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Posted - 2008.04.25 11:15:00 - [1]

I can't play normaly with more than one client runing on my pc, i have toshiba a210-128 laptop and i wonder what is causing this problem. when i start second client sometimes it doesnt start at all just shows in task manager using 54 mb of ram and doing nothing and when it runs i log in with it and then after some gate jumping in game when i alt+tab one client freezes and i have to right click close it from taskbar.
hope there is solution for this since i have 4 accounts and i need them all to play

Taurus Inc
Posted - 2008.04.26 08:51:00 - [2]

I have 4 accounts to, are you by any chance running in fullscreen? because I haven't had any major issues other then the whiteout in the past.
The whiteout issue creeps out now and again but I just restart and I'm back up and running!

I whouldn't recomende fullscreen either, I think the main reason why this game runs so well in window mode is because it was the way it worked best during alpha and the beta tests, plus the fact that you had to have it that way to catch the bugs effectively as they happened Laughing
I'm willing to state that not many games run well in window mode but eve does, us it, I'm constantly running 3 clients on my old Dell 8400 Smile

If that's not the case(fullscreen), then start by getting a hardware monitoring program, it might help you locate a possible faulty hardware.
Drivers, fans(overheating), did you by any chance install a program recently that chews up a part of your ram, this can eliminate the resources that you had before.
finally, it's good practice imo to check your own comp first and eliminate it as the bug, then bugreport it Smile

Posted - 2008.04.26 10:10:00 - [3]

right i will try to run it in windowed mode , btw its a new pc so i dont have hadrdware issues... thanks for advice

Posted - 2008.04.27 15:50:00 - [4]

now when i run in window mode i dont get freezing issues but i get flickering screen when i run 2 or more clients but not with one client runing.
please respond to this ccp

Yebatcu Tesada
School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2008.04.28 18:10:00 - [5]

Yes! me too ... when i try to run second account my whole screen starts blinking, Sad

Jack Creme
Posted - 2008.04.28 20:00:00 - [6]

Edited by: Jack Creme on 28/04/2008 20:00:47
I get the same with the 2nd or more clients starting... see this:

Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2008.04.29 10:14:00 - [7]

turn down the GFX values ?
are these both running premium ?

CCP Tanis

Posted - 2008.04.29 10:49:00 - [8]

In addition to RaTTus' questions I'll add this:

Check your task manager (ctrl+alt+del, then T) to see if there is perhaps more than just the one EVE process running (exefile.exe) if there is then close both of them and try opening both clients again.

Though your laptop is perfectly capable of running even the premium client many laptops will have preset graphics settings that can cause issues with EVE. Check to see if there is any control center, or similar pre-installed settings panel for your built-in ATI card. In particular make sure that you do not have Anti-Aliasing enabled if you are using the premium client and HDR. (AA+HDR is not supported)

If everything seems ok there then I'd suggest looking at drivers. Try updating to the latest drivers, if that fails try the driver version just before the latest ones.

Let me know if any of this works for you Steky.

Posted - 2008.04.29 11:02:00 - [9]

I think i solved this. I moded ati desktop latest drivers and installed them and now i dont get flickering when runing 2 clients in windowed mode and in fullscreen i still didnt get blackout. so i think its solved with drivers :)

Posted - 2008.04.29 19:09:00 - [10]

nope still got the problem with fullscreen and even with one client when i minimize it it freezes sometimes

Posted - 2008.04.29 23:20:00 - [11]

Hi. Two accounts to my name with a third on the way with my new found confidence in account swaping. Everything my end is in that regard is smooth. Nothing wrong at all. A new computer too, just like you.
Yet when I first started using two accounts, it was ok, but then things slowed right down - windowed or not. Then I noticed my cache options in the client menus. It was set to extreme. If, by new, you mean to say that your HD runs at 0ver 7000 rpm and you have decent RAM, then set that cache to ZERO! The bottleneck of info from running multi-accounts could be the thing that slows and crashes your game down. Do this with all clients. If you have problems still, I suggest investing in 7400RPM HD and/or faster memory.
So there you go. A zero cache to get rid of the bottleneck of info. Smoothest play I've ever had. No upsets.
Of course, if you had done this already...well im beat.

Lunch Money
The Scope
Posted - 2008.04.30 00:00:00 - [12]

Everything was gr8 until CCP relased buggy patch.

Posted - 2008.04.30 10:36:00 - [13]

yeah i noticed too that it began from patch...

Isobe Mitsu
Posted - 2008.05.03 22:43:00 - [14]

Still having problems with this, need a fix of some kind. I feel like I'm wasting money on multiple accounts because I'm not able to use them.

Posted - 2008.05.06 12:34:00 - [15]

i still have problem with this in fullscreen, in window mode i dont have anymore flickering but in fullscreen i get whtieouts

Posted - 2008.05.21 09:41:00 - [16]

is someone going to help me or what? i think im gona stop playing since i cant use more than 1 account normaly in same time and that one runs like 30-40 fps .... so thats really lame for my laptop as far as i know. ccp please look in this matter and try to help me somehow...

Posted - 2008.05.25 22:16:00 - [17]



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