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Captain Puck
Posted - 2008.04.21 02:17:00 - [1]

Im looking to get into the mining world and dont want to wait 40days to do it. If you have a toon that you will let go for this amount let me know.

kenna holcolm
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.04.21 11:35:00 - [2]

bump, just to **** off the guy trying to buy one for 800m :)

Posted - 2008.04.21 13:39:00 - [3]


I thought you might be interested. Have a bid! Cool you might get it cheaper

Posted - 2008.04.21 14:04:00 - [4]


I'm really wanting rid of my miner character, as I hardly use her.***ina she comes with almost full T2 fitted hulk, t2 drones and set of +3 implants.
I have not yet officially put her up for auction, but if you're interested, I'm sure we can speed up the process.

My main character is Bambideer, if you wish to evemail me etc.

Thanks :)

Captain Puck
Posted - 2008.04.21 17:23:00 - [5]

Still looking around.Have about 6 Hours left before I decide any other offers out there?

Captain Puck
Posted - 2008.04.21 19:04:00 - [6]

Edited by: Captain Puck on 21/04/2008 22:51:59
Very Happy

Posted - 2008.04.21 23:08:00 - [7]

any luck?

Captain Puck
Posted - 2008.04.21 23:15:00 - [8]

Originally by: alottta***ina
any luck?

nope no luck yet would you be willing to take 1.2bill and a Abaddon with 2cccrigs and 1aux nanopump?

Posted - 2008.04.21 23:33:00 - [9]

yes, this would be fine.
Can you convo bambideer ingame pls? :)

Captain Puck
Posted - 2008.04.21 23:53:00 - [10]

Found a seller thanks all. Smile


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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