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Cpt Jagermeister
United Systems Navy
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.01.18 05:59:00 - [151]

I like it

Posted - 2009.01.19 14:56:00 - [152]

Supported. and wanna more than 5 clones coz all my five clones are with implants...

Santiago Fahahrri
Galactic Geographic
Posted - 2009.01.19 15:50:00 - [153]

I would like to see Jump Clones nerfed or (even better) removed.

Northern Federation

Posted - 2009.01.21 06:30:00 - [154]


Fallout Project
Posted - 2009.01.21 09:30:00 - [155]

Brian Khan
Posted - 2009.01.21 09:30:00 - [156]

Vlad Wormwing
Posted - 2009.01.21 09:30:00 - [157]

Posted - 2009.01.21 09:31:00 - [158]

Posted - 2009.01.21 20:37:00 - [159]

Supported. I also like the idea of simply changing the mechanic to be able to jump twice in a 48 hour period. I actually like that idea better but would settle for a skill that reduces JC time.

As for the notion that this would decrease risk of pvp, I think this is a good thing. I don't think that it would reduce the risk in a game breaking/unbalancing way, and it might get some of those carebears into low-sec. More pvp can't be a bad thing right?

Posted - 2009.01.21 20:37:00 - [160]

Meant to add the thumb :)


Posted - 2009.01.21 23:06:00 - [161]

Supported. I hate that the turnaround is too long to jump down to do something and jump back at the end of the day. At level 5 this skill would reduce the jump time to 14 hours, which I think is good enough to use jump clones to go for "day trips".

Marcus Gideon
Federal Defense Operations
Posted - 2009.01.21 23:58:00 - [162]

Jump Clones totally need work.

How can characters in stories jump several times a day, and yet we're limited to once?

I'd completely vote for the notion of modifying the current skill to allow for an extra clone, and an extra jump per day. Lvl V would mean 5 clones, 5 jumps per day. Otherwise, the flavor text talking about mental training to prepare for transit between bodies has no relevance when we can be podded 50 times in a single day, and not suffer in the slightest (provided you pay to cover your SP).

Free Space Tech
Red Alliance
Posted - 2009.01.22 14:53:00 - [163]

It will be very usefull.

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