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Posted - 2008.06.12 00:56:00 - [1]

"And so we watched, those of us who had survived, from afar as our home world burned and the legions of evil marched before their sign, herding our people like so much cattle into transports. A life of slavery awaited those cursed souls; it would have been better for them had they never been born. How, dear God, did it come to this? Were these invaders not of flesh and bone like us? What evil is this that compels men to commit such horrors against each other?"

- Sebiestor Tribe Chronicles, Minmatar Archives, "The Path of Krogan"

Brethren, ten centuries ago the Amarrian Empire, in their greed for power over all humanity, discovered our ancestors and chose the path of war and conquest instead of peace. They destroyed our fleet, killed our people, and threw the survivors into cages. They thought to destroy our way of life and relegate our proud people to the role of fodder for the war machine of Imperial expansion.

Little over a century ago, our ancestors proved that despite the best efforts of the Empire, their vibrant Matari spirit still remained strong in their hearts. They overthrew their masters and won freedom for countless former slaves, and began the work of rebuilding what they could of our way of life, while simultaneously building a new nation. But although many were freed in those early days of the revolution, still more remained in bondage.

No longer.
No longer are the proud Starkmanir tribe, the original architects of our freedom, lost to us.
No longer does Vitoxin guarantee the obediance of our enslaved brethren to the whims of the tyrants who command them.
No longer are the vast Battlestations and the Golden Hordes of the Amarr a guarantee of safety for the Empire.

Brothers and sisters, in recent days we have seen just a small fraction of what our people are capable of. In a series of raids that left the Empire reeling, previously unknown Matari forces have won back the freedom of many millions of our people, and have struck fear in the hearts of those who thought to make themselves our masters.

The world has changed. Yesterday we lived in a world where the Empire seemed to some an unopposable powerhouse, but that day is past. Today our brothers have demonstrated to all that the vaunted Amarrian juggernaught is an illusion, and we now live in a world where we will finish what our ancestors began: we will bring our people home.

The time has come! Our people rise against their chains, but they need our help! We must rise, too, and join together to bring the Empire to it's knees, and to lift our lost brethren to their feet!

Soon, the slaver horde will know the true meaning of fear. There are those of us who have fought against Amarrian tyranny for years, but we have always been a few, fighting with courage and spirit against the vast numbers of the Imperial horde. But now, inspired by the epic successes of the elder fleets, the forces of freedom swell: the new Tribal Liberation Force has taken up the banner, and day by day the battlecries of those choosing lift their Khumaaks in defiance of the Empire grow deafening.

To all my brethren in this struggle -- both old and new -- know that I look forward to fighting shoulder to shoulder with you. And know that together we will carry the flame of freedom into the deepest, darkest corners of the Empire. And none shall stand before our onslaught.

For our people!


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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