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Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:22:00 - [1]

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The MC

Most of the MC’s initial focus came from where I wanted my own corp to go. The fundamental, founding philosophy of BDCI was to function from empire as a group of mercs for hire. With that goal as our aim, our early months/years were one resounding success after another. We found other pilots of similar desire and began to build something truly special.

Then EVE evolved and, with the advent of cap ships (and talk of Tech 3 requiring 0.0 research) we gambled and placed a foothold in 0.0, as an opportunity had presented itself to do so without openly declaring hostilities with the intention of taking real estate from someone (which would make us look quite un-mercenary-like).

That gamble turned out to have two major consequences (among other minor ones) – we, in no uncertain terms, dominated the arena of capital fleet combat for nearly a year, easily outstripping any other alliance sans the major powerhouses such as BoB / RA, etc... This sent us far ahead of the curve in 0.0 potency and in being able to control 0.0 real estate (whether that control was for ourselves or for a client). The other consequence was that it created a home that required regular maintenance and defense.

The former is an advantage that is now long gone. The latter turns out to be relatively difficult to manage for a PvP alliance that prided itself on being small and almost exclusively invitation only. Either way, for quite some time, many of us were already struggling to see how we could continue to play the mercenary card in our current (now former) space.

Alliances today with less than 1200-1500 members can't realistically hold their own space unless they team up with others, which was counter to MCs stance/style/decision etc to remain neutral/independent as possible. By way of MC’s 'elite' mentality and our just plain small size, MC alone always lacked the manpower to do much on our own. This was our choice and it proved to be both a boon and a bane on many occasions.

MC’s specialty was always being the ‘tip of the spear’, such as we were last year in the war against D2. We were always a comparatively tiny alliance. The largest MC-only gang I have ever seen in over three years topped out at 108 pilots. Considering the impact we’ve had, I still find that rather amazing.


Tortuga was conceived with the best intentions for the alliance as a whole based upon the reading of the situation at the time. It was not the way I would have steered the alliance, but my path was considered to be growing stale by far too many.

So we took a chance to go completely and violently ‘independent’ and everything that could go wrong did go wrong, including massive holes in both leadership and participation for a variety of reasons. I was not prepared, nor did I want, to spend several weeks / months leading yet another ‘crusade’ of alliances. By a trick of fate and a case of bad timing, that’s exactly where I ended up again.

I kept the alliance alive for the past few months mainly because I had hoped Dri Kulsane would be able to return and find a way to take it in the direction he originally intended. When that didn’t happen, I’m sure many saw the writing on the wall.

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:22:00 - [2]

Edited by: Seleene on 05/05/2008 12:26:58

Basically, when the decision was made to turn our backs on BoB a couple critical bits of info were not considered or dismissed by many involved:

1.) Delve is a nightmare to push anyone from. It has plenty of NPC stations and so it makes a great fortress.

2.) As I knew at the time and privately stated to many, it is generally a very bad idea to ever make an enemy by way of betrayal as it elicits a sense of revenge and a desire for vindication. Combine that with an economic, combat and cap ship powerhouse as BoB and things turn very ugly.

MC’s lack of real defense of our home systems was the result of many things, not the least of which has been my unavailability due to both unavoidable real life issues and a complete fissure of desires from all sectors of MC leadership. In the past, it was my voice that quelled those voices and gelled them into a unified force. Yet the time needed to do so, combined with the innumerable questions regarding the state of the game, MC’s place in the game and our relevance to the same wore me down a long time ago.

Even if things had gone ‘according to plan’ and BoB had been completely defeated in some way, MC would still not be the same alliance that I led for over three years. There was even very serious talk recently, during Dri Kulsane’s talks with BoB, of dissolving MC and re-forming as a more traditional ‘space holding’ alliance. Our Tortugan partners can confirm this as we made them aware of it at the time. The rifts within the MC with regard to being ‘empirical’ versus ‘mercenary’ were already that untenable. It was a never-ending debate, one which has finally been put to rest.

When I first made the decision to step back from leadership of the alliance last year, I knew that Dri Kulsane wanted more than anything to restore the ‘true neutrality’ of the MC. The result is that the MC of today is not my alliance. It’s the product of other people’s desires and sense of direction. It is the direct result of me taking too many steps back from controlling the alliance as far back as October of last year. When that decision was made, the door was opened to ‘evolve’ and ‘change’ MC. All manner of plans and ideas were proposed and, obviously, the more aggressive elements within MC won the day.

Regardless, I blame no one but myself for the current state of affairs. At more than one point, had I the foresight and conviction that guided me for so many years, I could have changed course and rectified many issues or just told people to STFU. Smile

Obviously, I do not blame BoB one bit for their current in game actions nor do I take any issue with the overwhelming and nigh-unstoppable force with which they descended upon us. We knew this was one possibility and the consequences of failure are as predicted. We gambled and lost. Simple as that.

I cannot thank our Tortuga partners (KIA, DAI, 0utbreak, Ev0ke & ODD) enough for giving it the best they could. No matter what, I was honored to fly with all of you.

End Game

To Molle and the leaders of Band of Brothers – the parting should have been amicable. Our past relationship deserved at least that much and for that failure, you have my personal and public apology.

To the members of Band of Brothers - to paraphrase a line from ‘Kill Bill’: “Those guys deserve their revenge… and we deserve to die.”

To that end, as the corp CEOs report to me on their final status, I am folding the MC flag and closing the doors of the alliance.

To my fellow mercenaries, past and present, who believed in me and each other for so long - you guys and gals defied the odds so many times and achieved more than I’d dared dream was possible. Everyone who has ever worn the MC tag participated in something truly unique. I can do nothing but salute you and give my heartfelt thanks.

Fly safe, all. We’ll be seeing you. Wink

ReviveX Fleet
White Noise.
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:23:00 - [3]


Bjoern Bitter
Fairlight Corp
Rooks and Kings
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:23:00 - [4]

It has been an honour flying amongst such fine pilots.
My time with MC will never be forgotten!

o7 Seleene
o7 MC

Urban II
The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:24:00 - [5]

Edited by: Urban II on 05/05/2008 12:42:37
If nothing else, I'm glad you guys decided to just end it instead of becoming like other alliances and fading into obscurity while pretending to be relevant. Good decision, this is for the best.

seleene you can have tomas back anytime please take him off our hands

Posted - 2008.05.05 12:25:00 - [6]

Fly safe o/

Takeshi Hatch
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:26:00 - [7]

fly safe

Kissapasi Corporation
Paisti Syndicate
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:26:00 - [8]


Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:27:00 - [9]


Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:28:00 - [10]


Destructive Influence
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:28:00 - [11]


North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:29:00 - [12]


Diehard Si
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:29:00 - [13]

Wow, all the best MC poeple in what you do next.

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:30:00 - [14]

Goodbye MC, you were an interesting addition to this game, and it's a shame, but one that was bound to happen eventually, that you are folding.

Posted - 2008.05.05 12:31:00 - [15]

nice knowin yeah....guess not helping out in the offensive against BOB backfired eh?

Sad Panda Inc.
Pandora's Box.
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:31:00 - [16]

wow... o/ fly safe in all that y'all do.


thoth foc
Arcane Technologies
The Five
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:31:00 - [17]

You made an alliance which will be remembered for years for their influence within the game.. for that you should be proud


Sacred Templars
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:32:00 - [18]

Good luck to all of you in whatever you decide to do in Eve. Excellent post.

Fate Corp
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:32:00 - [19]

Best of luck Seleene :(

Black Eclipse Corp
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:33:00 - [20]

You spearheaded one of the most amazing campaigns known in eve and played a full part in the Great War.


Martin Mckenna
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:33:00 - [21]

Later. Fly safe Cool

Ale Tricio
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:33:00 - [22]

Always up and onwards Sel.

Saluations to all we have had the pleasure of fighting and working with over the years.

Warp Drive Active ...

Eaan Thurs
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:33:00 - [23]

Edited by: Eaan Thurs on 05/05/2008 12:36:17
goodbye mc, it was an interesting experience to fly with you guys..

Point Blank.
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:33:00 - [24]

Fly safe 0/

Roast and Toast Inc.
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:35:00 - [25]


IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:35:00 - [26]

Sad to see you fold so quickly, good luck in the future

Mr Rive
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:35:00 - [27]

wow, good luck guys, you have some stand up guys there, good luck whatever you do next

mama guru
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:36:00 - [28]

Edited by: mama guru on 05/05/2008 12:52:14

A Wise man once said, Respect is where respect is due.

To the members of Band of Brothers - to paraphrase a line from ‘Kill Bill’: “Those guys deserve their revenge… and we deserve to die.”

You forgot: "But then again, so do they, so i guess we'll just have to see"YARRRR!!

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:37:00 - [29]

Good luck! Fly safe!

Sir JoJo
IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.05.05 12:38:00 - [30]

Edited by: Sir JoJo on 05/05/2008 18:05:21

IMO mc is the the alliance delivering the most disapointing death,

whit the reputation and capability MC has had in the history the way it dies is sad.

GL in what you decide to do,

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