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Posted - 2008.05.11 11:46:00 - [91]

Please give us a list of things to expect and I am sure we will have more material than now <When we got only a name and a few hints.>

PaddyPaddy Nihildarnik
The Night Crew
Posted - 2008.05.11 11:53:00 - [92]

1) There was talk a while ago about player owned corps possibly gaining "viceroy" status of low sec systems, allowing for greater profits/ control of the system. Has there been any further developments on this very very cool idea?

Also please check out this thread for an addition to the viceroy system.

2) Will there be any changes made to mods, particularly statis webs and/or speed mods (either in the form of stacking penalties or complete reworkings of the speed tank mechanic)

Toxic Dose
EntroPrelatial Vanguard
Posted - 2008.05.11 12:47:00 - [93]

Edited by: Toxic Dose on 11/05/2008 13:04:15
Edited by: Toxic Dose on 11/05/2008 13:03:03
Edited by: Toxic Dose on 11/05/2008 13:01:17

As a new player to Eve (3 months) this all sounds very exciting but I have to say that this new expansion sounds quite intimidating as I'm only just getting my head around the dynamics of the game as it stands. I want to get into PVP when I am ready but I don't want it thrust upon me. I currently mission run in high-sec to build up my isk, ships and skills so that when I step into PVP I don't get crushed in 20secs.

As a new player here are my wishes and wants from the new expansions:

1) Current high-sec game dynamics remain unchanged so non PVPers can enjoy the game as it stands without being terrorised
2) Mission running in high-sec does not need to include any Factional missions
3) There is a clear and coherent transition from current dynamics to the new factional storylines for anyone wishing to take part
4) The new expansion is as easy for a new player to get involved in as a 30mill+ SP player, and that the rewards for participation are evenly weighted based on individual contribution whilst also being proportionally valuable to both a capital and a frigate pilot.

There seems to be a group of players who want the entire map to be opened into a factional PVP arena. From a new player's perspective if this happens - you will lose a huge number of the new player base that you have worked hard to create.

In the meantime - before the expansion is released I'd ask that we have a very clear indication of how the new faction dynamics will affect the current faction ratings system - as this affects the decisions that mission runners like me are making today. I need to know what my current standings will mean with the new expansion so I can decide what faction standings I need to improve on (or disregard) based on the changes that are coming.

i.e I'm Gallente and I turn down Caldari/Amarr combat missions to protect my standings with these factions, as I had planned to run missions in their space in the future. If factional warfare means I will become an instant enemy with Caldari/Ammar/minmitar then I should just take on the current faction combat missions and reap the rewards of running them now - as potentially my standings really won't matter with the new expansion.

Megan Maynard
Navigators of the Abyss
Posted - 2008.05.11 14:43:00 - [94]

BOMBS, FIX THEM. Blobs are getting out of control. BADLY.

Make them like smartbombs (no sig) OR make them cheaper.

Clapped Out
Posted - 2008.05.11 15:10:00 - [95]

Edited by: Clapped Out on 11/05/2008 15:11:04
Is there a link anywhere to proposed inclusions to next expansion?

Hobo Roughsleeper
Posted - 2008.05.11 15:55:00 - [96]

t2 Destroyers please

Cybele Lanier
Posted - 2008.05.11 16:15:00 - [97]

Which Empyrean Age change or introduction do you see creating the most forum drama?

Republic University
Posted - 2008.05.11 16:21:00 - [98]

Will pirate faction be able to take part not just empire factions.
Also will there be more factional items/ships being added to the lp store of both pirate/empire factions?

Posted - 2008.05.11 16:31:00 - [99]

Does anyone remember "no nerf patch"?
Ok, so with that in mind,
Is this expansion going to nerf any modules, ships etc.?
Like Torpedos, Shield resistance amplifiers? (past nerfees)
I'd like to know so I can stop or start training, buying, building those which will be affected.
ugh Let the whining begin.

padraig animal
Devil Corp
Rebel Alliance of New Eden
Posted - 2008.05.11 17:11:00 - [100]

Edited by: padraig animal on 11/05/2008 17:12:38
Someone was asking before about Border Stargates and High way gates it is in a presentations here ,EVE Presentation Video from NYCC 2008

Also about the Ambulation project .

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2008.05.11 18:50:00 - [101]

Id ask a question about the expansion - but as I havent got a clue what, if anything, it includes.


Joe Starbreaker
M. Corp
Posted - 2008.05.11 22:19:00 - [102]

1) When you add the missing Amarr frigate would you please take the astrometrics frigates away from the other three races? That would be justice.

2) Will my Anathema turn into a new model based on the new astrometrics frigate? Or will the Anathema turn into a collector's item, no longer buildable, and replaced by a new Amarr covert ops based on the new T1 model? That would be awesome.

3) Can you make it so that when I shoot something and miss, my lasers keep on going into space?

4) How about beefing up the soundtrack with a little heavy metal?

5) Will factional warfare allow us to PVP for LP?

Jack Jombardo
Cosmic Allianz
Posted - 2008.05.12 01:07:00 - [103]

1) will the window alocation bug be fixed ?

Galian Holeripper
Posted - 2008.05.12 02:26:00 - [104]

Edited by: Galian Holeripper on 12/05/2008 02:29:27
Very Happy

Nicholas DW
Posted - 2008.05.12 03:53:00 - [105]

Edited by: Nicholas DW on 12/05/2008 04:01:05
I'm basically part of the camp that thinks that certain core game play mechanics, i.e., overview bugs, lag, dysncs, the alt+tab crash lock up problem a lot of people are having etc. should be fixed before more "drastically game changing" content is released. But since that's not going to happen, and since I don't really know what to "ask about" in this patch anyways, I'd like to know what the dev team is doing/plans to do in regards to:

1) Interdictor balance along racial lines, and more specifically, fixing the Eris.

2) The balance of electronic warfare across racial lines, i.e., the strength of ECM verse the (lack of) strength of damps/tracking disruptors/target painting and the general balance of recon ships and EW boats along racial lines in general.

Finally as a follow up to Sylthi’s question, what exactly has Zulupark “contributed” to this expansion? I too would like to know what to sell prior to it being ner... 'er balanced.


Katana Seiko
Posted - 2008.05.12 05:31:00 - [106]

#1) How many bugs are there currently and how many bugs will you manage to repair with the next patch?

#2) When will we get ambulation?

#3) Are the players forced into PvP? If so, how many paying players do you expect to loose? 75% or more?

#4) Will we see jovians again? After all, if I interprete the background stories correctly, they would have to. There's a chance that the war might reach them...

Posted - 2008.05.12 07:06:00 - [107]

Will the lag or desync issue be solved?

A Gramsci
Posted - 2008.05.12 09:26:00 - [108]

Will ambulation be included?

Cora Thatcher
Posted - 2008.05.12 09:41:00 - [109]

As i am mainly an empire trader and builder, geting good standing with all the major factions and corporations is kind of a long term goal if not a necessity for me (not even talking about having stuff distributed all over empire space).
So what i hear about this new patch sounds as if it will pretty much obliterates the way i am playing the game. Is this true?

Space Wanderer
Posted - 2008.05.12 10:08:00 - [110]

Edited by: Space Wanderer on 12/05/2008 10:14:12
What about exploration? Any significant change? Any less-significant ones?

Also, as already asked above, will it be possible to be on at least "neutral" terms with all the empires? Obviously you shouldn't be able to get good standing with everybody, but people who do not look for the advantages given by good faction standings will be protected by assault in highsec areas of all the empires?

Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2008.05.12 12:23:00 - [111]

1) will this patch nurf the forum whiners Rolling Eyes
2) good luck

Posted - 2008.05.12 12:29:00 - [112]

• When will it be released.

• What new features.

Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2008.05.12 13:00:00 - [113]

After readin' all this questions and whine I can't think of anything but 'funny'.

-There was no reply from the side of EvE yet, so just wait patiently and see what we get.

-With all this talk it seems as you guys wanna re-write the whole game as it is lol. Be happy with what u have now imo.

Takashi X2
Posted - 2008.05.12 14:17:00 - [114]

I have only one question
Are there going to be WAR rewards... something like the faction rewards that lp give. I think you should get points for killing enemies and those should be able to give you cool stuff. Also if that is implemented how is the cost effectivity going to come into play. I would like to see items earned through war points to be used in the same faction wars, but ill tell you right now i would never take a rocket launcher into battle if it cost me like 4 hours of point grinding and a couple of million isk just to get it. i like flying my rocket malediction but when the mods start becomeign more expensive than the ship then they arent worth losing in a war

Posted - 2008.05.12 16:22:00 - [115]

With so much Questions and interest... Is one hr for this live dev blog enough?.

Zarnak Wulf
Posted - 2008.05.12 16:49:00 - [116]

Adding emphasis to others who have asked this:

What changes to "local intel" and exploration/ scanning are planned?
What will be the boost to AF?
Will there be changes to nano?

Caminus Trux Germani
Posted - 2008.05.12 17:09:00 - [117]

1) With the upcoming expansion and the "maybe" including Ambulaion, does there any ideas existed to put your corp/alliance logo on the clothes ? say on the right arm for example ... and if we are talking about those things .... can we exept to do the same thing on ships ?

2) Can we expect any new ships or/and maybe new models to choose for ?

3) How does Faction warfare affect corps with multiple races ... say gallente and caldari ... and there wars against another corps/allies ?


Posted - 2008.05.12 19:45:00 - [118]

First, if there is an expansion will they fix the annoying overview bugs they still have not gotten to yet after several months of us filing bug reports?

Second; It sounds to me like the Faction Wars will basically breakdown corporations that have multiple races in them. How will multiple race corporations survive?

Third; Will faction wars basically mean that the bigggest rIchest and most highly trained players will be able to roam throughout and pound the crap out of anyone else in any other faction?

The expansion as described had the potential of eliminating any basic level of play and making the EVE universe fit for only the biggest oldest players.

No point in playing it any longer for me then.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.05.12 22:00:00 - [119]

Originally by: Solabre
Will something be done about starter systems and the new-user experience? There exist many problems with it still. While I admit that the recent upgrades have helped quite a bit there are still a few problems, as in Kisogo. In Kisogo, veteran players are baiting new players and veteran players (often in teams or, lacking that, in Hulks) are mining dry the asteroid belts. It also seems that there are still quite a few new players that do not understand how the aggression system works and, if targeted, will auto-target back, think that they are under attack, and fire all leading to CONCORD intervention. They redock, reship, undock, and CONCORD intervenes again.

I really have no solutions to those problems but I do feel that despite the recent changes (which I think are for the better) the new user experience is still lacking. Perhaps it would be possible to create a true starter system where new players start in (by default) and is not reenterable. The new players could mine in their little Ibises free from the influence of other players who might have adverse intentions. When the new player is ready to enter into the EVE universe the new player must pass a multiple choice test (i.e. a driver's licence) before being allowed to leave. I am not sure of the feasibality of this idea but none the less I would like to know what is being done to improve the new-user experience.

While it's a nice idea in some regards, I think such a starter system undermines the very essence of EVE. Besides, anyone who gets wasted by Concord and doesn't go read some stuff on the forums or a user guide (of which there are plenty) probably deserves it!

When I started, I knew nothing. A few brutal lessons later I had a decent understanding of the risks. It's a jungle out there!

Posted - 2008.05.12 22:54:00 - [120]

Why all the secrecy with this expansion?

No information at all sucks. I guess that is what may 15th is for though.

We need to bring back Ale to the galaxy.

Will there be ale?

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