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Jay Carrion
Posted - 2008.07.07 11:29:00 - [61]

OOops....sorry....didn't mean to bump into you like that....hope you didn't spill anything..... shouldn't be standing there anyway, you should be heading down to Abudban to sign up!!!

Vae Nexon
Neon Equinox
Posted - 2008.07.07 16:00:00 - [62]

Friendly bumpage eddieugh

Your hel is flying smootly like a lubed ......

In any case, join these guysugh

Jay Carrion
Posted - 2008.07.08 12:45:00 - [63]

To Bump or Not to Bump, that is the questi...... oh damn, already done it!

Posted - 2008.07.12 19:49:00 - [64]

Friendly bump + some info.

I didn't check all the Minmatar FW corps. But these guys seem to be one of the better options. So I will be signing up soon :)

Fly safe!

Jay Carrion
Posted - 2008.07.15 16:45:00 - [65]

About to renew operations within the war zone...bumping for all those Matari supporters looking for organised chaos!

Posted - 2008.07.17 04:59:00 - [66]


Faife recommended me to your group, so here I am seeking employment. I'm a good percentage of the time an AFK miner while at work irl, but would like to get involved in the fight.

I can currently fly BS's on down, and have spent a good deal of time getting my EW skills up for flying force recons, which might be helpful to you guys. Lets see, what else... 17 million sp, I mine in a hulk, and i'm an all around ok person.


United Warriors
Posted - 2008.07.22 19:29:00 - [67]

Nice to hear you're still out there, fighting for our people.

Icarus Starkiller
Forge Regional Security
Posted - 2008.07.23 01:18:00 - [68]

Currently seeking reds and the ruination of fanatical faith.
Oh, and exotic dancers.

58m SP, -0.07 Amarr standings.
Can fly everything BS and below, all races... but no industry or mining.

Kade Jeekin
Posted - 2008.09.24 10:28:00 - [69]

Kinda'Shujaa is now recruiting again.

Mail Kade Jeekin in game or post on the Ushra'Khan forum Linkage

Kade Jeekin
Posted - 2008.09.26 13:17:00 - [70]


Brutara Solutor
Posted - 2008.11.06 16:24:00 - [71]

Geez, this thread really needs a bump.


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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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