Do not base your game changes on EFT, or even Sisi. Sisi is not Tranquility, you don't have to deal with motherships, titans, jumpbridge networks on Sisi. All of those affect the environment in which nanos are used, and are part of why nanos are needed to keep small gang warfare outside of camping a bloody gate for 3 hours viable.

- If you make changes, make them gradually. Why would you change 15 things at the same time? Make 1 or 2 changes, then see if the result is what you want. If you change 15 things at the same time, and you **** up, then you still don't know which of the 15 things was 'too much'.

- If nanos are no longer viable, it will make less fights happen. People are not gonna keep coming in small gangs if they get blobbed time after time and forced to logoff. If you would give normal ships just a bit more ability to fight back when attacked by nanos, that would not have the same effect as reducing the speed of nanoships.

- Why don't you add a new type of T2 ammo that does less damage but has superior tracking? You have the T2 ammo that does more damage but has 75% penalty on tracking. Add another type of T2 ammo that has say a 50% bonus on tracking. Then as long as people carry that they have a shot at even hitting those 10kms vagas.

Unknown Legion
Stella Polaris.
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:04:00 - [115]


Stain Empire
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:04:00 - [116]


Flesh Rocket
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:05:00 - [117]

Small, medium and large ships are pretty balanced right now.

Lamb Federation Navy
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:05:00 - [118]

My nano backbone!

Stain Empire
Posted - 2008.07.26 17:06:00 - [119]

Posted - 2008.07.26 17:06:00 - [120]


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