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Sir Bloodclaw
Posted - 2008.05.07 19:15:00 - [1]

I admit it, I'm too lazy to read 6+ pages of oftentimes loooong mission statements.

So: Who of the candidates primarily advocates CCP directing significant resource to fixing the client? Mid-term fixing the most annoying UI bugs in the client, moving overviews, profile issues, generally improving their code and support quality, and long term a complete and PROPER client rewrite?


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p.p.s. two accounts - two votes potentially to be gained here Rolling Eyes

LaVista Vista
Conservative Shenanigans Party
Posted - 2008.05.07 19:19:00 - [2]

I asked Hellmar during his first live-dev blog, what they were gonna do about the UI.

They are rewriting the UI for eve Cool

But a COMPLETE rewrite is pointless really. I would rather see a server rewrite, the client is just a dumb telnet client.

Posted - 2008.05.07 19:21:00 - [3]

I don't see the point of a full rewrite, but there are sure a few bugs in there that need fixing, and the UI needs a big overhaul as well, and not just the code that generates the UI, but the UI layout and functionality itself. I primarily have a problem with the invention and manufacturing interfaces, although there are a lot of other parts that need adjustments too.

Sir Bloodclaw
Posted - 2008.05.07 19:33:00 - [4]

Edited by: Sir Bloodclaw on 07/05/2008 19:33:40
Originally by: LaVista Vista

But a COMPLETE rewrite is pointless really. I would rather see a server rewrite, the client is just a dumb telnet client.

Thanks for the replies so far, both of you.

/me is off to draw a pentagram and hang a dead frog over it and dance arround it, praying for CCP to fix the worst UI issues and do it right.

Btw, I have had dreams about telnetting into tranquility. No kidding. At times I think it'd be more productive.

"Use exotic dancer with Thorax"
-- You can't use that.

"Look North."
-- North is Jita. It looks very very crowded.

"Go North"

So ... any CSM candidate planning to come back from Iceland with a telnet client? Very Happy (kidding!)

Arum Erzoh
Kreios Imperium
Posted - 2008.05.07 19:39:00 - [5]

I feel your pain. And, with word of an improved UI I'd reserve my criticisms until I see it for myself. I'd guess Ambulation will host several changes, some of which may be for the UI - or a whole new UI once you're out of your ship. But like those candidates before me there are a few simple changes I'd support should there be enough desire from the player-base to implement them.

Mr Fudd
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2008.05.07 19:51:00 - [6]

Client is almost fine... just need better servers.

Tusko Hopkins
HUN Corp.
HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2008.05.07 19:58:00 - [7]

I think the UI could use a lot of improvements but a completely rewrite is not necessary there. It is of course a resource hog, it wastes memory and CPU big time, sports useless 3d features like shaded windows and it has a lot of ergonomic problems, but none of these issues require a complete rewrite.

In my opinion the server software itself is a significantly weaker spot than the client. Most of the issues I experience while playing are the results of the poor server performance, like lag, desync, long session changes, panels failing to update properly, etc. CCP is working really hard fixing these problems but frankly, they do not seem to make any major progress. There are excuses, of course, like there are a lot more players today than 2 years ago, but I think the "biggest supercomputer of the gaming industry" is not performing so great after all. The reason for this might be the very foundation of the server software and its architecture; if it was on a higher level, they would have fixed it long ago. The server software could use a complete rewrite, but I think rewriting this stuff would be more difficult than creating a brand new game.

Please note that this is my personal opinion. I think it is not CSM's nor the playerbase's job to advise in this subject. I am sure CCP has the experts who know this subject better than all of us together and they know when to rewrite and what.

Dierdra Vaal
Veto Corp
Posted - 2008.05.07 21:10:00 - [8]

while there are things that could definately be improved on the client, most of it is fine.

A total rewrite would require a lot of resources of CCP, resources that could be better used elsewhere. I don't know if there are any candidates advocating a complete rewrite.

Ma Zhiqiang
Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2008.05.08 17:11:00 - [9]

Edited by: Ma Zhiqiang on 08/05/2008 17:23:54
There seem to be a lot of issues about the client, not only UI, but also what it really does. What information is sent and used by CCP? I'd really like to push those questions . I'm very disappointed in how some bugs can take half a year or even much longer before being fixed.

But a complete rewrite? I think the current issues are beeing looked into. It wasn't long ago the graphic engine got a number of upgrades, for example.

Letouk Mernel
Posted - 2008.05.08 19:27:00 - [10]

I'm also interested in seeing CCP fix the bugs and improve the user interface, as a very high priority. I think that the client needs to be less dumb; CCP should move away from the design principle that "we'll just let the server handle it and pop up an error message" to something where the client is updated with all the relevant rules that the server has, and the client should NOT offer an action (such as the button to open a Silo from 3km away) if the server deems that action invalid (you get a message saying "you must be within 1.5km to do that").

But, even more than a client revamp, I would like to see CCP change their QA and bug-fixing policies so that if a bug is minor from a technology point of view, but major because a big portion of the playerbase is getting annoyed by it, that they assign a high priority to fixing it, and none of this "next scheduled patch" crap. Yes, the damn overview windows moving about.

Inanna Zuni
The Causality
Electus Matari
Posted - 2008.05.09 10:19:00 - [11]

Sometimes a complete rewrite is faster and better than trying to patch something that is just plain out of date. I've made many comments on my blog, my website and on the forums about UI faults and possible helpful improvements, indeed I would argue that sorting out the UI issues are the best place to start the activities of the CSM as it is something that absolutely affects *all* pilots unlike most of the other 'hot buttons'.



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