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Posted - 2003.06.13 13:51:00 - [1]

The biggest problem with the game I have seen is the manual/documentation, or lack there of. Maybe there is some doc I haven't found yet that will explain the nuances, if so point me too it PLEASE. It lead to a few wasted purchases before I figured out all the requirements for items.

Graphically - this game is a beautifully done, if not a little monotonous. I probably haven't been playing long enough yet to fully qualify that statement.

Interface - I'm figuring out what everything means, a good manual would have been a benefit.

Ships - Showing a newbie how to outfit a ship would be nice, still havent't found anything that will fit in the (-) slot on my particular ship.

Brokers - Haven't found one, don't know what good they are.

Repackaging - Found the explaination for this right before posting this. Now I can get rid of some of those things I bought not knowing I couldn't use them.

Corps - Haven't formed or joined one. Thinking of just forming one with my 3 Charactors to share the wealth. I assume a lot of people may do this. Is there any other advantage in this or is it just a waste of time?

My little review turned into more of a mini rant/Q&A, sorry about that. I'm giving this the 30 day free period to decide if it is worth the monthly fee. Right now I am leaning towards continuing, but I haven't really interacted with others yet. I will probably wait to see what kind on in game community there is. I tend to judge online games by the people who play as much as by the games themselves. (a longtime subspace player, for those who know the game)

Jock Scotland
Posted - 2003.06.14 07:27:00 - [2]

Well, I'm leaning in the opposite direction. Maybe working for 5 years as a software tester is why...this game is in a shambles. It is not fit for release. As far as i'm concerned it isnt even fit to be called a Beta.

Starting off, The first time i get the game it has no code, ok this probably the shops fault, so i take it back get it replaced, i install the game, and find it take 50mins to download a 20 meg patch. The patch fails. I download the manual patch in about 9 minutes, it fails. I rince and repeat it continues to fail. I try to download the 450 1077 full version. Link is broken..

12 hours after buying the game, link to full download is fixed. It takes 4 hours to download.

It is now the next morning. I install, login and within 2-3 minutes of playing through tutorial the game crashes to desktop. Now i'm here..replying..

I see from other posts and ingame News that this crashing is a known problem. All the games companies i have worked for do not allow a game to go to beta if it has 1 fatal bug.

Personally, i not only want my money back, but at the very least my 30 free days extended to when this crash to desktop bug is resolved.

My opinion of the game.. i dont have one. Looks, Sounds and Gameplay meams nothing if i can expect to crash without warning or error message every 3 mins. Anyone played AO? EVE remind me of it...same *********! Q/A.

It should be a crminal act to release a game to market as messed up as this.


Polaris Corporation
Posted - 2003.06.14 10:15:00 - [3]

Duplicate thread - locked.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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