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Arana Tellen
Clan Death Corps
Posted - 2008.06.03 10:07:00 - [811]

Nicely done, very polished. Cool

Ting Tong
Posted - 2008.06.03 10:16:00 - [812]

Didn't take long to download from one of the Mirrors, this is so refreshing, thoroughly entertaining and nice touch of humour.

One I will watch many times to come.

Well done...and thank you.

Rage of Inferno
Posted - 2008.06.03 10:27:00 - [813]

I have to say , thats an awesome episode, whens the next one?

Freelancer Union
Posted - 2008.06.03 10:27:00 - [814]

I was much impressed and entertained by this! Very nice work! CCP should hire you :-)

Karze Dywine
Electus Matari
Posted - 2008.06.03 11:15:00 - [815]

I just finished reading all 28 pages of this thread I wanted some more information on Clear Skies... Shocked

This movie was AWSOME! bring on the sequal.
CCP give this guy his Tribal Tempest, and a job while your at it.. YARRRR!!

PIE Inc.
Posted - 2008.06.03 11:15:00 - [816]

Pretty good, for a rustbucket made by smashing scrap metal into each other.

Good stuff! Very Happy

IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.06.03 11:41:00 - [817]

If there is anyone who deserves a Tribal Issue Tempest given out of the blue, its you Smile

Awesome Work.

Posted - 2008.06.03 11:46:00 - [818]

Amazing, watched it a few times already. This is better than most tv shows you watch, I would of paid to see this. I'll be sending you some iskies Very Happy

The Executives
IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.06.03 12:05:00 - [819]

Edited by: Fellet on 03/06/2008 12:05:28

Tamia Clant
New Dawn Corp
New Eden Research.
Posted - 2008.06.03 12:06:00 - [820]

Originally by: John Rourke
I have the original script with all its annotations pinned to my study corkboard for posterity, I'll take it down and rewrite the electronic copy ASAP so it is as word for word as I can get it, then I'll put the DOC file up on Eve files for people to do translations. It's the least I can do for such an awesome community!

Can you please mail me in-game when you release the script? I'm working on making English subtitles for the film as quite a few people seem to be having trouble understanding what the characters are saying. However, I am running into a few problems, particularly when Solomon speaks, I can't understand him half of the time. (where's that accent from anyway?) Having the script would make my work much easier in that regard. I'm almost done with the subtitles, I just need to do the last few minutes and fix up the gaps I have left behind.

Quam Singulari
Cult of War
Posted - 2008.06.03 12:09:00 - [821]

This Is my second post, cba to find my original one.

Fantastic, I loved, my mates loved it.

Although if you do make another please when filming the characters angle the camera down lower so the eyes are in the top 3rd of the screen, not bang in the middle, unless its is for effect.

Dark Harlequin
Posted - 2008.06.03 12:22:00 - [822]

Superb, loved your film. Reminded me of Dark Star, except yours was funny and slick and there was no bomb that thought it was god. I liked seeing my home (Metropolis) on screen.

Good luck on your next project, guys.Cool

Brodit the Undying

Mr McCargo
IDT Research and Manufacturing
Posted - 2008.06.03 12:25:00 - [823]

That was just amazing! Sequel please!Very Happy

Posted - 2008.06.03 12:58:00 - [824]


Without doubt the best complete Eve Movie/Pilot/Short Episode yet, cant wait for more...tell me there is more...once a month would be great but all depends on the production time but hey who knows.


Lacolo Basema
Kotar Engineering
Posted - 2008.06.03 13:02:00 - [825]

This is awesome! Very well done!

I loved the Gmod-EVE transitions, I didn't notice them at all.

Victor Vision
Central Intelligence Service
Posted - 2008.06.03 13:11:00 - [826]

I am highly impressed about this movie, Mr. John Rourke.

My favourite character in the movie was Mr. Smith, of course. Such a sympathetic, friendly and well mannered person.

Would watch again.

Best regards,

A wiseman
Kantian Principle
Posted - 2008.06.03 13:13:00 - [827]

when is the blooper reel coming out? moar raven captain :)

Posted - 2008.06.03 13:23:00 - [828]

Epic! Well done sirs!

Posted - 2008.06.03 13:47:00 - [829]

Best movie ever!

Like someone else said earlier, you win eve. Simple.

4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.06.03 13:56:00 - [830]

greatly one yet...cant whait for a nother release m8...or wont there be a part 2?

Charlie Fodder
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.06.03 13:57:00 - [831]

Originally by: A wiseman
when is the blooper reel coming out? moar raven captain :)

Oh god no.... if JR did the blooper reel, then it would be about 5 times longer than the actual film.

(Note to self, for the next film, Ban Solomon from bringing cookies)

Butter Dog
The Monocled Elite
Posted - 2008.06.03 13:58:00 - [832]

Originally by: Victor Vision

My favourite character in the movie was Mr. Smith, of course. Such a sympathetic, friendly and well mannered person.

Really? I thought he was a little bit sinister at the end. Polite, yet evil was my take. Anyone who listens to classical music whilst watching people on CCTV is clearly a psychopath ;)

The Rising Stars
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2008.06.03 14:10:00 - [833]

congratz, absolutly awesome,, best EVE movie ive ever seen

Vasili vonHolst
Gargamel's Lair
Posted - 2008.06.03 14:15:00 - [834]


I watched it a second time with a girl (sci fi fan one) on big screen this time. She even thought it was a great 40 minute show, and hardly knows anything about EvE!

IdeaErm Ya and again... CCP: Gives this man a tribal tempest please!


Kalmi HUN
Posted - 2008.06.03 14:33:00 - [835]

Best movie ever!

IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.06.03 14:38:00 - [836]

Excellent job John!
Although I agree that the camera use was a bit rough, like hard to follow with eyes/dizziness cause sometimes, but I can tell you this:
I felt as if only 10 mins passed in 40! that means a lot for you, when PROFESSIONAL holywood tv shows dont feel that fast!

I am curious, and I am sure everyone else is too - what kind of job do you do for living so far?
Perhaps if you are interested, we the eve community can press CCP into hiring you, to do those monthly or bi-monthly :P

Would be great having even 5-10 mins mini episodes, showing various stories of the galaxy, etc.

The Annihilator
Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2008.06.03 14:55:00 - [837]

Edited by: The Annihilator on 03/06/2008 14:55:38
Hiya, Ian

After reading some of the initial posts, I just went for the full download. Smile
Saw it the first time during lunch at work, but couldn´t wait to get back home and see it again on my 24" monitor.

Ahhh. It was well worth it, indeed. Very Happy

An absolutely amazing film, and by far the best one released from the EvE community so far.

I loved the humorous dialog, the well executed lip-sync, the plot, the integration and transitions between EvE and Half-Life 2, yeahh, EVERYTHING!!!
I will recommend it to all I know, for a fresh glimps into the EvE world, with a touch of Half-Life 2. Smile

Thanks for taking the time to make it and sharing it with us all.
Absolutely top notch.

I hope we see more of your work later, mate. Very Happy

Best regards,

Anni Very Happy

The Scope
Posted - 2008.06.03 15:04:00 - [838]

Originally by: Dv8Mutt
I have to say , thats an awesome episode, whens the next one?

q2 2009 Razz

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.06.03 15:09:00 - [839]

CCP please give that this man the ambulation facial animation tools and preferably a job.

You know where I am leading with thisVery Happy

Posted - 2008.06.03 15:10:00 - [840]

Only one word to describe it WOW!
I loved it. I especially like the tongue in cheek humor at times. It won't be another 2 years will it?

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