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Posted - 2008.12.11 05:19:00 - [361]

Yawn Corp
Posted - 2008.12.11 13:02:00 - [362]

I love this idea.

Miyamoto Uroki
Sarum Industries
Posted - 2008.12.11 13:35:00 - [363]

Replied to this several times in its original topic, so hell yeah, overhaul the pos system...

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2008.12.12 05:22:00 - [364]

I kind of gave up even looking here, even since CCP said it was "too much work" for them to do proper POS overhaul. Felt like so many years supporting this issue went to waste, because no one in CCP listens.

Well, I feel slightly vindicated, because I am certain that should CCP have listened to all of us who support general POS overhaul they would have found the long running exploit and fixed it.

So, I decided I am coming back to the hopeless cause of supporting the POS overhaul. Perhaps we should all stop by a nearest church and put up a candle for Saint Jude - the patron saint of hopeless causes. Maybe then CCP will listen, who knows.

Xindi Kraid
The Night Wardens
Posted - 2008.12.12 06:03:00 - [365]

I move we get actual Player Owned Stations instead of corp owned trash heaps

Phelix Jung
Posted - 2008.12.12 07:53:00 - [366]


Orb Vex

Posted - 2008.12.12 10:32:00 - [367]

Amazing concept !!Smile

Karrade Krise
Posted - 2008.12.12 19:45:00 - [368]

Edited by: Karrade Krise on 15/12/2008 18:52:47
When, oh WHEN will this be taken seriously by CCP? This had better be in the March Expansion as a surprise add on...

I'd seriously rather see this than ambulation...with the exception of getting to look at well designed female butts....mmm...boobies....

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2008.12.13 21:37:00 - [369]

Stop Claiming that it is too much work to redo the POS and do it already CCP!

With the POS exploit this should be your priority: re-evaluation of POS and POS Mechanics, making POS "KISS" Compatible.

The Scope
Posted - 2008.12.14 05:43:00 - [370]

NEW CSM needs to take this one back to CCP, the players have wanted it for 2 years, and we wont stop asking for it till we get it or something like it.

Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2008.12.14 11:40:00 - [371]


fantastic idea, would love to see this implemented tbh.

Dark Tree Industries

Posted - 2008.12.16 00:49:00 - [372]


Billy Merc

Posted - 2008.12.16 00:50:00 - [373]

Kind of a fan of the current system..minus the asthetics of course..

i like this new pos idea...maybe some sort of t2 / next generation pos...used purely for foward deployment of operations.

dont like the anchor it at gate thing....but i think it should the follwing things should be noted:

.: Thes pops should not be able to claim sov
.: These pos's should be anchorable ANYWHERE is system..but not near gates.
.: These pos's should be detectable by probe and ship scanner
.: U should be able to get an exact location on these pos's with probes
.: Limits to how many can be deployed in a single system
.: Limited weaponry (maybe a fighter bay...that pos gunners can drop fighters/ drones and control them...+ small stationary guns)
.: Area of effect cyno jamming ability would be a nice feature (cant drop cyno within 1 au of it ?????...maybe)
.: Should NOT be able to mine moons

it needs to be balanced...but as a foward deployment platform...this idea is sexy as hell

Suddenly Ninjas
Posted - 2008.12.16 10:23:00 - [374]

Posted - 2008.12.16 10:24:00 - [375]

The Scope
Posted - 2008.12.22 11:53:00 - [376]

This belongs on page one, and someone from the CSM needs to take it back to CCP, it wasn't really even talked about last time, it was kind of mentioned, then it was the funky pos idea, bring the subject up, straight forward, push the idea, make it a major topic not a minor one, and maybe CCP will rethink there position on this.

If it at least looks like the CSM had tried to work it in last time I would just leave it alone with CCP's last answer, but as it is, those guys pretty much avoided it, with "no reason to talk about something due to ccps answer."

This CSM needs to push this idea, its something that pos management teams want, and no we are not going to get a 10% of the forums vote for support, there are to few of us that setup and run them for that, but it effects thousands of people in game.

Republic University
Posted - 2008.12.25 04:11:00 - [377]

This is what pos's should look like.

Terra Mikael
Horizon Dynamics
Posted - 2008.12.25 07:25:00 - [378]

Edited by: Terra Mikael on 25/12/2008 07:25:45
awesome Idea. I would love to blow up something so beautifulLaughing

Karath Piki
Ordo Quaesitoris
Ordo Magna
Posted - 2008.12.25 13:58:00 - [379]

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2008.12.25 17:33:00 - [380]

The "POS: The Dead Horse" original thread in Features & Ideas Discussions Forum is celebrating it's 3d Christmas! That's right people, it has seen 3 Christmas Holidays come and gone, and it is still here. I wonder if there is any other player supported thread that has been as heartily ignored, for as long of a time, as the POS overhaul.

CSM - bring this to CCP again! And again! And AGAIN! AND AGAIN!

Just because CCP tells you it is "too much work" does not mean you have to slink away, and play nice.

Players have been keeping the thread alive for 3 years, well, almost, and so far CCP worked really hard to ignore it. Shouldn't it be your job to make it happen? I am sorry, I know, Iceland trips are more important than making waves, and bringing CCP things they really do not want to deal with.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2008.12.29 00:35:00 - [381]

This subject should be raised by the CSM again.


Ariad Valens
Posted - 2008.12.30 15:27:00 - [382]


The Scope
Posted - 2008.12.31 00:36:00 - [383]

CSM really needs to take this back to CCP, We wont go away, we will keep this thread and the one in features and Ideas on the first page till this is in the game or EvE-Online closes its doors.

Reverberation Project
Posted - 2009.01.01 20:47:00 - [384]


The Border Patrol
Posted - 2009.01.01 23:44:00 - [385]

Posted - 2009.01.02 07:41:00 - [386]


Erinyen Guerilla
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.01.02 12:05:00 - [387]

n1 idea

Posted - 2009.01.05 05:04:00 - [388]

Originally by: Erinyen Guerilla
n1 idea


Posted - 2009.01.05 14:52:00 - [389]

absolutely, incredible, wonderful idea.

Aura Seng
Posted - 2009.01.05 18:30:00 - [390]


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