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principle of motion
Posted - 2008.04.14 22:17:00 - [1]

What I am looking for:
0.0 Corp, pvp, accepts North American time zone

What I am:

22m SP single char. I have no alts
Been in 0.0 for a long time from D2 to IAC to -A-. I ran with small roaming gangs with IAC and -A- as well as large fleet operations. I prefer smaller ships such as Inties, HACs, AFs and Command Ships when the wallet allows.

Gallente BS V, BC V, Cruiser V, Frig V. Can fly HACs, Interceptors, Assault Frigates, Command Ships, Recons, EAFs(?) at level 4.

Just came back from a 6 month Hiatus but been trying to follow whats been going on in the politics and such.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Cheers guys.

Posted - 2008.04.14 23:06:00 - [2]

Edited by: RagnarH on 14/04/2008 23:09:49
take a look at corp1

corp1 recruitment (or just check corp description, the name is there) - im talking about ingame channel.

I like it more to talk to people, not send standard text, we are more personal than that. <- recruitment thread

Posted - 2008.04.14 23:35:00 - [3]

Hello Nautikus

Glad your back.

I can understand all the politics in eve. Shocked Looking at the politics in the USA seems nothing compared to Eve.

Well Come on out to Intrepid Crossing I think you remember few pilots from those times of the past if not probably the Corps.

Check out the Links below and I hope to hear from you.


Moridin Bashere
The Hull Miners Union
Posted - 2008.04.15 00:29:00 - [4]

I will try and convo you ingame to talk some more. Hull Miners is a US TZ PvP corp specialized in small gang PvP. Twisted Evil

Hopefully we will talk soon.

Gaius Xenon
Digital assassins
Posted - 2008.04.15 02:07:00 - [5]


Dropped you an in game mail - please join the channel SHDIN in game or contact me - I think Shadow Inc might be what you're looking for.



Kuseka Adama
Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2008.04.15 02:12:00 - [6]

Originally by: Nautikus
What I am looking for:
0.0 Corp, pvp, accepts North American time zone

What I am:

22m SP single char. I have no alts
Been in 0.0 for a long time from D2 to IAC to -A-. I ran with small roaming gangs with IAC and -A- as well as large fleet operations. I prefer smaller ships such as Inties, HACs, AFs and Command Ships when the wallet allows.

Gallente BS V, BC V, Cruiser V, Frig V. Can fly HACs, Interceptors, Assault Frigates, Command Ships, Recons, EAFs(?) at level 4.

Just came back from a 6 month Hiatus but been trying to follow whats been going on in the politics and such.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Cheers guys.

Contacting you via Eve Mail You look like exactly what paxton wants.

Arturio LeMancha
Excel Production And Research
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.04.15 03:33:00 - [7]


1) Corp Name: See Below
1a) Corp Numbers: See Below
1b) Corp Killboard link: Corporation
2) Alliance Name: Pure.
2a) Alliance Numbers: 2000+
2b) Alliance Killboard Link: Alliance
3) Percentage of Corporatoin active in the US timezones: 80%
3a) Percentage of Corporatoin active in eastern timezone: 60%
3b) Percentage of Alliance active timezones: 70% EU, 30% US
4) Pirate, anti-pirate, war dec corp, 0.0 corp or other, explain: 0.0
5) Home system: Vale of the Silent (Q3-BAY)
5a) Does that change often? Not for that last 2 years
5b) Percentage of time spent in 0.0: 98%
5c) Percentage of time spent in low sec: 1%
5d) Percentage of time spent in high sec: 1%
6) Are you NBSI, NRDS or something else, explain: NBSI
7) What's an average gang size? 5-6 Corp Gang, 30-40 Alliance Gang, 100+ Alliance Fleet
8) What's an average op like? Challenging
9) Are you mostly running organized ops or guys getting together for pvp? 50/50
9a) If you're running organized ops how often are they occurring? 3-6 times a week
9b) If you run organized ops, what do your organized ops do? PVP Gang/Fleet/Seige
10) What was the most fun fight you've been a part of in the last two weeks? Killed a rorqual & and the gang that TRIED to save it
11) Do you require a minimum sec status? Nope
12) What is your policy on pirating? Pure. is no tollerance

[SKYNI] Sky Net Indusrtires

I'm not here to lie, trick, or decieve you. I'm just here to tell you the facts! Then you decide what you like. I am NOT a salesman! I am jsut a CEO of a good corporation (in a worth-while alliance) that is trying to make the Corp even better.

In all honesty... I don't have any good reasons for you to join this corporation. However, I am looking for some loyal and expireneced players in eve to try to make this a great(er) corporation. The Corp has mainly been 70% Industry for the last 5 years and now is expanding its current capibilities into more corporate/alliance level PVP operations to obtain a 70% PVP rating!

Corps Short Term Goal:
To get 30-50 active members (not characters) in the corporation that are very active in Eve and willing to expand their own and other corporation members gameplay.

Corps Mid Term Goal:
Get the #1 spot locked-down by SKYNI on the Alliance Killboard!

Corps Long Term Goal:
Have every member flying a Rorqual, Dread, Carrier, and Freighter. The idea is to be able to opperate a 25+ man CAPITAL gang.

I am lookinng for some expireneced players to come have fun and become loyal friends in EVE. Everything that goes into the corp gets put back into its members 10x more.

Current Stats:
93 Members Characters
76 Active Weekly
45 Real People
31 Active Daily
25+ Million SP average person
3+ Year Eve expirenece

If you are interested evemail/convo " Arturio LeMancha" and join in-game channel: SKY NET INTERVIEW


Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2008.04.15 09:19:00 - [8]

Righteous-Indignation Is Now Recruiting

Righteous-Indignation is a corp created on 2006-08-03. It was created by a group of friends who had played Eve together since beta and were looking for a change of direction from their existing corp. Righteous-Indignation is a corp where, during its existence, many pod pilots have found their home and have lots of fun doing either PvP, Missions, Industry, Trade and other things.

Righteous-Indignation has players that have been in game for years and therefore have a lot of experience and stories to share. Our corp has also been part of several alliances and has experience in small gangs to big fleets. We are currently in the TYGRIS alliance and hope to make our presence well known there.

We like to call our selves chaotic-neutral. We shoot folks we don't like and look for just about any way to make isk while we do it. Don't care much what it is. We aren't pirates but if you mess with us or we think you are going to, we do bite back. This mentality makes sure we are all kept on our toes and keeps tabs on what happens around us. We like to run in small to medium sized gangs in 0.0 and Low-Sec.

We are now opening our corporation again for more pod pilots in our quest to expand and to find more friends and adventures in space as a tight group. Currently we have players from EU, US, and the AUS/NZ timezones. We are looking to expand on all timezones.

What we offer:

- 0.0 space
- Low sec adventures
- Mature players who will help you out with questions
- Teamspeak & Ventrilo
- Helping hands
- Training in all aspects in eve
- Forum's/Killboard
- Mix of small to medium sized gang warfare
- Ship Program
- Players ranging in age from 20 to 45
- Active alliance

Requirements (What we look for in new pilots)

- Mature players 18+ (or when demonstrated to us we accept younger players)
- 2-5 million skillpoints
- Teamplayers
- Mic with ability to speak
- Ventrilo and Teamspeak
- Willing to participate (we understand Real life comes first, but we do like to see you active)
- A good sense of humor
- English speaking
- No pirates unless you are willing to lower your negative sec-status during your time in our organization


- Looking for PvP pilots who already have some experience. 10mil+ Skillpoints wanted. We are also searching for capable Fleet Commanders and Capital Ship pilots.

Contact info:
Rangon (CEO)
GiantHawkeye (Director Personel)
Halfarse (Director Diplomacy)

Public Channel:
Right Pub

Jia Lui
Polestar Industry and Exploration
Posted - 2008.04.15 11:12:00 - [9]

Hi Nautikus,

If you're interested in running PvP gangs and working on boosting the US timezone in a corp then look no further (not the ideal thing really, but I'm hoping yu're into this kinda stuff)

Check here for more info.

Contact me if you're interested and we can have a chat,

GK inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.04.15 11:36:00 - [10]

Welcome back to Eve :) We are a growing corp and alliance out in Venal, we can always use more PvPers.

Check out our recruitment thread here and get in touch if interested.

Posted - 2008.04.15 18:37:00 - [11]

I think we are the corp for you, we are in a good alliance have POS up in the drone regiions and have access to all ores, run regular PVP ops and have excellent standings in the area.

Our 0.0 is mostly Jump Bridges so logistics are easy and PVP ops are excellent.

Our base of players are highly experienced PVPers and Cap ship pilots so stop by Channel GEN PUBLIC for a chat.

Posted - 2008.04.15 23:03:00 - [12]

We are a Bloodthirsty Bunch. We are very lose mature group who have fun, laugh, drink, BS around. We've been around for 3.5 yrs and we know how to play the field. Originally Founded EXE as a Merc Corp so very experienced in that area and Have FC'ed in several Major alliance in 0.0. Specialize in Recon, Commandship, Hac gangs. We use Battleship and Capitalship when the occasion calls for it. We are out killing every day with people accross the US/UK/EU time zone. We operate everywhere and anywhere there is something to blow up.

bugar burgler
4 wing
Dara Cothrom
Posted - 2008.04.16 02:47:00 - [13] <-- look it up,

0.0 mining, ratting, PvP, 0.0 survival classes, and much MUCH more !

Merrick Tolkien
Shadow Company
Posted - 2008.04.16 14:20:00 - [14]

hello nautikus :)

We're a 0.0 pvp corp, run ops daily. Really strong comradship is the most important thing, we love EVE basicly and try and get the most out of the game. The politics of late has been mental Shocked

We run a tight team and work together. Its how things are achived in EVE.

Euro and US members.

We've been running for over 4 years and have all the usual TS/Forums/Website, link to which is in my sig. Many experiance players who know both PVP and indy inside out.

If your intrested contact me direct and drop by shadowcompanychat public channel.

Thanks for your time


Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2008.04.17 17:16:00 - [15]


You may want to consider IQ-A. We're a 0.0 PvP corp flying with Skunk-Works Alliance in Delve. We like to specialize in roaming gang ops (tech2 small ships fitting in very well). We run regular corp ops each week, and now have ample access to larger fleets nearly 23/7.

For more info please see our recruiting thread, check out our website, or contact me directly.

Darba Erim
Posted - 2008.04.17 17:30:00 - [16]

HYT gangster
Purgatorial Janitors Inc.
Posted - 2008.04.18 00:23:00 - [17]

thought about being pirate?

come by our ingame recruitment channel for a chat.

channel is muffin recruit

hope to see you there

Mos Eisley Social Club
Posted - 2008.04.18 01:35:00 - [18]

Cursed Ra
Posted - 2008.04.18 02:46:00 - [19]

AnTi. is a US and Aussie TZ lowsec and 0.0 pvp/piracy corp (if you are euro, look at the following thread We are a 100% pvp corp, and we do pvp/ whatever you do to earn isk, nothing else, so if you are looking for pvp, this is the type of corp for you. We have been residing in Khanid and Kor-azor for a little over three month and have essentially evicted an alliance 6x our size from the local area.

*What does AnTi. offer for you?
*Cheap ship program: This is for almost all t2 ships and also for most battleships and battlecruisers.
*Great, competent FC's, great alliance, now forming an industrial backbone
*No 0.0 politics, no owning 0.0 space ever, just 100% pewpew action in 0.0 and lowsec. No Pos warefare for space, we do ransom poses occasionally, so... we don't do it for nothing and do it only rarely (we hate it as much as the next guy)
*A fun and semi-mature atomosphere. All pilots are over 18, we still like to joke around and have fun.
*An alliance that has a 85% effiency since moving to this area.
*Ratting access in 0.0 if you get low on cash.

*So what does AnTi. require from those that would like to join?
1) Bright, smart, and mature pilots.
2) No smacktalk. This will not be tolerated of anyone in our corp. You get one warning and then you are kicked from the corp on the second offense
3) 10 mil SP - must be able to fit a BS and a smaller either cloaky or nano ship.
4) PvP experience - we are looking for pilots who know how to basic fit ships
5) Self-Sufficency, we have ratting space we have access to, but when you join the corp, you need to be able to fit out and able to fly several ships
6) The ability to fit remote reppers
7) A willingness to learn and teach - we all have our strengths and weaknesses, you should be open to constructive criticism and not be afraid to give it
8) The want to pvp nonstop and wtfpwn carebears and smacktalkers.

If you have any questions about the corp, shoot OrangeAfroMan, easei, Xerith or Cursed Ra ingame or an eve-mail, and we will respond as quickly as we can.

The Jackhammer
Hydroponic Zone
Posted - 2008.04.18 02:55:00 - [20]

Why 0.0 when the pickings in EMPIRE are just as good Evil or Very Mad

PLUS: NO POLITICS ... just raw pvp

Hollar at me in-game ... you won't be sorry Shocked

Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2008.04.18 12:06:00 - [21]

Take a look at Eve Defence Force (EDF). We are a well established PVP Corp that has been operating in Eve for over 4 years.
We have a very active PVP base with multiple daily opps and there are always players online looking for PVP so if you like to jump into a fight as soon as you log in, you will definitely have people to fly with.

We are in Insurgency Alliance based in Branch with our own stations and space. These are exciting times for the corp with plenty going on 23/7 (check out our Kill board!)

If you see me online, just drop me a convo.

For more information, check out the link below to our corp and KB or drop in to our in game channel “TheEDFbar" for a drink and a chat.

Eve Defence Force

Kill Board


Fusion Enterprises Ltd
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2008.04.18 12:18:00 - [22]


We have both EU and US tz presence within Fusion and a well organised warfare division.

If you want to know more then grab Saya Robin for a convo


HYT gangster
Purgatorial Janitors Inc.
Posted - 2008.04.18 13:32:00 - [23]

pirateing ftw. give us a think

muffin factory proffesional pirate's.

its fun and its great working as a team.

join our ingame channel muffin recruit
for a chat. hope to see you there

Peoples Front of Eve
Posted - 2008.04.18 14:23:00 - [24]

Only requirements: No Noob Corps, No Smack Talkers

Join Channel: Death by Crucifixion

My Promise to you: No corp tax ever!!!

Most organisation CEO's out there are out for personal gain and claim to 'help' you along your way. They also claim to be active PVP corps, but when you get there you find that the brave ceo will declare war on a corp, found out that he has bitten off more than he can chew and retract the war... then you stick mining lasers back on your newly kitted out gankageddon living under the promise that you will someday fight again.

Opeating Area (Region): Domain-Providence-Tash-Murkon

Politics: None,everyone is fair game!

All I ask of you: Don't give the enemy easy kills.

Corp Provides: Ventrilo, Killboard, Assistance to Dedicated Members

I want players who are:
- Eager to learn more about EVE.
- Happy to get involved in various roles in the corporation.

You don't have to be a PvPer...
You don't have to be a miner...
You don't have to be a manufacturer...
Do what you like to do so long as you're contributing to our community!

What's in it for you?

First and foremost, you get a supportive, active, entertaining, mature, funny and experienced CEO
- PvP opportunities.
- Corporate mining operations.
- Manufacturing opportunities.
- No corp tax ever!

Join Channel: Death by Crucifixion

Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2008.04.18 20:26:00 - [25]


You've got the credentials that read like many of our members. We love roaming gangs and small fast moving ops. Our new membership in Skunk-Works also gives us ready access to large PvP operations 23/7.

All our operations will be focused in 0.0 (Delve as a home) and we're on the look out for new pilots.

If you want to know more please check out our recruiting thread, browse our website or contact me directly.


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