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Hastur DragonTooth
Optimus Crime.
Posted - 2008.06.17 11:15:00 - [31]


The CSM is supposed to be the voice of the masses. If the masses want to act like asses then so be it. CSM members are not there to push their own agenda or bright ideas. They should come to these forums, see what we want and get it before CCP. Nothing more.

When the numbers of items suggested by them totally dwarfs what is being requested by the playerbase, it shows the first batch of council members is a total and utter failure. As if their inability to work together wasn't a clue that this would happen.

Anton Marvik
Federation of Freedom Fighters
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2008.06.17 11:36:00 - [32]

Edited by: Anton Marvik on 17/06/2008 11:44:55
Originally by: Rhonyn Peacemaker

Unfortunately, that is indicative of Jade's general disposition with anyone sporting a "goon" ticker.

OP isn't even a Goon. Or blue to Goons. Or distantly related to a Goon. Jade just likes to childishly attack anyone who doesn't spend their days kissing his ***. Which is the origin of the complaints elsewhere about Jade's lack of professionalism. His immaturity and general lack of competency does in fact extend beyond Goons.

Sup Lokee YARRRR!!

Also, I'm not sure if we have 200 people in our Alliance.

procurement specialist
Posted - 2008.06.17 17:19:00 - [33]

I voted for who i thought would do a good job. of course i want them to listen to me mid-term but if they don't i won't vote for them next term. democracy is everyone votes of every issue. representative is you send the guy you want to because you think he will make the best or most similar to your own choices. they are representatives mostly doing their job.

Inquisitor Berthez
Alien Pancake Bonanza

Posted - 2008.06.19 10:10:00 - [34]


Nyx Cyth
Posted - 2008.06.19 11:35:00 - [35]

CSM does seem to think its a law unto its own at the moment lets hope things sort themselves out quickly

Posted - 2008.06.19 12:28:00 - [36]

The CSM members were elected partially based on what topics they said they would put forward to the council if elected. I say partially because I'm sure some voted due to knowing them personally rather than because of the specific issues. The number of votes that took place during the actual CSM choice stage far outnumbers the votes that have been put forward for any issue in this forum (approximately 10500 votes for the CSM elected positions compared to approximately 2500 for the top 15 issues on this forum).

Some of the CSM members promised that they would raise particular issues, and I'm sure that more people would be whining that the issues they voted for in the election were not brought up if it was the case, than the number who are whining in this thread about issues that apparently haven't been voted on in this forum being brought forward. If you look at any government the people vote for those who will bring forward or represent the issues that they feel are most important, then there can be personal interaction (writing to your MP in the UK) or major protests/etc against those elected if there are a large number of people who feel a particular way which the government appears to disagree with (e.g. demonstrations against war in Iraq in the UK).

This forum is comparable to these "protest" measures, in order to get issues into the focus of the CSM. The CSM can choose to ignore it if they wish, or bring it up at the CSM meeting, unless the 5% rule kicks in. This seems a fair system to me, and generally quite comparable to major governments, even though it is more like an advisory body to the main "rulers" (CCP).

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