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Kaiden Exeider
Posted - 2008.05.05 18:08:00 - [1]

Hello my fellow pilots

I just wanted to chime in and let you all know my stance. If elected, I would take a look at some of the things at this game that need looking at.

for example. Ever notice how the insurance return rates on the larger ships are no where near enough of a pay out to justify taking out insurance.

that is just an example of course, but there is a long line of things, little things, not game breaking, that need a good look over.

If elected, I will have a dedicated email address, so that those that see an issue, can email it, bring it to my attention and so I can work on it. My time on the council is as much your time as much as it is mine.

Position such as this are public servant position, and as such an ready to take on the responsibility that entails. Know that I am here to service the community, I am here for you, the player. Not for me, not for my Corp or Alliance. But for you.

I can't say what the motivations of my fellow candidates are, But I can assure of you of my motivations. and that is to help make Eve a better place, to live, work and play.

hope to see you on the campaign trail


Posted - 2008.05.05 19:14:00 - [2]

I have several questions, and taking a page out of Talkuth Rel’s book, I decided to ask each candidate in their own thread…

1) Invention – A good idea that still needs work…
a. Have you ever tried invention?
b. What ideas do you have to improve invention?

2) Pilot Security Level – Should it be more important?
a. (In High Sec) – Should Concord react faster if the victim has a higher security level? If the attacker has a lower rating?
b. Should the Security Level of a system affect changes to Pilot Security level changes?
c. Should the Security Level of a Targeted Pilot have more of an effect on the security change of the attacker?

3) Industry – The Creators of Eve
a. Do you regularly build anything?
b. Do you regularly mine?
c. What do you think could be done to improve industry in Eve?
d. You have been asked to help with new ships for industrial characters, describe a few ideas…

Kaiden Exeider
Posted - 2008.05.06 14:10:00 - [3]

As part of an industrial corp, invention is part of our bread and butter. the one major complaint from both people in my corp and outside my corp. is the fact that invention is by no means a guarantee, meaning that like manufacturing, if you got the materials to go in, you can turn it into something.

"Garbage in, Garbage out" like thinking. meaning that once you got the requirements you can get your product.

with invention you can lose millions of materials for invention only to be told you didn't get it. my answer is if it fails you should get your stuff back. so you can try again. I mean who wants to be robbed. Shocked

I think Concord should react faster period. but as far as having a higher security level, I think the player should have access to some Police gear. or even work as a police with its own set of missions and enemies.

as far as the security level of a system should illicit a bigger penalty of security status. basically look at it this way. If you have the audacity to go into say Amarr prime and start shooting up the place, then they are gonna drop you rating more, then you would if your were in a 0.5 space. since you have basically gotten in their face. think about it this way, who do you remember more, some random person walking around your neighborhood, or the guy that knocks on YOUR door.

If you attack a well known pilot to say the Amarr police force, there high security status makes them well known, as it stands right now having a high status grants you certain abilities, like using jump clones for example. and so as such should come with a certain penalty for killing a well known pilot.

As far as your question as to industrial capacity, I and my corp build alot of things ranging from munitions to ships, modules, you name it. and as with that, I mine all the time, Ice, Minerals everything. its definitely a hefty habit. the industry is pretty good, off hand i can't think of anything to change.

But I would like to make manufactured items linked to the maker when u examine/info tab, invent BPCs that when used identify the creator of the BPC, also maybe a small performance variable of manufactured goods that varies based on the manufacturer's skills.

I'm not sure how viable this idea would be, but it would be an interesting idea.


Kaiden Exeider
Posted - 2008.05.15 04:15:00 - [4]

Edited by: Kaiden Exeider on 15/05/2008 04:16:15
An idea occurred to me recently and would like to see what the public's opinions would be

this idea was pertaining to having a special type of Cyno for jump freighters and such.

In much the same way that Black ops ships lock onto Covert Cynos, I would think it would be good to have something like a "Commercial Cynosural field generator" for use with Commercial Ships like Jump freighters. Since Jump Freighters by their definition are a type of capital ship that CAN go into empire space, but the one thing that makes them different from their non jumping bretheren is the ability to Jump. But as it stands now, one can jump from High sec to low sec, and low sec to low sec. But they cant jump from Low-Sec to High Sec, or High Sec to High Sec.

I thought Why is this, i mean if one should be ABLE to fly to high sec in normal space, why cant one jump. that idea got me thinking, while at the same time trying not to disrupt the current system with combat capable ships. it then occured to me.

Having something like a "Commercial" Cyno that would be able to operate in Empire, and only jumpdrives that are "Commercial" class such as the jump freighter can lock onto them, along with what ever future commercial ships CCP puts in , in the future. This doesnt disrupt the system as it is set for combat ships, so that crowd should be happy. and at the same time this allows Jump freighters to be more versatile and gives the jump system overall a larger sense of use, instead of just being "the way you get that big dread from point A to B." this will allow those who can afford the jump freighters and use them to use them as best they can.

I see no reason why this idea shouldn't be implemented. It doesnt break anything and only serves to add to the game and beef up the jump system as a whole.

With this we will have the horse, AS well as the cart.



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