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Posted - 2008.06.29 14:23:00 - [31]

I feel bad that a lot of you missed the op's original post, so here it is...

"The Corproation(sic) Thread"

Having been looking for a pirate corporation recently, I found myself wondering what corps were still in the mix. I know at one time there was a thread like this for pirate corporations and I think it would be helpful to the community to bring back a list of this nature. The pirate list was originally formatted much like the Mercenary list is, and as I am not a creative person, I will keep with the ˘Mercenary List÷ format as best as possible. As time progresses, I will potentially make changes to the formatting based of suggestions and plain simple usability.


This is a thread to assist pirates, anti-pirates, and mercenaries understand the differences and policies of the -10 pirate corporations in eve. Due to the nature of piracy, many corporations may not wish to be included in this list, however, inclusion in this list will undoubtedly increase notoriety, recruitment ability and potentially even with contracts. This list is based on a corporationĂs own description and assessment of its abilities so long as the submission process is correctly followed.

Corporation Attributes--

Size: The size of a corporation does not directly relate to ability, nor does it account accurately the activity level of a corporation. This is purely a measure of in game corporation size, which may help relate such facts as flexibility, profitability, activity, etc.

1 = Less than 10 members
2 = 10 - 19
3 = 20 - 39
4 = 40 - 79
5 = 80 - 159
6 = 160+ members

Operational Boundary: Some pirate corporations do not simply limit their area of operation to low security space. High security ganking and 0.0 roaming can be avenues that some pirate corporations wish to partake.

HS = High Security
LS = Low Security
0S = 0.0 Roaming/Camping

Contacts: Who to contact for standings, contract work, etc. Often there can be more then one contact, list them all.

Website: Provide a link to your website/killboard/forums.

Work Classification:
gc = Gate camping. Typical choke points / gateways.
mc = Mercenary contracts. Typically low security and 0.0 space.
sr = Ship ransoming.
sd = Starbase destruction. Assault on and removal of target's POS.
ro = Roaming operations. Low sec and 0.0 roaming.

With these classifications, give an idea of how often you participate in each. For example if your pirate corporation typically camps and does some light roaming, list under your Work Classification:

gc (90%)
ro (10%)

This will help give better insight into your organization. The more information provided about the corporation the better, however it is understandable if pirates do not want to give all their trade secrets away.

Larger Associations:
* = Alliances

Minimum Needed to be Posted--

a) Corporation Size which can reflect operational size or total corporation numbers. You can request your size be noted as operation or total. If neither is specified, people will have to make assumptions themselves.

b) How does your corporation operate on a day to day basis. This includes such things such Operation Boundary, Contacts, Work Classification, etc. if your corporation is part of an official and/or unofficial Larger Association, list this as well. If you would like to publicly distribute killboard/website information you can provide a link under Website.

c) Provide a list of current and past contracts to be listed below your corporation and please feel free to add a description to provide insight about what makes your particular pirate corporation different. Keep it short and concise, but be descriptive.

Corporation Name [TICKER]
Size: X
Operational Boundary: X
Contacts: X
Work Classification: X
Larger Association: X

Current Contract: X
Past Contracts: x vs x

Description: X

P.S. Thanks to Vily for keepig and updating the Merc Thread. I stole the format like proper pirate!

Posted - 2008.06.29 14:23:00 - [32]

Ok then, reserved.

The Bastards
The Bastards.
Posted - 2008.06.29 15:10:00 - [33]


If you want information ask.

Nexus Kinnon
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2008.06.29 18:08:00 - [34]

Originally by: Xonkra

so you only got a warning for that jew comment?

Posted - 2008.06.29 21:20:00 - [35]

Originally by: Nexus Kinnon
Originally by: Xonkra

so you only got a warning for that jew comment?


Nexus Kinnon
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2008.06.29 21:50:00 - [36]

Originally by: Xonkra
Originally by: Nexus Kinnon
Originally by: Xonkra

so you only got a warning for that jew comment?



CCP Mitnal

Posted - 2008.06.29 23:57:00 - [37]


User request.

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