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Balen Organa
Middleton and Mercer LLP
Posted - 2008.06.12 16:29:00 - [211]

Should be in tonight to try this out. I am still unsure of faction war but I will learn.

Brotherhood of the Phoenix
Free Trade Zone.
Posted - 2008.06.12 19:55:00 - [212]

Originally by: aicarian
Edited by: aicarian on 12/06/2008 10:10:42
Originally by: Zarch AlDain
Originally by: aicarian
CCP input on complaints about leaving corp for FW please. are you planning on changing this eventually, or are people unwilling to leave corp just SOL? would love to be involved but abandoning my corp is out of the question

Your corp can join FW.

yes i know, my corp is not small and isn't about to leave our alliance so that we can all join on one side and have half the people quit so they can be on another. not to mention moving out of 0.0, you must be crazy.

just want clarification from ccp what, if anything, are they going to do about this? right now it seems they only made this for new players and carebears with little thought for people already living in 0.0 with loyalty to a corp and alliance.

Just as a side note,'carebears' also have corps and alliances they've become friends/loyal to :/

Spaced Traffic Controlers
Posted - 2008.06.12 19:57:00 - [213]

First Impressions from a noob

Being relatively new to eve, I was pleased to see this expansion coming as trying to pvp against veteran players tends to leave me broke. As ceo of our small corp, I signed up my friends and I as soon as I was able. So I take my Brutix out to Villore and on the way see a fleet forming up a couple jumps away and decide to give it a shot.
At first it was pretty tame meeting only 1 or 2 caldari at a time and we take a instalation. Then we move deeper in caldari space and get stomped. It wouldnt have been so bad if it werent for the lag. I expected to get blown up but to be able to at least see some of it would of been cool.
Ok, I ask around a bit only to find out after the fact that i should of taken off the effects to not lag out so much. Fine, done. Try again.
Ok, well since I can't afford to lose another Brutix, I go in an incursus and stop at villore for a militia mission. Grab a lvl 1 mission and this nut case sends me 14 jumps away (11 in low sec) to go kill a commander. So I zip through low sec to get to the mission area and find 4 cruisers with 5-6 frigs. Hmm. Well the devs said the missions would be on par with the ones out there already, even easier, so I head in. Well by the time I got close enough to target them I had to warp out and made it with only 3/4 of my hull left. A lvl 1 mission!!!
Fudge that, I head back to Villore to tell that agent where he can shove his mission when I come across another fleet forming up. So we romped around Black Rise all evening and even if my contribution was minimal, I had a hoot of a good time and will strongly encourage my friends to come along next time.
Things I liked:
-Being able to go pew pew things in low sec
-The capturing of instalations, pretty cool IMO
-The potential to learn a lot of new tactics without dying for every single lesson learnt
-Quick implementation, great job there, cheers
Things I didnt like so much:
-Missions, even though I only took one, it was much more than I expected. I can do pretty much any lvl 1 mission in an incursus and that one was near impossible alone IMO. 30 jumps just to go and come back for a diferent ship is a big time sink and the reward was like...meh.
So in conclusion I rate FW a 8/10, great stuff overall, mission might need a bit of balancing.


Opinions are like asses, everyone has one and only yours doesn't seem to stink as much

Fuma Flautai
Posted - 2008.06.12 20:16:00 - [214]

Originally by: Poreuomai
Edited by: Poreuomai on 12/06/2008 08:26:34
Click on the triangle in the top left corner of the screen.

Oh. So this is the new Helios look that people have been complaining about :D

Old Bone
Posted - 2008.06.12 23:53:00 - [215]

hmm. feedback...

i fly two 6m sp combat orientated pilots in min space. mostly mish running. it's easy isk, and i dont have a lot of time to play.

day 1

i log in after patch and find our ceo has signed us up for FW. all good, he gave us warning.

my base of ops is 16 jumps from the front, but the boss is screaming so i jump into a couple of AFs and bolt for the front line just in time so see a min blob get shredded.

the USA starts going to bed and there's a half hour of stuffing about while new FCs are found and a new fleet starts to gather. find one with a pommie accent who seems like he knows what he's up to. we then go for a bit of a romp, and revenge is sweet. a couple new additions to my kill board.

day 2

i spend 2 hours shifting my base of ops closer to the front line. this time i take my normal combat duo, a passive drake and a mael with a couple of permaboost shield transporters that doubles the drakes passive. we romp. another couple of additions to my kill board.

ok, observations/feedback.

price of ammo is going up in rens. significantly.

i havent made one single isk in 2 days and i dont really care. i might have to sell some of the hardware i've been stashing...

the ship restrictions on the plex gates means most ships in a fleet are cruiser and smaller. this is fine by me, it'll give me something to do with the caracal and stabber bpo. it also means the drakemael was overkill. fine by me... less isk to risk. better for the noobs too.

organisation is low. it's an npc corp so there is no real authority in the militia. we spend more time trying to find a good FC than we did romping.

people are still learning FW mechanics. it's kind of fun to try and figure stuff out instead of just googling it.

for the first time in god knows how long the local gate from highsec into lowsec isnt gate camped. the campers have joined the militia or the traffic is just too high. and the one time a pirate did lock me down, a quick yelp on militia and he was gone, gone gone...

and... i'm loving it. thanks guys

Missions Mining and Mayhem
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2008.06.13 00:19:00 - [216]

Hi, yeah, I logged in today and my Helios still has the Imicus hull. What's the ETA on this bug being fixed?

CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2008.06.13 07:23:00 - [217]

One new addition and several amendments have been made to the Patch notes. The full Patch Notes listing can be found Here. Please note that all new additions will be in green text.


User Interface

In addition to being able to configure the buttons of the Neocom, a function to configure the World Information in the in-flight view has been added. To do this, right-click on the Neocom panel, select Configure >> World Information. You will be able to hide or show the following information, where it is available:

  • Nearest

  • Occupancy

  • Sovereignty

  • Sovereignty Level

  • Constellation

  • Region

  • Security Level

  • EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

    A new channel is created for each Faction Militia which acts like an Alliance channel and includes everyone in the Militia whether you’re a direct member of the Militia or member of a player corporation in the Militia. In addition to this there is another channel created for those who are direct members of the Militia which function as a “Corporation” channel, this channel is not available for those in a player corporation that has joined the Militia. Non-flagged players cannot gain access to these channels.


    Empyrean Age 1.0.0-1 Server-side changes, released 12 June 2008

  • The threshold at which a solar system in factional warfare becomes vulnerable has been lowered.

  • Two Game Master tools that were broken have been fixed allowing the Game Masters to assist you better.

  • Anticon Chor
    Posted - 2008.06.14 11:09:00 - [218]

    Oooh yes, that little "Align To" button deserves the grand prize for utility. It's the small things that matter so much. Thanks CCP Very Happy. Now if only we could drop the message "Those items are not stackable", life in EA would be truly grand.

    Imperial Academy
    Posted - 2008.06.15 02:41:00 - [219]

    You know what else would be even better? If repackaging abunch of items skipped the damage ones so you'd know which to repair.

    Rayne Jameson
    Posted - 2008.06.15 16:04:00 - [220]

    i second previous two posts :)

    Chainsaw Plankton
    Posted - 2008.06.16 02:54:00 - [221]

    the reprocessing window is sideways

    its freaking me out seriously I don't like it Sad

    Thaylon Sen
    Posted - 2008.06.16 06:57:00 - [222]

    FW = Major win... thx ccp Cool

    Luigi Thirty
    The Minmatarded
    Posted - 2008.06.16 22:49:00 - [223]

    Daniel Jackson?

    Luthar Carrock
    Posted - 2008.06.17 19:10:00 - [224]


    Nicola Sardonicus
    Posted - 2008.06.19 07:00:00 - [225]

    Originally by: Llee'la
    You know what else would be even better? If repackaging abunch of items skipped the damage ones so you'd know which to repair.

    What would be even simpler (far too simple for CCP to figure it out) would be to have a mark on any module, drone, ship, etc. that's damaged, like a red triangle in the upper right-hand corner which is currently unused. Actually, your suggestion would still be good even if the damage marking was implemented, so that large blocks of modules, etc. would be highlighted and repackaged all at once even if there were a couple of damaged ones in the middle.

    Kora Bequin
    Garoun Investment Bank
    Posted - 2008.06.20 23:40:00 - [226]

    Our corporation currently is having FW issues and I'm wondering if it's by design.

    Essentially, what's happened is that 2 non-Gallente RP alliances have declared war on us since we're a more noticeable corp within the Gallente militia.

    The problem is that this gives those alliances free reign to kill our newer pilots in lowsec and we simply cannot fight back due to their numbers. They are only hostile to us and not the whole militia so even our FW allies cannot help us without hurting their security standings. This is almost an exploit.

    Eve Heroes
    Posted - 2008.06.21 14:54:00 - [227]

    Originally by: Kora Bequin
    The problem is that this gives those alliances free reign to kill our newer pilots in lowsec and we simply cannot fight back due to their numbers. They are only hostile to us and not the whole militia so even our FW allies cannot help us without hurting their security standings. This is almost an exploit.

    I share this concern. It feels like the mechanics of factional warfare hasn't been entirely thought through.

    Pothouse Cartel
    Posted - 2008.06.21 20:29:00 - [228]

    Edited by: ZMasterz on 21/06/2008 20:29:58
    I think Overview needs a small (well, i hope ... i´m not coding it :)) but urgent Fix:

    Originally by: ZMasterz

    i just got popped by Sentries because there was one neutral Reaper among 30 Wartargets on a Gate.
    When they all started to warp out we were told to "get points on everything you can" ... so i locked what i could get and was dead a few seconds later (my fault ? Definitely was, but read on ...)

    I do know how to set up my Overview, i´ve been to 0.0 for a long time, i´ve had LowSec wars and i´ve pirated for a few months and been to -10 and back.
    I have several Tabs with different Settings, and i can not get it to work that the Overview filters out Neutrals while still showing WarTargets .. as in: Militia Targets.

    This really needs a fix imo, add a new Filtering option or do some other wizardry please, but as it is i see more and more people saying that Militia FleetFights (and be it even only smaller Fights) are near impossible in Lowsec. You need 1 Neutral Alt that follows a Fleet til it gets a Fight, and then you sit there and wait til someone locks you and loses his/her nice ship to Sentries.

    Granted, it was of course my fault as i didn´t have a closer look before i attacked that neutral Reaper, but: I have set my Overview to show Wartargets as Blinking White with a Blinking White Star .. that is pretty unique and can be distinguished from neutrals very easily.
    But apparently not if there is 1 Neutral among 30 Blinking Targets .. it´s easy to miss that Neutral. Test it ... add some Fleet-flatter and some random shouting and a few people that lock you, and you, too, will miss that 1 Neutral.

    I plea for a Fix for this, i really enjoy FW in Lowsec and all around it, but without the Overview getting a new Filter/different Settings i think there will be an increasing number of people who just let FW be FW and go back to their "normal" EVE life without the fun with FW in LowSec.

    This is my post from this Thread ... one of the most important and hopefully easiest-to-implement Fixes that are needed for Factional Warfare (imo ... of course).
    If you consider this an "illegal crosspost" then i apologize in advance, i just had to get it in a more popular Thread, too.
    edit: Fixed spelling and URL

    Mack Dorgeans
    Camelot Innovations
    Posted - 2008.06.22 06:13:00 - [229]

    Edited by: Mack Dorgeans on 22/06/2008 06:25:19

    Why were the mineral requirements for covert ops ships changed? It appears those that now use a cheaper T1 frigate as the base had their T2 mineral requirements increased to compensate, but now certain minerals required are quite high compared to other frigate-sized T2 ship materials.

    This should have been in the patch notes at the very least, so people could have discussed it during testing. It also brings up the larger question of why some T2 ships require extra amounts of common minerals besides the morphite requirement, and others do not.

    Edit: the change also adversely affects cov ops builders working from invented BPCs, since the higher ME levels result in an extra addition to mineral requirements. Before, both BPO and invention producers had the same cost for the T1 ship component. Now, the compensation charges extra to invented BPC builders.

    Posted - 2008.06.22 22:51:00 - [230]

    EA was a lot of fun in the first week, as part of the Minmatar faction I really enjoyed killing off Amarr, the RP part came nicely into play. We even had a few run-ins with local pirates, as time went by the Amarr stopped fighting, the pirates joined the militia (and continues their pirating of neutral players). So now we're back to the lonely 0.0 method of roaming for hours trying to find war targets, camping gates for hours trying to catch nano frigates. Utterly pointless and boring, and this after 1 week!

    The only thing left for Minmatar to do is go fight the Caldari (nano ships anyone?), and hope we don't get decimated by the Gallente first. Unless the Amarr gets a massive injection of players (which doesn't seem to be happening) joining the Minmatar faction is a waste of time, there's virtually no PVP to be had as part of that Faction. Join the Gallente if you want PVP fun, Caldari blobs and will eventually rule everything if the Gallente doesn't get stronger. That will then be the end of Factional Warfare.

    I really don't know what CCP can do to fix this but any ideas will be welcome, we really need something on the Amarr\Minmatar side of FW to make this more fun.

    Tzuki Tsu
    Posted - 2008.06.27 11:42:00 - [231]

    I loved faction warfare, the premise is great, the missions are perhaps too easy but fun nonetheless. Pvp is pretty much instant unless your in a blob fleet, in which case forget it, lag and scaring off the enemy tends to reduce it to gate camping most of the time. All and all joyous.Cool

    The intuitive people out there just know there is a but coming. Wink

    BUT ... Unlike in a player alliance there is no command structure, without which there is no cohesion. Instead you get 500+ people *****ing in militia chat and an npc corp which cannot discriminate between alt. spies and genuine militia men.Rolling Eyes

    Furthermore you need not just a place for militia chat, but channels for Intel (where is the enemy), Strategic (where are the complexes) and Tactical (I have just spawned a mission - who wants to come).

    These comments aside I loved FW, mainly because i came from a player alliance and have some experience in open warfare, and also am a hardened mission runner who has lots of social skills.

    Once these issues are addressed i will definately return to FW, but unfortunately my ceo retired us.Crying or Very sad

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