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Aurora Pacificas
aurorae pacificas
Posted - 2008.04.05 07:17:00 - [1]


Aurorae Pacificas is a new Corporation that has been set up by a group of veteran pvpers intent on facilitating and developing a strong, focused and co-ordinated pvp corp within the Pacific/Australasian timezone. The growth and development of the corporation is going to go through planned, monitored phases, the first of which has just begun- our first recruitment drive!

I suppose what we really offer is a difference from a lot of the other corporations out there at the moment. This includes...

-Rather than being the “night shift” or one of the few in your corp during your timezone, you will finally be able to say goodbye to missing fleet ops or staying up to 5am just to see someone else in corp chat. We know, we have been there as well.

-While we do boast some very experienced pilots and FCs (some with over 3+years in EVE), we are not the usual blend of arrogance and insular “leetism” that you generally find with vet pilots looking to start their own clubhouse, we are actually a pretty friendly bunch. Our goal is not add numbers to fleets, it is to foster a decent AU timezone pvp base and central to that is a welcoming, friendly environment.

-The corp will be non-profit, meaning any money accumulated through taxation will be reinvested into the corp for the benefit of its members, rather than for its directors. This does not however mean a “communist” setup or a stop over for spongers, pilots will be expected to be somewhat self sufficient.

-Unlike a lot of small corps out there struggling in low sec, we have 0.0 access with no strings attached for getting isk in your wallets and your standings back up.

-While this is NOT a pirate corp, it is not against pirating either. It is simply a pvp corp. We leave the pirate/anti-pirate debate for the roleplayers out there. We operate under NBSI in both low sec and 0.0 but will not be specifically pirating.

-We are willing to teach younger players the ins and outs of pvp and will be conducting everything from empire wars to low sec pvp to 0.0 roaming gangs right through to fleet ops. This also means an opportunity for already experienced pilots to begin fcing or taking the next step in their evolving pvp career

-We have a all but non-existent blue list. Simply put, we have enough friends and thats it. Everyone else is a possible target.

-We have a zero tolerance policy to corp leeches but we understand RL > Eve and wont expect you to camp a gate bored out of your mind because of some ceo vs ceo tit-for-tat grudge match.

-We hope to practice and conduct meaningful, supportive gang setups, rather than a “bring your bling” style leadership

-We are NOT ANZAC alliance

To summarise we as a corp offer the following.

-Small to medium sized pvp gangs in a variety of environments, from empire wars to 0.0 fleet ops
-A corp whose main TZ ranges from 0300-1400 GMT (“aussie tz”)
-0.0 access and ratting opportunities
-An open style leadership which welcomes input from the playerbase and in turn lets the playerbase know the real deal.
-Eventual corp logistical support
-Actual benefits for taxation, not padding the directors wallets.
-TS, Forums, Killboards etc
-Experienced vets willing to teach the finer points of interweb space pewpew
-Regular if not daily pvp ops
-A great team environment and a social outlet, not a number in the crowd.
-Drunken shenanigans

We think this is going to be a great opportunity. As such we expect the following from applicants.

-Teamspeak will be COMPULSORY, so start saving for that $20 headset with a mic.
-Regular commitment to ops and gangs. If you are not pvp focused this is not the corp for you.
-Willingness to help out your fellow corpies.
-No attitudes. If you think you are to cool for school you are not welcome here.
-2mil SP Minimum. No newb alts.
-References are preferred. We will be checking previous corp histories.

Further info can be obtained in game @ "AUPAC" channel.

Until than fly reckless

PaddyPaddy Nihildarnik
The Night Crew
Posted - 2008.04.05 13:18:00 - [2]

Paddy checking in Smile

definitely worth a chat for both low skilled pvpers looking to increase their exposure to decent pvp and more experienced hands bored of 0.0 politicking and blob warfare.

Feel free to drop by "Aupac" for more info.

swiftx vengance
Posted - 2008.04.06 14:06:00 - [3]

This sounds really good,

do you guys have a set time frame of future goals to achieve example,

to war dec xxx 2 weeks within the first month,
cash up 1 week
help xxx alliance on second month

anything like that or just playing it as it comes ?

PaddyPaddy Nihildarnik
The Night Crew
Posted - 2008.04.07 02:23:00 - [4]

Edited by: PaddyPaddy Nihildarnik on 07/04/2008 02:24:18

Originally by: swiftx vengance
This sounds really good,

do you guys have a set time frame of future goals to achieve example,

to war dec xxx 2 weeks within the first month,
cash up 1 week
help xxx alliance on second month

anything like that or just playing it as it comes ?

But of course we have plansSmile

Targets are certainly not in short supply and we have a very definite plan of recruitment, expansion and a realistic vision of what we want to achieve. As I kind of eluded to, alot of corps use this tz as a moneybasket, they dont really sort out ops/ goals for their late US and Aussie tzers because they may be either EST or EU focused. So you end up with a proportion of the corp sitting, spinning ships or simply making isk for the corp hoping to get some occasional pvp.

Quite simply, We are not going to recruit outside of this specific TZ because I just dont think its fair on the players. Therefore our corporate goals will be focused to providing for the concentrated playerbase.

While we have specific goals in mind, as I stated above we have a very friendly open leadership who is willing to listen to its memberbase. We wont be dragging you around the map to fight grudges unless you want that, but that isnt to say we have a firm idea of what we want to achieve.

I hope that answered your question (sort of in a round about way) and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2008.04.19 03:16:00 - [5]

Really, great guys. If your in the Australian timezone I definately recommend you join them.

Voodoo Mistross
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.04.19 14:59:00 - [6]

Ahhh, more Aussie'sCool We are taking over EVE Twisted Evil Friendly hello to my fellow Aussies and luck with your recruitment Wink


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