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Posted - 2008.06.24 00:24:00 - [1]

Ok, as it is, there are a lot of ideas floating about for the tempest. The main idea's are to give it a 7th gun or 7th low, however I feel this would be a quick fix, and still make the tempest inferior to other battleships. Lets look at the pro's and con's of the tempest:

Agility. The tempest is faster than most battleships. However in eve's current state it is very hard to exploit this into something that will give you an advantage over other ships.

Falloff. With autocannons + barrage you have very nice range and can hit in fallofff quite easily. Your damage is weak, but your still hitting.

Utility slots. The tempest has two utility slots. The grid on the ship isn't perfect, but 2 heavy neuts or 2 seige's can be squeezed on there, with a reactor control or two however.

:Arguably: its laylout. An 8/5/6 layout arguably gives your great variety in how to set your ship up.

Alpha. With projectiles you get a nice alpha, however due to the HP boost...

Tanking. At the moment it's neither a good shield tanker or armour tanker. There really is no reason to try and fit this ship up for tanking, because it can get out-performed by almost all battleships that spring to mind (if not all of them).

Damage. Without gyrostabilizers this ship has **** poor damage. Even with them the damage isn't up to par with other gank battleships of its class. Also other gank ships will have a decent buffer tank, but the tempest does not have the HP to do this.

Slot layout. The slot layout with this ships means it doesn't know whether its coming or going, it needs a role.

So how the hell was the tempest any good in the first place?

The thing is with the tempest is that it was never that good, its just in balance with the game it took advantage of powerful mechanics. The norm tempest setup had 2 heavy nos on and an ecm. It still had the sub-par dps and tank, but the nos fed it cap for its rep and helped killed the other bs, and the ecm got an occasional jam where the tempest could catch up, rep and still hit. Because of these things it had a chance against other battleships. Since these things have been changed, it shows its weakneses.

So what's wrong with the 7th gun/7th low?

Well the way I see it is this. A 7th gunnery slot would make it a megathron. A megathron with a worse tank, and similar damage. This doesn't give any variety to the game, and for me there would still be no point flying a pest over a megathron.

A 7th low would make it a better tanker, but still not a good tanker. The typhoon can tank fairly well, and the mael is excellent, so why give the temp an extra low and make it a better tanker? The damage would still be poor.

Both these changes imo are just patch ups on the tempest, and cover up a serious problem, that the tempest has no role anymore and these changes would still make it underperform in contrast with its counterparts.

My view is to give it a more dynamic role, a reason to fly the tempest, not a cover up to make it identical to other ships. I would look at an agility boost that would enable it to make use of its falloff range. Or, maybe a bonus to neuts or nos (I know that is amarr's spec but..) to make it have something worth flying for. It just needs that kick, a dynamic boost. There are plenty of things we can do to make the tempest special again, make it balanced, we just need to use our imaginations.

These are just my thoughts on the temp, flame if you want to but...Rolling Eyes


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Posted - 2008.06.24 01:03:00 - [2]


7/5/7 with still 6 turrets would make it much better imo.

Pros for me

Can fit it for as 180km Sniper that uses no cap.
Fast and aligns quick
Variable Dmg type.
5th mid gives u a sensor booster over the Mega.

Cons for me

Can't fit a decent dual rep tank without dropping a lot of dmg. Can't do a buffer tank very well either.
Limited Drone bay.
I can fly Mega T2 fit also, nuet mega, Pulse geddon (trimarks) wins everytime 1v1 (alt flys Geddon)
Crap clip size on arts (not the pests fault)
Always in falloff.
Pre-nerfed ammo

Typhoon has awesome dmg if you can fit it all T2, but very skill intensive.
Mael has great tank, slow as hell though and does no more dmg than pest.

Fix the claw also, **** lock range, paper thin, no one flys it any more. Its the inty i see the least.


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