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Cpt Cosmic
Posted - 2008.04.30 06:51:00 - [1]

Edited by: Cpt Cosmic on 30/04/2008 09:59:16
missiles launcher are split into two types like turrets in the current state:
-long range, low damage
-lower range, high damage

the long range are not rly usefull like it is now cause of the delayed dmg, thats why the t2 ammunition of both need a rework.

how I think It would be more usefull:

1.t2 ammo of the long range ones:
-the javeling missile:
Build in with MWD technology the javelins travel at ultra high speed but with low fly time cause the fuel/cap burn out quickly. lower damage and low explosion velocity and speed penalty. the idea behind this is to make missile ships viable in sniping engagements. e.g. cruise missile that travels @30km/s-40km/s cause it has nearly no mass compared to ships, it is simply a mwd with a warhead mounted with fly times of about 4 seconds. the much lower explosion velocity makes sure it wont be used against fast targets.
a high speed missile with lower dmg but higher explo velocity and limited range. no cap/speed penalties at all cause the long range missiles are already guided, this is just improved technology a tradeoff between precision and dmg.

2.t2 ammo of the short range missile launcher
it doenst make sense to have a high dmg ammo with massive penalties of already high damage weapon that already have the penalty of low range.
this would be a high speed missle that would travel very fast with high explosion velocity just like the long range precisions, a bit longer range then the normal close range missiles but much lower dmg, a cap penalty (only a bit cap penalty , dont forget the penalties stack!) those are just missiles with build in computers and the ships uses its cap to power those.
this one would also have build in computers with advanced AI technology. lower dmg and a tiny cap penalty (cause those stack). Idea behind this one is, support ships and snipers dont need those. also long range are guided that means they need the ship targeting system to work, while this one has its own targeting system. all other FOF will be removed.


Cpt Cosmic
Posted - 2008.04.30 06:52:00 - [2]

Edited by: Cpt Cosmic on 30/04/2008 07:31:59
Idead behind those changes:
-Support ships (remember, caldari ships are not the only ones using missiles) and missile sniper would be usefull.
-it would boost t2 ammo of missiles, at the current state no one rly uses high dmg t2 ammo.
-missiles would be more unique cause their ammo would not follow the t2 ammo scheme of turrets.

thinks you need to look at:
to not make the precisions too powerful so that the rich hg snake implant guys have no reason to whine like they always do when someone makes a thread about nerfing them Laughing

Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2008.04.30 07:37:00 - [3]

Edited by: Carmizan on 30/04/2008 07:38:05
Missiles are already split into Long range and short range.

Long range are called missiles either standard, heavy, or cruise
Short range anr assault missiles called standard, heavy ot torps.

There are t2 versions of both.

there is no need to split them anymore than they are now.

Cpt Cosmic
Posted - 2008.04.30 07:40:00 - [4]

Edited by: Cpt Cosmic on 30/04/2008 07:53:03
omg that was not the point, the point was to change the t2 AMMO of them.

like it is now, no one uses the t2 high dmg ammo rly because faction is much better (more dmg than t1 and no penalties) this is not only an issue of t2 missile ammo but missiles have also other problems like delayed dmg.

J'Mkarr Soban
Posted - 2008.04.30 09:15:00 - [5]

This is actually a very good idea, I approve, specifically regarding the Javelins.

Eleana Tomelac
Eclats de verre
Posted - 2008.04.30 10:09:00 - [6]

Half of all T2 ammo is crap.
Most of T2 missiles are crap.

Because of the penalties, people often end using faction ammo. There are only a few ammos that are really useful over faction.

A few points I find wrong about the T2 ammo :
1- ships penalties, not penalties applied just to this launcher/gun => Better (more weapons) has you ship worse it will be when using them.
2- not much boosted, you get a little of something, but you are so much penlized on other things that you make less damage at the end on the target...

For missiles, precision being precise would be... what it should be... Having missiles with much faster speed, much faster explosion velocity, much lower explosion radius, and same/lower damage would fill a role guns doesn't fit : shooting small/med size fast targets.
It would bring back more missile boats in pvp by making them different.

Another point is about the way some things seem to be calculated. Explosion velocity...
Have you played with the missile guide in tutorial? It seems that whenever you go over +1500m/s of the missile explosion velocity, the missile damage is reduced to a joke. It seems it's not at all based on a multiplier of the explosion velocity.
Just an example for this :
500m/s expl velocity vs 1000m/s ship : 11% reduction
1000m/s expl velocity vs 1500m/s ship : 11% reduction
Maybe it's the time to change a core calculation of the game that was designed without any ship being really fast at that time.


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