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Catherine Zona
Posted - 2008.04.16 06:43:00 - [1]

Edited by: Catherine Zona on 16/04/2008 06:46:02
Edited by: Catherine Zona on 16/04/2008 06:45:01
I am posting under an alts name to protect my Mining fleet

I am Looking for a corp that will accept a passive player. my Main is a hulk pilot, with two alts that is a hauler, and gang leader. Gang leader toon Can fly a ore cap ship, but doesn't own one yet. I do not mind if you Tax my ore sales by 10%.
Currently in the makeing four cyno alts

0.0 Is a plus, and Dead 0.0 is even better.
TS/Vent Ready
3 Computers

Preston FateForger
Defenders of Order
Posted - 2008.04.16 09:24:00 - [2]

Edited by: Preston FateForger on 16/04/2008 09:24:50
Hey Catherine, please convo me in-game.

Here's the Elear recruiting thread:
Elear Recruiting Thread

Naval Protection Corp
True Intentions
Posted - 2008.04.16 11:00:00 - [3]

Edited by: Adamai on 16/04/2008 11:00:25
what do you mean by passive ? :) is that none agressive passive or just simple passive as in dont join in with corp op's

Volar Kang
Ragged Rock Industries
Posted - 2008.04.16 12:43:00 - [4]

Hiya Catherine,

I think we could be what your looking for but lets talk and find out. Check us out.

Spartan Fleet Systems is a small but growing corp. We have members skilled in Mission Running, Mining, Exploration and PVP. We don’t focus on any one play style, instead we prefer to let each member do what they want. You won’t be a worker bee spending your play time gathering for some Queen with us. If you get on and want to run missions or rat or mine, then that’s what you do. We are all about having fun and enjoying your time in Eve, it should not be a second job. That being said, we do mineral gathering OP’s for the Corp now and then. We don’t make that mandatory but we do ask every member to contribute occasionally, be it in the form of mission running for taxes or mining during an OP for ice. We also have our own forums and kill board in addition to the alliance.

Spartan Fleet Systems is a proud member of the Sylph Alliance. We have some great 0.0 space just 6 jumps from empire. The roids are good and the rats are even better. We have access to jump clones to make your travel back and forth from empire fast and convenient. We offer our members ships at cost. We have plans to create a manufacturing division and a PVP squad but we realized we need more help to make these projects successful. We still have leadership positions available in the Corp for those who earn them. We have a lot of experience in Eve and can offer knowledge to make what you do more successful.

What we require:
• No Trial Account
• No Minimum Skill Points
• Someone who knows that building a great corp works BOTH ways, the corp has to help you AND you have to help the corp. If it doesn’t go both ways then someone is getting the short end…
• Honor/Reputation must be important to you. If you think Eve is just a game and what you do in “the game” does not reflect on who you are in real life, then you are sadly mistaken and we will not be a good fit for you.
• Someone looking to build a great corp and make a name for it.
• Have Fun, if you are not having fun then we need to talk.

What we offer:
• Forums and Kill boards
• 0.0 access and jump clones
• Experience in all aspects of EVE
• Corp OP’s
• Vent
• US and UK player base
• Empire and 0.0 mining operations
• 0.0 PVP
• Great Rats
• Ships at cost.

Coming Soon
• Corp ships for mining in 0.0
• Profit sharing production division
• PVP Hunter Squad

If this sounds like something that might be a good fit for you jump into channel “Spartan Shop” and say Hi or convo Larry Niven or myself and we can talk a bit and see if we would be a good fit for each other.

Take Care and Fly Safe

Volar Kang

Here is our recruitment post, check us out:

Catherine Zona
Posted - 2008.04.16 15:11:00 - [5]

Originally by: Adamai
Edited by: Adamai on 16/04/2008 11:00:25
what do you mean by passive ? :) is that none agressive passive or just simple passive as in dont join in with corp op's

Passive: I do not like to PvP, I am easy going to corpmates. Likes to mine all day and night.

Naval Protection Corp
True Intentions
Posted - 2008.04.17 01:13:00 - [6]

oh cool nice well feel free to check us out miners are always welcome. especially in corp mining ops

Catherine Zona
Posted - 2008.04.19 00:45:00 - [7]

I'm still looking

Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2008.04.19 01:20:00 - [8]


I'd like to talk to you ingame. I know RK is a PvP alliance, but every alliance needs its industrial backbone.

Convo me when you can.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Aidin Amado
Department of Defence
Posted - 2008.04.19 01:27:00 - [9]

I don't know what timezone you're in, but we're a Euro timezone corp that's pretty laid back. We're adult, mature players with access to quite safe areas in Branch, bkg and Tenal.

We also have a high sec presence in amarr space. We don't really require much of you. We want you to participate in mining ops sometimes, but then our asset protection squad will try to protect you so you don't have to pvp. :)

Our mining boss is biting his nails for lack of miners :), so you're very welcome to check us out if you want. Just convo me, or the ceo that you can find in our recruitment thread here, or join us in our public channel (GULLIVER Chat) for a chat to get a feel for who we are.

Arturio LeMancha
Excel Production And Research
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.04.19 04:25:00 - [10]


If you are interested evemail/convo " Arturio LeMancha" and join in-game channel: SKY NET INTERVIEW

1) Corp Name: See Below
1a) Corp Numbers: See Below
1b) Corp Killboard link: Corporation
2) Alliance Name: Pure.
2a) Alliance Numbers: 2000+
2b) Alliance Killboard Link: Alliance
3) Percentage of Corpoaration active timezones: 35% EU, 65% US
3a) Percentage of Alliance active timezones: 70% EU, 30% US
3b) Percentage of All active timezones: 10% GMT+1, 25% GMT, 20% GMT-5, 25% GMT-6, 20% GMT-8
4) Pirate, anti-pirate, war dec corp, 0.0 corp or other, explain: 0.0
5) Home system: Vale of the Silent (Q3-BAY)
5a) Does that change often? Not for that last 2 years
5b) Percentage of time spent in 0.0: 98%
5c) Percentage of time spent in low sec: 1%
5d) Percentage of time spent in high sec: 1%
6) Are you NBSI, NRDS or something else, explain: NBSI
7) What's an average gang size? 5-6 Corp Gang, 30-40 Alliance Gang, 100+ Alliance Fleet
8) What's an average op like? Challenging
9) Are you mostly running organized ops or guys getting together for pvp? 50/50
9a) If you're running organized ops how often are they occurring? 3-6 times a week
9b) If you run organized ops, what do your organized ops do? PVP Gang/Fleet/Seige
10) What was the most fun fight you've been a part of in the last two weeks? Killed 1 Dread, 2 Carriers, Few POSes, and Support
11) Do you require a minimum sec status? Nope
12) What is your policy on pirating? Pure. is no tollerance

[SKYNI] Sky Net Indusrtires

SKYNI is currently looking for CAPITAL SHIP or EXPIRENCED PvP Pilots!

I'm not here to lie, trick, or decieve you. I'm just here to tell you the facts! Then you decide what you like. I am NOT a salesman! I am jsut a CEO of a good corporation (in a worth-while alliance) that is trying to make the Corp even better.

In all honesty... I don't have any good reasons for you to join this corporation. However, I am looking for some loyal and expireneced players in eve to try to make this a great(er) corporation. The Corp has mainly been 70% Industry for the last 5 years and now is expanding its current capibilities into more corporate/alliance level PVP operations to obtain a 70% PVP rating!

Corps Short Term Goal:
To get 50-60 active members (not characters) in the corporation that are very active in Eve and willing to expand their own and other corporation members gameplay.

Corps Mid Term Goal:
Get the #1 spot locked-down by SKYNI on the Alliance Killboard!

Corps Long Term Goal:
Have every member flying a Rorqual, Dread, Carrier, and Freighter. The idea is to be able to opperate a 30+ man CAPITAL gang with support.

I am lookinng for some expireneced players to come have fun and become loyal friends in EVE. Everything that goes into the corp gets put back into its members 10x more.

Current Stats:
115 Members Characters
96 Active Weekly
57 Real People
44 Active Daily
26+ Million SP average person
3+ Years XP average person

If you are interested evemail/convo " Arturio LeMancha" and join in-game channel: SKY NET INTERVIEW


Friedrich IX
Hadean Drive Yards
Archaean Cooperative
Posted - 2008.04.19 06:19:00 - [11]

If your interested in a established industrial corporation you should check out Hadean Drive Yards and our Recruitment ad.


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