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Posted - 2008.04.14 23:41:00 - [1]

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***********************RECURITMENT CLOSED***********8
Dust Runners was originally a corporation created in 2007 thinking that it might get into Booster and Drug Trafficking, but came to realize that there is not much money in that. Moesly, the founder and Ex CEO stepped down from his position to allow Syn Alpha lead us in a new direction. With Ties to Goon swarm space Shadowglyph and Kelrift decided to take a break from the war and recruit new people and claim a piece of space for there own. This had to be achieved by working with Syn Alpha and gaining control of Dust Runners. With Syn as a Figure head we are trying to follow our dream of owning a little place out in 0.0 space... This will take a while to achieve, maybe even years but the only way to start is to gain friends and some enemies along the way. Dust Runners strives to maintain an ethical and social equality with all races and genders ... Sooo… Hate everyone or like everyone equally, it’s up to you. Our more closer goal is to gain enough profit to build a small Research and Building facility somewhere in Low sec. With all this being said I would like to invite you to Join our corporation and become part of a dream.

Kelrift DeAgo
Partner of D-TOX / Strike Commander


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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