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Ashka Neris
Neohazard Freelance Peace keeping Agency
Posted - 2004.04.20 11:20:00 - [1]

I have never heard music before now... real music... the music of the stars. Oh yes I have heard the artifical symphonies conducted and composed by man. But have you ever stopped in the middle of space and simply listened to the song of the void and the symphonies of stars?

My blindness has bought with it a new appriciation for the spirtural nature we in the Raven Clan refer to as "The One", the source of eveything that we are, the begining of.. everything. I won't bore you with the details of our spirtuality for now, that's more a subject for the annals of history books and ecyclopeadea. But the Paratwa refer to this One as the C'zin (spelling). We Neris are a simple culture, we choose simple names for what is essentially a simple thing. It requires no explanation, you simply make of it what you can.

I have spent the last week since my recovery from the Initiation I put myself through, simply listening to the Universe. It is full of vibration and even in our galaxy of man made discordia, a deep sense of harmony. There are things the music of The One can teach you that no mortal words can. Like the whisper of a loved one can be heard, even after death. Eternal life is such a simple equation. We have our clones, yet that is superficial in the true immortality we seek. As the universe sings, it is constantly composing it's symphony, and we are it's choir. From the simplest ameoba to the most aloof Jovian. As we all came from The One, so are we a part of it.

There has been no greater reminder of this simplicity than when I recently visited what all Neris eventually referr to as the begining. You know it more as the Eve Gate. One cannot describe the enmority of the priglamrage to a Neris to this ancient sight. I speak not only of the destination, but the journey itself. Your heart beats with anticipation with ever gate jump. Space itself begins to change, look more mysterious the closer you come to the end of your journey, which is ironically the begining. Even the pirates that block your way can become a spiritual part of the journey itself. There are sights you cannot fathom. A carved asteroid brings about a sense of history, conting down the ages to year zero. You cannot help but wonder the primimtaive tools used by our distant ancestors to create such a beuatiful sight. I reccomend you fly through the caverns of this asteroid for yet another spiritual expirence in itself. The music of the universe echos beuatifully with it's walls, perfectlly tuned.

The you reach the New Eden gate.... if you've never been here before, you can imagine your heart is beating. You almost wish you hadn't reached this point of the journey, for even though so long a journey, it seems too soon. I must admit to turning off my autopilot, taking too many deep breaths, almost in tears, as to having been here. I wonder how many more tears have been spent here at this point, not of sadness or joy, but of sheer... purpose. How can such a simple destination bring about such a defenition of purpose, such surerity in a person? I know I am meant to come here.. if I do nothing else in this Universe, I would at least have been here, and at that moment, it is all that matters.

I activate my autopilot again. The jumpgate forces me through a tunnel of light so bright that it seems like an eternity is passing by... and then there it is... my sweet Matar... even through my blindness I can not only hear it... I can see it. I can see The One... notin the literal sense, but in an image. A bright blue light envolpes this, the most silent part of space I have ever visited. There is no song here... but serene silence. The One Bekcons you with this hypnotic silence that I must confess to, for a brief time, ignoring all sceintific warning. My thrusters leap forward, my afterburners and MWD's pushing their limits as all I want is to be envloped by the begining, singing it's song of silence like a siren of old legend. I open my arms, I would gladly die to embrace this peace, my eyes filled with genuine tears... never before has it been so clear to me... who I am.. what I am... it doesnt matter.. I am here with the one.

"Ashka Neris", a voice whispers in mind. It is the voice of Miisha NerisRaven, my adopted father's wife. "Now is not your time to lay your memories here, daughter..."

I cry... I never heard her call me that till now. Is this madness or a genuine memory awakend by my expierences? I want to be with The One, but she is right. I should not be so selfish.. this place, this time is not for me now... it is for her and I bought her here. In my need for clarity, I have served her purpose. I smile through tears, and stop my engines.

"Yes mother," I whisper. "I grant you your final rest."

"I will always be here, daugher," the voice resonates in my heart, "tell my husband, that I will always be here. When he comes he will here me and he will be content. Stay a while sister. Hear my song of silence.

Ashka Neris
Neohazard Freelance Peace keeping Agency
Posted - 2004.04.20 11:21:00 - [2]

I shall sing for you as long as you wish to hear it."

I stay, for hours.. days? I cannot say. I am alone here in the physcial void... but in my heart, my spirit, my memory is here with the one.

And I am content with the music of silence, the beging of the chords. The songs of the begining.


Intergral Carla
Posted - 2004.04.20 11:44:00 - [3]


for once I am without words

*the word wow doesn't begin to decribe how moving that was*

Carla NerisRaven
Raven Clan
Posted - 2004.04.20 13:27:00 - [4]

Indeed, a wonderous gift to the Clan Raven and the Neris Sisterhood

We thankyou, deeply Ashka NerisRaven

Darius Shakor
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2004.04.20 15:29:00 - [5]

Simply wonderfull and very emotive. Everyone experiences the gate in some form different from another that is always hard to put into words.

Those that do not are the true blind of the universe, you have been blessed by your ancestors. Treasure it forever.

Posted - 2004.04.22 00:23:00 - [6]



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