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Majiya Bushi
Posted - 2003.06.13 13:49:00 - [1]

Ok, at first I was like, what the hell? 800% increase???

But then I got to thinking about the way the billing system works and such, it doesn't seem so bad.

Let's say my factory costs me 9600isk per month right now.

I sign up for a factory, and have three days to pay for the bill. If I pay the bill, then I continue for that rental period (month) and don't have to pay again until next month...

So, monthly cost=9600 isk for my factory (some factories are less, and others are more of course)

Let's say the price increases to 800% of that, or 76,800isk.

Considering the amount of profit I can make in a month, I don't think that's unreasonable.

A couple points though. There should be no distinction between people who manufacture for themselves, and those who manufacture to sell. In each case you have a buyer.

I do have a concern/question though. What happens to the factories that I had to go on the fringe to buy. I can't remember where they are, can I cancel them remotely? I don't get that part. Do I need to check my log and go there, or will it automatically release if I choose not to pay? And if I choose not to pay, will I have bad 'credit' with the empire?

Just curious.

Myros Glimmbrand
Ganja Co
Posted - 2003.06.13 15:30:00 - [2]

Considering the rental period is 3 days and not 1 month you may have to change your thinking ;)


Posted - 2003.06.13 18:10:00 - [3]

Up untill yesterday I was only paying once a month. I did not see any mention of rental period changing. I did check my journal, and it is only once a month, at least in my case, for my slots.

Gold Diggers Inc.
Posted - 2003.06.13 18:48:00 - [4]

Officially, the rental period is three days. When you get your bill notices for rental the period is stated as three days.

However, the rental periods have not been enforced in the game. After you pay for your initial rental and one period in advance, you are never contacted again about paying rent. This has been a bug ever since the game went live. I assume that CCP is aware of it; if not, someone should report it as a bug.

I checked my corporation's wallet today on the six factories we rent and I saw no new bills. This could be because we only rented the slots in the last week and we were paid up for six days. Has anyone been charged the higher rental rate that was announced for today?

Private Idaho
Posted - 2003.06.13 19:12:00 - [5]

I thought it was for a month also and you had 3 days to pay the bill without losing the slot. Anyway that is the way I read the bill. Basically it said:

You have a Factory Slot in such-in-such system and the bill has come do on 6/10. You have until 6/13 to pay the bill or lose your spot.

I could be wrong, as I usually am, but that is the way I was reading the bills.

Myros Glimmbrand
Ganja Co
Posted - 2003.06.13 20:06:00 - [6]

Aye as was mentioned above its been bugged since retail. If you look under your corp tab and see the properties section you'll see offices are listed as:
Rental period: 30 days

While factories/labs are:
Rental period: 3 days

Ive confirmed this with support and notified them of the bug ... checking today its still bugged as I have items under properties listed with a due date of last monday. Always nice when they are adding new features without fixing the underlying bug ;)


Majiya Bushi
Posted - 2003.06.15 04:30:00 - [7]

what the hell? really?


so, 800% increase in price, plus 3 day rental enforcement will end of costing 80 times more than the monthly??

Must be some good crack they're smokin'.

Hanse Davion
Jane's Clone Emporium
Posted - 2003.06.16 02:57:00 - [8]

nah they not smoking crack, they just missed this bug. I reported it myself and today sent in a petition on it. GM at first didn't believe, it wasn't till after 3 or 4 back and forth replies and a couple checks of my character log that they found that rent was not being charged on my slots regularly. In fact I haven't pay rent on a since slot I own since 6/1.

So now that it is in fact a bug and not "griefers", "exploiter", and "whatever the flavor to the month insult" that are just holding factories but a bug not charging rent expect things to change soon.

Posted - 2003.06.16 07:51:00 - [9]

I logged on last night (15th June) and saw a bunch of factory bills with a due date 1st June, the interesting thing is that the rental fees were the inflated 800% ones. Now these higher rates were brought into effect less than a week ago, and it seems that we might be billed for periods before the rates increase at the higher rates. Does anybody else have bills with due dates many weeks ago, but at the higher rental rates as well?


Posted - 2003.06.16 07:54:00 - [10]

I think the price increase is extremely stupid and not well thought out at all.

So the most expensive factories are the ones nearer the core worlds.. With the bigger corporations moving away from the core worlds, who does that leave the factory slots too?

Newbies? I was just browsing about near Tash - Murkon, and some of those factory slots are going for nearly 36k isk. That quite frankly is taking things a little too far.

With the new changes with regards to shuttles coming in soon, I really do not see any reason why corps will want any of the core world factories.

If they really wanted to solve the problem they should have made the cost of factory rental based on the number of factories you already rented. Possibly an exponential increase.

Possible example.

1st Factory - 5k isk per 3 days
2nd factory - 10k isk per 3 days
3rd factory - 20k isk per 3 days
10th factory - 2560k isk per 3 days

That would stop people hoarding slots pretty quick!

Posted - 2003.06.16 08:13:00 - [11]

i LOVE that idea, Namarus...though it should be region based. that doesn't penalize large corps for having lots of members and factories all over the galaxy and it gives the smaller corps incentive to expand.

Lee X
Posted - 2003.06.16 14:12:00 - [12]

ya'll must be the lucky ones then, my rent in eve is almost as sure as the bills that come in the mail every month. ;)

not everyone gets to enjoy exploits - guess that's what's so wierd and why they call it an exploit!

exponential rent isn't a bad idea, but i'm still for a skills restriction (single player & corp total) then when u need a slot in a new area - drop one & get a new one! maybe rent should expire & just make it a lease or weekly rent - then if ur not still in the area, oops sorry u lost ur slot! ;)

how come i miss all the exploits but if there is a nerf bat swinging or some buggy pirates insta-spawning, i always seem to get hit by them. 8D

Edited by: Lee on 16/06/2003 14:15:32

Alliance Tactical Research Industries
Posted - 2003.06.20 19:48:00 - [13]

Where do you guys get this idea about rent is once every 3 days? Do any of you get bills every 3 days?

Rent is once per month. However you have 3 days to pay it when the bill arrives. It works for me every month and I haven't noticed any bug

My 2 factory slots cost 7,600 / month and 8,200 per month.

When I first started playing a rented the 7,600 one and got a bill. It told me I had 3 days to pay. I paid it immediately and then never recieved another bill for....
exactly 30 days. At which point I got another bill telling me I had 3 days to pay.

The other slot I have only had for 22 days but I did recieve the first bill, got the 3 days notice. Paid it immediately and have not recieved another bill.

All the people claiming you get billed every 3 days... Have you actually recieve a bill every 3 days?

All the people claiming you never get billed....
Have you owned your slot for more than 30 days?
Since you have to wait 30 days to get billed again.

Hanse Davion
Jane's Clone Emporium
Posted - 2003.06.25 11:34:00 - [14]


I have owned 6 of my slots since day 2 of retail which I believe was May 7th? So yes I have owned my slots for more then 30days. An again no I have not paid rent on them since I rented them on May 7th.

Office rental is 30 days, Factory and Research slot rentals are 3 days. If you know different where did you get your information so I can read it also? As there is very limited/correct documentation in this game you may be right and I may be wrong. As it stands now according to what I see on the Property screen of the Corp tools, in the popup box when I rent a slot, and finally the GM I discussed this with (GM Fate) the rental period should be 3 days.

Now since we all know this game is bugged to hell and back, could it be possible that some sleepy/overworked programmer added a 0 where there should not have been one? Anything is possible in the world of Eve, would be nice if we could get a dev to respond to this question.

Fester Addams
Posted - 2003.06.25 12:47:00 - [15]

Personaly I dont see the reason why you should be able to rent slots and block them without production.

Having the station get rent for the slot is not the point of the factories and recearch labs, players building and recearching is.

Considering this why should it be possible to block a slot from others to use if you do not intend to use it yourself.

I think when you rent a slot you must have:
1: The ability to use the slot
2: A BP
3: the neccesary ingredients to build/recearch.

when renting you specify how many batches you wish to produce or how much you want to recearch, once the production/recearch is complete the slot goes back to the commonwealth.

Many might say this is unreasonable and claim that you wont have access to slots...

well thats where I am now.

Also, honestly, how many slots are actually in production in any factory at any given time?

As soon as a production completes a slot opens up, if you are producing for example battleships you will be able to time being there for the completion and thus able to snatch up the slot again (noone else will know when the production completes).

And on the real positive side you will very seldom have to travel more than a few factories away to be sure of finding a slot.


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