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Mihail Ors
Posted - 2008.06.30 12:02:00 - [1]

Edited by: Mihail Ors on 30/06/2008 12:21:09
Edited by: Mihail Ors on 30/06/2008 12:16:44
WTS Gallente Miner 1.3 bil ISK (1.300.000.000)!!!

Name Umka Space
Race Gallente
Gender Femaie
Bloodline Intaki
School Center for Advanced Studies
Career Industry
Ancestry Reborn
Specialization Prospector
Secority Status 0.58
Date of Birth 2007.11.29
Clone Clone Grade Lambda (15.700.00)

Skill Points 8.802.336

Imp +4

Exclamation Skills Exclamation


Combat Drone Operation II
Drone Durability II
Drone Navigation II
Drones V
Mining Drone Operation IV
Scout Drone Operation II


Electronics V
Electronic Upgrades II
Long Range Targeting II
Sensor Linking I
Signature Analysis II
Survey III
Targeting II


Energy Grid Upgrades II
Engineering V
Shield Operation I
Shield Upgrades I


Gunnery III
Medium Hybrid Turret I
Small Hybrid Turret III


Hemorphite Processing III
Ice Harvesting V
Ice Processing IV
Industry V
Jaspet Processing III
Kernite Processing IV
Mining V
Mining Upgrades IV
Omber Processing IV
Plagioclase Processing IV
Pyroxeres Processing IV
Refinery Efficiency V
Refining V
Scordite Processing IV
Veldspar Processing IV


Leadership I
Mining Foreman IV


Analytical Mind IV
Instant Recall IV
Empathy III
Iron Will V
Spatial Awareness V
Learning V
Logic IV
Eidetic Memory IV
Focus IV
Clarity IV


Astronautics rigging I
Hull Upgrades II
Jury Rigging III
Mechanic IV
Repair Systems I
Salvaging Runk I


Missile Launcher Operation II
Standard Missiles I


Afterburner II
Navigation III


Astrogeology V
Cybernetics IV
Hydromagnetic Physics IV
Laboratory Operation II
Metallurgy II
Science V


Connections III
Criminal Connections II
Diplomacy III
Negotiation II
Social III

Spaceship command

Battlecruisers II
Destroyers I
Exhumers V
Gallente Cruiser III
Gallente Frigate IV
Mining Barge V
Spaceship command IV


Trade I

If you have Questions *snip, please do not give personal information out on the forums - Mitnal* contact "Mihail Ors" in EvE

CCP Mitnal

Posted - 2008.06.30 18:17:00 - [2]

Please post with the character being sold and a link to the skills to conform to the character bazaar rules.

Otherwise this thread will be locked.

Posted - 2008.07.07 11:53:00 - [3]

Edited by: Debaucherous on 07/07/2008 12:08:46
ill take her ill be on after DT contact me need a little more info mainly limited api


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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