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Hall Of Flame
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2003.06.14 22:37:00 - [1]

user zenst character zenst - SNAFU as per yesterday - played for 3 hours and same old crap again. Sort ASAP or I shall be taking you to court for breach of contract. rember you entered into one with me and took my money, credit card details and all you have given me is buggy software that does not do what it says on the boxx. Therefore you have clearly breached the sales of goods act in the country you sold/entered into said contract with me and as such will be liable. Out of good faith I ashall be gining you until 3 am to fix after such time I shall make it very clear to everybody I know how bad your product is. When it works it works but frankly the issues and lack of timely response and automated bot email systems that insist upon bouncing emails even when you follow the instructions verbatium is frankly beyond a joke. I know shareware more stable and with better support than this.

FIX now or frankly EVE-online will become eve-online-bauggy-as-heck.con and will fail very quickly afterwards.

I'm just glad I'm not at work as frankly I would fail to be impatial with regards to any glbal comments about this game that may or may not be forthcomming, which is a shame, but at the moment the truth is that I would advise anybody to avoid this game like the plague as it is pretty much unworkable given my eperiances the past week and culmenating in the past two days of eve-offline

/* goes and gets freespace sourece and hacks around with that - perhaps get the tacyon source and make a prodct that works and is free - looks like I will be having the spare time now */

Maiwenn LeBesco
Posted - 2003.06.15 13:42:00 - [2]

Who is this frankly guy anyway?

Angelica Krem
Posted - 2003.06.15 13:52:00 - [3]

CCP disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose and non-infringement. There is no warranty against interference with your enjoyment of the Game. CCP does not warrant that the operation of the System or your access to the System, or that your use of the Software, will be uninterrupted or error-free, nor that the System or Software will be compatible with your hardware and software.

This is the stuff you accept everytime you enter the game, so you have no legal rights in this matter.

Posted - 2003.06.16 08:03:00 - [4]

Oh i see - so CCP could just break the servers, sit back on their GameboySPs and carry on charging people. Riiiight, nice T&Cs you got there!

Aronis Contar
Independent Manufacturers
Posted - 2003.06.16 09:00:00 - [5]

Ouch. This thread just hurts.

NO they could NOT break their servers, obviously, and just sit back and watch. But if they are having technical problems, you can quit, but not sue them.

Ciao, Aronis!

Cash Money Brothers
Posted - 2003.06.16 10:30:00 - [6]

Zenst, post your problems and someone on this forum might be able to help you out!

No use ranting about your problems like that!

Jehrig Taltos
Posted - 2003.06.16 14:06:00 - [7]

Well I bought the game 2 days ago and have gotten to play for about 7 hours total. At the end of that time my game crashed. I went to go back on and I was ata black screen??? I then hit escape and change the resolution just to see what would happen. Then i was given my character main menu on the side but the right side of the screen was filled with a rotating head and a DNA strand??

I petitioned and they tried to move my character to a space station. Well they did and after I relogged on I noticed I had no ship! I did notice that my perspective was 1st person as if I was the ship or the pilot. Then several error messages appeared "bad build res/station..." couldnt exit the station or do anything. Game was hosed, I reinstalled the game sicne I thought my files were corrupt somehow. Well now the patch wont verify so I cannot log back in. ARG!!

I know this is the first launch but cheez. I have played for 7 hours and now I can just look at the box. I shouldnt have to continually tweek this setting or try this thing to make the game work. Also I know about the patch server download I can do outside the game but why should I do that if I have a patcher in the login screen.

With all of these work arounds and duck tape type fixes I dont think this game will survive the bad press. I was hoping to play a space online game and drop my Dark age account but I never had such problems with that game at all and I was in the beta for a short time too.....

Ok I am still mad but thanks for letting me vent..... :)

Edited by: Jehrig Taltos on 16/06/2003 15:20:40

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.06.16 20:10:00 - [8]

How about a little understanding. I understand the frustrations people have faced with the bugs in Eve as I have suffered them as well, but be patient as almost all MPORPG's have some bugs when released. If you know of another mmorpg with the same high quality graphics and vast area of play with little or no bugs at it's release let me know. It's just not possible. If your not ready to pay for an account that isn't going to work everytime you want it to, heres an idea wait a year and then come back to Eve and see if things have improved. Mporpg's are designed to be player driven so post your feedback to the CCP dev's and wait for the corrections or quit, but don't slam the CCP team for trying to build what looks to become one hell of a good game.

Jehrig Taltos
Posted - 2003.06.16 20:15:00 - [9]

True and I agree with the game not being perfect but they really need to make sure that the patch itself is validated and that the game can easily be updated from a user point of view.

Also the bugs seem quite large , example you cant even login and do anything. I wonder if the publisher pushed for an early release with regard for the stability of the game engine.

All that aside the game "looks" great and the interface just needs some more work. I do like the game and most of my ranting is my depression that it isnt working :(

Posted - 2003.06.17 12:09:00 - [10]

" I wonder if the publisher pushed for an early release with regard for the stability of the game engine"

I would be very much surprised if this wasn't the case. The game works for most of the people most of the time, which is enough to start the money rolling in. The Dev's might be doing this for fun, but you can bet your ass that the money people aren't :)

Posted - 2003.06.17 12:31:00 - [11]

If the product does not work, regardless of anything you sign or click on, a customer has a legal right to get every dollar they spent refunded to them, and the manufacturer has a legal obligation to oblige that request.

The agreement to play EVE could stipulate that you must shave your head bald in order to play, but that doesn't make it a legal contract - there is a fundamental principle in all contemporary legal systems, and it is as follows: "You cannot contract away the law of the land."

meaning, regardless of any contract you sign, a contract that runs in direct conflict with the law is not valid. The law says if you sell a product on unfulfilled promises, you owe the customer a full refund - no contract can erase that law.


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