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Eleana Tomelac
Eclats de verre
Posted - 2008.04.30 13:18:00 - [1]

Edited by: Eleana Tomelac on 30/04/2008 14:16:07

I've been focusing a lot on cruisers, and I'm wondering if I missed some skills that would improve my cruiser sized ships efficiency.

What I'm searching for is mostly skills up to rank 3 to train to level 5, or any skill I should train to level 4 that would give some edge in using gallente and amarr cruisers/battlecruisers/heavy assault ships/command ships.

The next step will be moving to training minmatar T2 ships, which means training some shield skills for the command ships. Maybe with the same limits (level 5s for ranks up to 3 and level 4s for everything), you could help me with shield tanking skills?

I'm currently training to get the field command ships running, which means I will have some leadership skills to train to put them to any use.

So, here are my skills on :
Eleana Tomelac

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Hell's Librarians
Darkmatter Initiative
Posted - 2008.04.30 14:45:00 - [2]

The first thing I'd point out is you want to 5 the following skills that will serve you across ship-class
-Cap skills
-Weapon upgrades 5
-Shield recharge skills
-Navigation skills

Also, it goes without saying, you have to train t2 weapons for your ships.

As far as actually specializing the ship, examine it ship for ship. For instance, if you were going to do an amarr ship, you'd probably want repair systems 5, any cap skill to 5, etc. Also, command ship is going to be a significant investment of SP in the leadership tree. I do not suggest you only train one type of leadership mod.

As for Minmie spec, that's where it will probably get tricky. You will have the armor tanking skills, but from my experience, minmies tank mostly shield (especially the cmd ships). Also, you'd need to get t2 weapons of another class, which is time consuming. To be honest, I would only pick one cmd ship to focus on rather than try two. Though there is nothing stopping you from getting into the other T2 ships of the minmie race.

Hope that helps

Eleana Tomelac
Eclats de verre
Posted - 2008.04.30 15:17:00 - [3]

Edited by: Eleana Tomelac on 30/04/2008 15:17:35
I'll tick your checklist... I guess you didn't look my skills in the link.

-Cap skills : already at 5
-Navigation skills : all at 4 or 5
-T2 weapons : hybrids, drones, lasers
-Repair systems : already at 5
-Warfare links for command ships : Trained mining for corp mining ops, stil wondering which one I'll take after
-armor tanking skills : all at 4/5 <= anyone thinks that the compensation skills at 5 may be worth it?

Not yet trained :
-Weapon upgrades 5
-Shield recharge skills
-Shield tanking skills
-Warfare links related to combat

Ships already flown in amarr and gallente with T2 equipement :
-AS (but vengence : no T2 rockets)
-Covops (not bombers : no cruise missile skills)
-HAS (but sacrilege : no T2 HAMs)
-Field commands

So, my main question was Did I miss something to help the ships I can already fully fit in T2?

For the moment, it leaves me with shield recahrge (& amount I guess) and AWU 5, with the question of the usefullness of armor compensation at 5, considering I quite exclusively use energized platings, very few hardeners.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.04.30 16:39:00 - [4]

Yes, if you use EANMs most of the time, the compensation skills are definetely worth it, in the long run.

I'd also do Energy Grid Upgrades 5 (for T2 RCU) and Energy Emission Systems 5 (great for Amarr Recons) after Logistics 4, then Logistics 5 later on if you plan to fly the corresponding ships (the effectiveness difference is HUGE between L4 and L5)... if you only want it for the fleet command ship, stop at L4.
Theromodynamics 4 would be a good idea, even L5 if you actually overload your systems every now and then, alongside L4 in both of the nanite-paste related skills (if you're flying in deep space often... if you only stick around areas with stations, don't bother).
Of course, depending on what you like to fly most, you could also just do the corresponding "generic" skill to L5 (Command ships, HAC, AS, Recon, etc).
If you want to go for the Damnation, then go for Armored Warfare 5, then Armored Warfare Spec 5 (plug in armor mindlink) and then Warfare Link Spec 5, followed by Command ships 5 for an insane team boost in armor tanking power.

Eh, head to head, you're looking at well over 1 year of skill training just for this, I'm not even mentioning cross-training any of the other two racials.

Posted - 2008.04.30 18:46:00 - [5]

Surgical strike 5 and the rest of the gunnery support skills to 5 are extremly important imo

drone interfacing 5

hac, recon and commandship lvl 5

warp drive ops 5 if you fly recons a lot.
Acceleration Control 5 is very nice as well

Jurgen Cartis
Interstellar Corporation of Exploration
Posted - 2008.05.02 03:33:00 - [6]

Drone Interfacing V, Combat Drones V. Your Vexors, Navy Vexors and Ishtars will thank you.

Katarlia Simov
Cowboys From Hell
Posted - 2008.05.02 04:52:00 - [7]

Originally by: Jurgen Cartis
Drone Interfacing V, Combat Drones V. Your Vexors, Navy Vexors and Ishtars will thank you.

In fairness, almost any ship you ever fly will thankyou too for having pwnful drone skills.

Posted - 2008.05.02 10:11:00 - [8]

Carriers also :)

Eleana Tomelac
Eclats de verre
Posted - 2008.05.04 16:10:00 - [9]

Thanks a lot for the feedback, now, I'll add all this to evemon and see which way I should learn all that!


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