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Kadaar Kardeef
Posted - 2008.04.18 04:02:00 - [1]

Hello all, I am pretty new to the game and tried my hand at mining and found it a bit on the slow side. I created a new character to try the mission/pvp side of things. I am looking for a corp that is willing to help newer players and take them under their wing as my experience in outfitting ships has been buying a miner 2 and expanded cargo holds. I'm not a hardcore player but I try to be on most nights from 11pm-4am central us time. I'm just looking for a mature group of players who like to have fun doing what they do, be it pirating, mission running, etc.

Posted - 2008.04.18 05:18:00 - [2]

Join us, we are noob friendly, and 0.0 is sweet


Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2008.04.18 08:31:00 - [3]

Hi, Nice to meet you Kadaar Kardeef

Maybe if you are looking for a corp we are the one for you.
We Offer different kinda ops in PvP, Missions, and Mining. And lots more.
We are looking for someone who is willing to be active and participate in corp ops to a certain degree.
Off course you are always free to decide if you help out or do something for yourself.
We are willing to provide training and time to help you

What we offer:

- 0.0 space
- Low sec adventures
- Mature players who will help you out with questions
- Teamspeak & Ventrilo
- Helping hands
- Training in all aspects in eve
- Forum's/Killboard
- Mix of small to medium sized gang warfare
- Ship Program
- Players ranging in age from 20 to 45
- Active alliance

If you are interested contact me, if not thank you for taking the time to read this.

check out the link as well !!
Greets. Giant

Peoples Front of Eve
Posted - 2008.04.18 14:26:00 - [4]

Only requirements: No Smack Talkers

Join Channel: Death by Crucifixion

My Promise to you: No corp tax ever!!!

Most organisation CEO's out there are out for personal gain and claim to 'help' you along your way. They also claim to be active PVP corps, but when you get there you find that the brave ceo will declare war on a corp, found out that he has bitten off more than he can chew and retract the war... then you stick mining lasers back on your newly kitted out gankageddon living under the promise that you will someday fight again.

Opeating Area (Region): Domain-Providence-Tash-Murkon

Politics: None,everyone is fair game!

All I ask of you: Don't give the enemy easy kills.

Corp Provides: Ventrilo, Killboard, Assistance to Dedicated Members

I want players who are:
- Eager to learn more about EVE.
- Happy to get involved in various roles in the corporation.

You don't have to be a PvPer...
You don't have to be a miner...
You don't have to be a manufacturer...
Do what you like to do so long as you're contributing to our community!

What's in it for you?

First and foremost, you get a supportive, active, entertaining, mature, funny and experienced CEO
- PvP opportunities.
- Corporate mining operations.
- Manufacturing opportunities.
- No corp tax ever!

Join Channel: Death by Crucifixion

Volar Kang
Ragged Rock Industries
Posted - 2008.04.18 15:26:00 - [5]

Hiya Kadaar,

We are noob-friendly and have several new members with less than 1 million SP's so you would have some company in the corp. We offer everything Eve has and we dont ask you to do anything you dont want to. We are about having fun and making ISK. Check us out, I think we could be a good fit for you.

Spartan Fleet Systems is a small but growing corp. We have members skilled in Mission Running, Mining, Exploration and PVP. We don’t focus on any one play style, instead we prefer to let each member do what they want. You won’t be a worker bee spending your play time gathering for some Queen with us. If you get on and want to run missions or rat or mine, then that’s what you do. We are all about having fun and enjoying your time in Eve, it should not be a second job. That being said, we do mineral gathering OP’s for the Corp now and then. We don’t make that mandatory but we do ask every member to contribute occasionally, be it in the form of mission running for taxes or mining during an OP for ice. We also have our own forums and kill board in addition to the alliance.

Spartan Fleet Systems is a proud member of the Sylph Alliance. We have some great 0.0 space just 6 jumps from empire. The roids are good and the rats are even better. We have access to jump clones to make your travel back and forth from empire fast and convenient. We offer our members ships at cost. We have plans to create a manufacturing division and a PVP squad but we realized we need more help to make these projects successful. We still have leadership positions available in the Corp for those who earn them. We have a lot of experience in Eve and can offer knowledge to make what you do more successful.

What we require:
• No Trial Account
• No Minimum Skill Points
• Someone who knows that building a great corp works BOTH ways, the corp has to help you AND you have to help the corp. If it doesn’t go both ways then someone is getting the short end…
• Honor/Reputation must be important to you. If you think Eve is just a game and what you do in “the game” does not reflect on who you are in real life, then you are sadly mistaken and we will not be a good fit for you.
• Someone looking to build a great corp and make a name for it.
• Have Fun, if you are not having fun then we need to talk.

What we offer:
• Forums and Kill boards
• 0.0 access and jump clones
• Experience in all aspects of EVE
• Corp OP’s
• Vent
• US and UK player base
• Empire and 0.0 mining operations
• 0.0 PVP
• Great Rats
• Ships at cost.

Coming Soon
• Corp ships for mining in 0.0
• Profit sharing production division
• PVP Hunter Squad

If this sounds like something that might be a good fit for you jump into channel “Spartan Shop” and say Hi or convo Larry Niven or myself and we can talk a bit and see if we would be a good fit for each other.

Take Care and Fly Safe

Volar Kang

Here is our recruitment post, check us out:

Aidin Amado
Department of Defence
Posted - 2008.04.18 17:36:00 - [6]

Hello Kadaar,

Gulliver is a corporation that will give you a career throughout your whole eve experience. We're an empire industrial corp with an asset protection division (well, the start of one). We are located in empire, but we have access to 0.0 - although we do not have sovereignty over any nosec space, only docking rights in Branch, Tenal and Bkg regions.

Check out our recruitment thread here:

With us you can choose many paths: carebear with a mining laser in high sec, or fight wars in nosec in a fleet, and anything in between.

Judge Ment
Posted - 2008.04.18 18:15:00 - [7]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

aeon changing, and under new mgmt. Please contact me in game
We are not a NEW Corporation. We also tried our hand at Alliance and other organization. Because we feel that our game face need to change and Corporation; we are looking to do more PVP In future. AVERAGE SP Player is 20million SP

UK/US Time Zone
Required Teamspeak

Always looking for some new people too (KICK THEIR TEETH IN) Laughing


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