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Jad'Quer Deltoir
The Phoenix Rising
FreeFall Securities
Posted - 2004.04.21 20:22:00 - [1]

Like a dagger in the night the dark ship approached with great speed. Within a second it had locked onto me and started firing rapidly. "Remember your training" I thought as I fired a couple of shots back that only glanced off the assailant. I engaged both my Micro Warp Drives trying to make some distance between me and my new friend, but he soon managed to cover the gap and was ready for another volley. "C'mon you bucket of rust" and soon as I finished the sentance I managed to activate my warp drive. I had noticed one of the stargates out of the system was aligned to a moon at a nearby planet. My course was to that moon and I hoped the attacker had been fooled and he would warp to the stargate. He did not exit at the moon as I did. I turned 180 and warped to a safe spot. I had almost drowned in the biomass. I did a preliminary diagnostic of the ship and my Rifter was not in a good shape. Half of my systems were down and my shields completely drained, worse even was that I was leaking fuel, he had breached my armor. "Thank god for that neural implant" or I would never had figured to warp to that moon. I reviewed the battle log and my ship could not identify the ship although it looked alot like an Executioner of the Amarr Navy. My scanner did not identify to whom this attacker was affiliated with, nor did the ship emitt any signals I could analyse. "You are in direct violation of the Code. The Code must be honored" said a fast and dry mechanical voice. I was still waiting for my capacitor so I could warp out of this system. My targeting sensor started blinking red, the mysterious ship had found me.

"Can you see this light Mr. Deltoir?" a man said as I gasped and felt a cold metal object touching my chest. "Your clone has been activated. Welcome to Amarr" said a handsome nurse at the facility.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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