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Posted - 2008.07.05 10:05:00 - [1]

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Character needs selling as I need a trading/industry/invention character..

Character will be located in hi-sec
Character has positive wallet
Character has 4.8 security status
Character has a great standing (8.71) with Toras Egassuo (Lvl IV, Quality 18 Caldari Navy agent in Motsu) - great money for mission running
No one has kill rights on me

Skill highlights include:

5 mill SP in Drones, can do great damage with Hammerhead II, Ogre II or Warden II.
1.8 mill SP in Leadership most skills on IV.
All Learning skills except Presence on IV.

Ship skills:
Gallente Frigate V
Gallente Cruiser V
Gallente Battleship IV
Assault Ships IV
Heavy Assault Ships III
Battlecruisers IV
Gallente Industrial IV

As you can see from the skill profile, the character has lots of skills with just a few points in (not at lvl I yet). I had a massive splurge on skill books a while ago, so that will save you some cash.

Has + 3 implants all round

Also has a few trade/mining skills thrown in to prevent boredom.. Smile

Link to character

I will, of course, pay the transfer fee.

Starting bid: 3.5 billion
Buyout: 5 billion
Auction ends: 12th July @ 2100 Eve time

Easythinker gets the isk

Posted - 2008.07.05 10:14:00 - [2]

I will receive the ISK

Mafia Redux
Posted - 2008.07.05 18:46:00 - [3]

Nice char i am thinking of bidding, until then free bump.

i ownkev
Posted - 2008.07.05 19:43:00 - [4]

buyou 5bil

Posted - 2008.07.05 19:46:00 - [5]

i ownkev wins the char. Will be in game later tonight to confirm the transfer details.

i ownkev
Posted - 2008.07.05 19:51:00 - [6]

thankyou buddy message me on eve when you want me to fire the isk across

Posted - 2008.07.05 21:04:00 - [7]

Sold, and transfered. Great buyer!


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