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Estel Arador
Posted - 2010.02.19 12:01:00 - [241]

Edited by: Estel Arador on 19/02/2010 12:01:16
Originally by: Keil Sonter

A couple of things here:

First, I am replying to a post you made. To suggest that my replies should be in another thread than the post you made is utterly weird. This is a forum with threads, people can post things and then other people can reply in the same thread - that's the idea of having threads Wink

Second, the exact results of the Google searches are not very useful to debate. It depends on what you look for (searching for "Genji Ancient's Jump Clones" returns his forum thread as the first result) and what keywords you use (using "third" instead of "3rd" in the search you used as an example means your site drops in the results).
My point was that you claim that your site improves 'business prospects'. I questioned that claim after checking the search results for the keywords you mentioned, and asked for data supporting that claim, such as how many hits your site gets and how many of those hits are via Google searches. You've refused to give that data. (As an example of how it could be done, check T'Amber's stats in this sponsorship thread.)

Keil Sonter
Posted - 2010.02.19 17:09:00 - [242]

Edited by: Keil Sonter on 19/02/2010 17:25:44
Oh Dear.. sigh

Having a conversation with you is like viewing a Torus - no matter which way you look at it you end up going in circles...

Estel Arador
Posted - 2010.02.20 12:05:00 - [243]

Edited by: Estel Arador on 20/02/2010 12:07:40
Originally by: Keil Sonter
Oh Dear.. sigh

Having a conversation with you is like viewing a Torus - no matter which way you look at it you end up going in circles...

There's an easy way to avoid the circle: provide hit stats.
(Which I what I asked for initially but haven't gotten an answer to yet, so it's not strange that I keep getting back to it.)

Jaakari Kauppias
Finnish Space Jaegers
Posted - 2010.02.25 15:54:00 - [244]

Hera Vertigo
Posted - 2010.03.09 07:14:00 - [245]

Edited by: Hera Vertigo on 09/03/2010 07:15:58
Eve Portal: Website CMS Specialized for Eve-Online Corporations.

Tech Lab Forum Post

CAT Corp
Posted - 2010.03.10 06:17:00 - [246]

Need the entry updated as our old tread was locked when I was away from game.

CAT Corp BP store

If it is possible could also list us as CAT Corp drug store under Everything else.

0mega Enterprises
Burning Ambition
Posted - 2010.03.22 23:11:00 - [247]

list finally updated. if you don't see your shop on the list, that means you didnt follow the instructions.

Taipan Jack
The Penguin Republic
Posted - 2010.04.03 02:25:00 - [248]

Wanted to add a new shop but got "The requested URL /eve/shop/EveShopAddForm.php was not found on this server"

0mega Enterprises
Burning Ambition
Posted - 2010.04.03 04:28:00 - [249]

Originally by: Taipan Jack
Wanted to add a new shop but got "The requested URL /eve/shop/EveShopAddForm.php was not found on this server"

Sorry broke the link. fixed now

Posted - 2010.04.26 08:03:00 - [250]

Gatan Hahran
Posted - 2010.05.05 18:14:00 - [251]

Edited by: Gatan Hahran on 28/05/2010 16:39:25
90m PosCorp Standing Service

Lawbringer Qtzr
Posted - 2010.05.09 21:53:00 - [252]

Edited by: Lawbringer Qtzr on 09/05/2010 21:56:50
Corp standing service

Technologies Unlimited
Posted - 2010.05.10 18:09:00 - [253]

Finally have a thread for my 3rd party service lol...

Thanks in advance.

You can also remove my t2 bpo evaluation service, as I've closed thats service down.

Posted - 2010.05.16 00:27:00 - [254]

Edited by: Taladool on 16/05/2010 00:28:14
Edited by: Taladool on 16/05/2010 00:27:24
Hosting websites, pay in isk, cheap prices, fast service. check us out

Also check out

Space Flight Innovations
Posted - 2010.05.16 08:57:00 - [255]

Edited by: GENERAL CONSTANTINO on 25/05/2010 03:29:19
Kindly add my POS anchoring and Corp selling services:

OR this link:

i already submitted an ifro. few days ago but the shop was not added yet in your list..

thanks in advance

Karma Initiative
Posted - 2010.05.25 05:08:00 - [256]

Infomorph Technologies ... Jump Clones as easy as it gets! Yeah we charge a one time fee of 10 mil fee and give free re-entry into our corps for life of your character. Very affordable, very convenient, very easy and we will be here forever. We love Eve and we love helping fellow Eve Pilots expand their horizons.

Currently available at all Caldari Navy and Spacelane Patrol stations with medical centers and very soon adding a second corp that will give us clones in Minmatar and Gallente space. This also will bring in more low sec cloning systems for all our hardcore pilot clients that can't get back into empire too easy.

Look us up at
and see our forum page at:

Cryptonym Sleepers
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.06.13 01:24:00 - [257]

Eve Games Casino
- In our casino players can enjoy isk gambling games like dice, cards, slots, roulette and more.

dead service

Crimson Hellkite
Posted - 2010.06.28 07:35:00 - [258]

Sent an evemail to get my shop ID 3 weeks ago. Still no reply. Is Ethinarg still maintaining this list?

Titan Core
Posted - 2010.07.04 19:24:00 - [259]

As a part of NER research i would request that you add us to the list of services please
this is the link to the topic.
New eden research

Darko Pancev
Gallmarr Collective
Posted - 2010.07.05 12:48:00 - [260]

Hello o/

I've submitted Darko Pancev's Space Shop

Please come and visit, there are good deals to be made.

I'm buying Minerals, Datacores, POS fuel and the like.

I'm selling Ammo & Ships BPCs, and many types of T2 modules.

Posted - 2010.07.06 11:20:00 - [261]

any1 knows any 0.0 jump freight service thats actualy available ?

Riley Moore
Sentinum Research
Posted - 2010.07.13 10:41:00 - [262]

Edited by: Riley Moore on 03/08/2010 16:31:22

I would like to kindly request addition to this list for my business.

Sentinum Research handles in selling Blueprint Originals and Blueprint Copies. Our Goal is to create a huge stock of as many as possible types of BPC's and as many types of BPO's at low prices.

On behalf of Sentinum Research, I thank you.

CEO and Head of Research and Development,
Riley Moore

EC JuniorD
Posted - 2010.07.17 05:22:00 - [263]

Graphics service. Pro stuff only.

Riley Moore
Sentinum Research
Posted - 2010.08.03 16:31:00 - [264]

Does this still get updated? :/

Posted - 2010.08.04 10:28:00 - [265]


I have a new capital store for your list.

BIG BOYS 62 - Capital Store and more

I'll send you an evemail soon to get my shop id.



Rush Gordon
Demolition Notice
Posted - 2010.08.10 09:03:00 - [266]

Originally by: Ethinarg
Tirnuen's Alliance Creation Service
- Fast, Reliable, Cheapest in Eve, Corporations up to 5300 Members, Alliance Creation, Here to serve.

Tirnuen is a scammer.

See here

and here least

AoF Lottery Services
Posted - 2010.08.10 18:56:00 - [267]

Edited by: AtheistOfFail on 10/08/2010 18:55:46
Submitted application for my little 3rd Party Services.

My Own 3rd Party Services.

Posted - 2010.08.14 21:47:00 - [268]

I'm running a Wormhole Trading service :)

Drak Dresari
Posted - 2010.08.15 05:40:00 - [269]

Edited by: Drak Dresari on 15/08/2010 15:53:32

Hello hello
I proudly announce the grand opening of the Olympian Forge Capital BPC and BPC pack store, where capsulers are now able to get well researched prints at the lowest price around.

Canis Industries Ltd
Avaricious Cartel
Posted - 2010.08.16 13:07:00 - [270]

Aktive Shop!!

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