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Posted - 2008.04.21 23:00:00 - [1]

Edited by: Cailais on 21/04/2008 23:06:20

Local. You either love it, or you hate it and with the resurgance of apps like BACON and the introduction of Blackops Battleships the debate over its merits rages on.

The majority of proposals Ive seen regarding Local focus either on the scanning system, or advocate Locals removal or delay. Id like to suggest something different...

The problem with Local, as I see it, is that it provides too much information. It covers an entire system and is in essence infalible. What Local channel really means is that systems have no 'terrain' or topography: there's no where to hide from the all seeing eye of Local Chat.

Introducing: System Environmental Fluctuations (weather)

To the lay person space is a big empty void, a vacuum devoid of anything whatsoever. It isnt of course. Its a seething soup of dust particles, gases and exotic radiation. From Van Allen radiation belts, to solar flares, stella winds and cosmic rays - space has a weather system of sorts. It isnt completely uniform.

In simple terms we break up "local" into a series of sub channels, each representing a specific environment. These environments are manifested around solar objects such as the systems star, planets and stargates.

When you warp to an object you join its 'enviromental channel' (EC) for that system. Some objects might share the same EC but be seperated by distance, others close by each other merging together.


The above link is colour coded for ease of reference but you can see that those players in the green 'zone' would be on a seperate 'local' to those in say the red environments.

Fluctuating Weather:

Now picture these environments contracting and expanding over time sometimes creating an EC 'continent' at other times an archiplego effect; like a tidal effect.

Number of EC's and rate of change:

Id suggest that the lower the sec rating of a system the more Environments would exist, and that their rate of change would be quicker and more extensive. This correlates well with the notion that High Sec systems are more 'stable' (hence Faction & CONCORDs presence) whilst lower sec systems are less predictable and therefore more dangerous.


By changing the terrain of systems, and linking this with the Local Channel, this proposal provides the potential for players to 'hide' within an environment: a classic image from science fiction (ST: Wrath of Khan, Battlestar Gallatica etc). Whilst Local still exists its more limited - it provides a partial picture, but not the whole one.

I believe it would offer new tactical options to a player (perhaps fly around a particular environmental 'zone', or hide just off one or even in one) both for a hunter and his potential 'prey'.

I realise there's unlikely to be any dev input on this (F&I forum seems to be a out of bounds zone in that regard) but Id welcome any constructive criticism, suggestions or support from other players.


Posted - 2008.04.22 10:47:00 - [2]

Interesting idea, not sure if it's a good one, but it got me thinking.

Since CCP are revising local anyway, I think i'll just wait to see what they come up with.

But really, an interesting idea.


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