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Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.12 10:05:00 - [1]

Edited by: Shaydin on 16/05/2008 09:43:43
Edited by: Shaydin on 13/05/2008 14:36:25
Its finally time to depart with my Alt. Little time means i can no longer use this very nice character.

When i started Shaydin, i wanted a character specialized in one race. His high perception and will power means he can train recon 5 in about 21 days with implants. Making him ideal for specific ship type specialization or cross training with other races. He uses all tech II minmater guns as well as all missiles (including heavy assault Launcher II's)
High navigation skills suits ideally with Minmater philosophy. I wanted to make sure all the initial skills are done first then i can choose my area of specialization later.

Ships he can fly
He is also Maurader ready (only needs the skillbook.) has BS 5 and he can fly minmater covert ops, recons, Assault frig, EW frig, sliepnir, Battlecruisers, stealth bombers, interdictor and heavy assault ships.
Currently training prop. Jamming 5 (6 days 22 hrs left) so he can fly heavy dictors.

Charecter Details
You currently have 136 skills and 39,834,272 skill points
Charecter comes with +ve wallet, unfitted typhoon, wolf and a stilleto. (some tech II mods and a claw but in 0.0 space) Other bits and pieces as well but nothing big.

He has a +4 set implants (not including charisma) and has no kill rights. He has another clone with +1's/2's.
-1 Security statutes.

Auction Details

Starting Bid: 5 Bil
Reserve: Shown 9 Bill ...
Buy Out: contact Vulkyn in game
Min. Bid Increment: 250 mil
Auction End Date/Time: Sat 24th @ 16:00 Eve Time.

Vulkyn will be receiving the ISK.

Posted - 2008.05.12 10:06:00 - [2]

I will receive isk for Shaydin :)

Happy bidding ... :P

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.12 10:59:00 - [3]

ISK only please, i am unable to accept character trades :)

P.S Starting bid typo fixed :)

Lord Julvur
Posted - 2008.05.12 21:36:00 - [4]

hey shaydin,

posted on my WTB thread but thought i would past here.

i will get you started at 5 billion mate..

but let me know if u wanna take a buyout amount of 5.8 bil.


Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.12 22:06:00 - [5]

Thx for the bid start mate, but this price is too low for buy out :)
cheers :D and happy bidding ...

Lord Julvur
Posted - 2008.05.12 22:11:00 - [6]

no worries got u started..

your character aint what im really looking for.. but good luck with the sale..

Cell Phone
Posted - 2008.05.13 08:40:00 - [7]

Very nice charExclamation

Der Mann
Fairlight Corp
Posted - 2008.05.13 08:42:00 - [8]

hey shaydan,

i will offer a 6 billion buyout, all depending on the sale of my other character on the 15th May 08.


Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.13 08:48:00 - [9]

Edited by: Shaydin on 13/05/2008 12:24:03
Thx for the bid mate, but this is below the price i am looking for unfortunately.

Good luck with your sale :)

Reserve shown at 9 Bill
current in game offer 8 bill .... (8.8 bill bid retracted)

Posted - 2008.05.13 12:45:00 - [10]

:) friendly bump ...

Mortis Angelus
Posted - 2008.05.13 13:34:00 - [11]

shame u have to let shaydin go m8
good luck still

zibel zain
Posted - 2008.05.13 13:42:00 - [12]

I will place the 9 billion BO. If you will hold threw the weekend (currently away from comp with eve installed till then)
I will be able to do transfer around the 19th-20th

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.13 14:21:00 - [13]

Thank you for your offer zibel, i will consider it as a bid (as i was aiming for more on buyout):)
Bid end time will be 24th (which is enough time for you to get back) and if i get no offers higher than that he is all yours :)

Many thanks :)

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.13 14:30:00 - [14]

10 bill offered in game ... :)

Grass Muddy Horse
Posted - 2008.05.13 17:55:00 - [15]

nice char ♥

Talostan Gurt
Sons Of Amun
Posted - 2008.05.13 18:15:00 - [16]

free bump for a great char worth all the money he deserves:)

Silly Susie
Independent Traders
Posted - 2008.05.13 18:29:00 - [17]

Edited by: Silly Susie on 13/05/2008 18:35:52
b/o offer 10.25b

INVALID: Didn't see it had 11days left.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.14 06:41:00 - [18]

Bump :)

Ziggurat Vertigo
Posted - 2008.05.14 07:30:00 - [19]

confirm 10b bid

Posted - 2008.05.15 06:25:00 - [20]

interesting skill trees. shame to see this char go and wasted don't have enough milk to get this.

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.15 07:31:00 - [21]

Ramming speed for vulkyn. A bump for an excellent character.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.15 22:11:00 - [22]

daily bump

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.16 09:27:00 - [23]

Edited by: Shaydin on 16/05/2008 09:28:39
Buy out 11 bill accepted in game to Ziggurat Vertigo.

I will pay for transfer fee as per CCP rules.

Vulkyn will be receiving the isk as mentioned in post ;)

Thx for bidding ..

Ziggurat Vertigo
Posted - 2008.05.16 09:34:00 - [24]

Edited by: Ziggurat Vertigo on 16/05/2008 17:06:16
Confirmed .

Sent 11b Isk to Vulkyn


Posted - 2008.05.16 09:39:00 - [25]

Isk received and charecter transfered

Ziggurat Vertigo
Posted - 2008.05.16 09:46:00 - [26]

Char recieved .

Pleasure doing business with Vulkyn , very nice chap


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