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United Constructions
Posted - 2008.03.30 10:54:00 - [1]

There are many prereqs to be met, but it'll be worth it.

1) character must be male
2) caldari civire or gallente gallente or minmatar brutor, not other races or bloodlines are acceptable
3) so called "leet" name, i just need to like it
4) positive wallet
5) killrights dont matter, neither sec status
6) skills : all in pvp, no mining, industry, science skills (except for cybernetics), not caldari trained, although can accept some minor caldari skills
7) skillpoint count : doesnt matter
8) isk - depending on the overall skills and impression that the char will make on me

Post here or convo/mail me

United Constructions
Posted - 2008.03.30 10:59:00 - [2]

Addition :

9) High perc/will attributes
10) Capital skills are not a must
11) Built in implants are not a must

Capt Tadamitsu
Posted - 2008.03.31 07:56:00 - [3]

Mallegant VanSaar
The Athiest Syndicate
Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2008.03.31 08:20:00 - [4]

I'm considering selling his guy, so have alook if u likeCool

3)Dont know if u like the name or not, thats very individual i guessEmbarassed
4)wallet positive
5)A few "can be killed by", sec is -2.5 so not bad at all
6)All pvp focused(except for industrial 3, and the ability to use tractor beam and salvage, totals less than 100k SP "wasted")
7)14.5M SP
8) Uhmmm....YARRRR!!

Ineve sheet

Energy syst. operation 5 and large hybrid turret 4 will be done later today, and AWU is about 1 day from lvl 4

4/5 learnings except charisma(4/3), and good allround stats(incl +4's)

Posted - 2008.03.31 08:28:00 - [5]

Check it ^^

no skill points wasted .. ^^

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.03.31 08:49:00 - [6]

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dont be so sexist ;) buy ME


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