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Posted - 2008.05.08 12:19:00 - [61]

Ray one point to consider, If, "I said if mind you" CCP does release a list of Alts. It is there choosing, not the person opting for the post of whatever he is running for. To list every Persona that a player has, has the affect of killing game play for that person. It leaves him with no "free time" to experience the universe of EVE for himself for there is always going to be someone that will be demanding his attention. Even yourself, I know you have just wanted to sit back and have fun, free from the worries of having Corp members or Alliance Members bothering you at every turn, with questions that should be easy to answer with a little common sence. However, I believe that you got the best answer that you are going to get at present. Only CCP can give you a complete answer on that, why not move to the next question, that way, if it is a good question, I may be able to get in some more good political reading on how to answer a question without answering a question. He had a valid answer for a person running for a official office.

Max Teranous
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.05.08 12:59:00 - [62]

Bare in mind that it is impossible to know for sure if any person has alt account(s), even for CCP. An account at the same address, on the same credit card & at the same IP could be a brother, or housemate, nothing to do with the CSM candidate. Alternatively an alt account could be registered in a different name, with a different address/CC & be used through a different IP - meaning you can't tell that it's their account.

As it's impossible to get an accurate list for these reasons, it's unfair to potentially help/hinder different CSM candidates in different ways depending on how they've set their accounts up.

Max Cool

HUN Corp.
HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2008.05.08 14:20:00 - [63]

Edited by: csebal on 08/05/2008 14:20:42
To those candidates who have a problem with revealing their alts:

You can have all the privacy you want, as long as you are not running for a community position. At that point however, all your actions (including those your characters perform) gain a lot more significance.

CCP already said that they are not going to reveal any more information, so noone will dig out your dirty little secrets.. still:

I do think CSM candidates should prioritize. I realize that revealing you have alts in the enemy alliance might not come out that good for you, but if you can't be honest about something as simple as your characters, why should people expect you to be honest about more important things?

You want to be a CSM member? Act like one.
You want to keep your secret alts in other alliances? Try not to run for a community position.

My .2 ISK.

Posted - 2008.05.08 15:03:00 - [64]

I have to admit being torn here...

A friend of mine is in a 0.0 Alliance that is having some issues because there is a spy in the upper echelons of the alliance sending data to their enemies... all good fun and within the rules of the game... and you can bet that the owner of that spy would not want the names of their alts open to the public...

But as much as we respect the work that many candidates have put into running, as much as we like the face they have put on to run for this office and the thoughts in their stands... we have to choose 1 to vote for... we narrow our choices, I’m not gonna vote for a pirate, a 0.0 alliance person, a person who has more letters in their first name then the second (and they must have 2 names)... what ever the reasons, we narrow our choices... from 63 we winnow down the numbers... 40... 20...5... and then we look at each of those left... and we choose...

Ray has asked for help with that choice by helping him eliminate others that do not fit his criteria... for Ray (and others) just because your candidate alt may fit what he wants, your main the Pirate from the 0.0 Alliance of your choice with a long first name and no last would eliminate you from the running… or perhaps eliminate your opponents…

Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2008.05.08 15:33:00 - [65]

I have no problem answering this. My main is Bunyip, the one running. I have one alt on this account, and no other accounts.

My alt is Krazeek, and she is my Minmatar researcher that is still in training.

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