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Ky Mena
Mouse Click
Posted - 2008.03.26 07:14:00 - [1]

Couple of Problems here
1.The ever inflating ISK and few ways to spend them, EVE becomes growing unfriendly to new players, who starts the game by making ISK via lv1-2 missions or mining in a frigate/cruiser. while the older players can spend millions or even billions on a single module. I tried to introduce some friends to EVE, even with help, they find the game just not worth the trouble when compared to other MMOs.

2.Population limit, this is more or less a programming issue, EVE as we know is based on Python, which is a very very good language, however, it constrict server's ability to host. a vivid example, two years ago, you can have a slug fest 300 v 300 with relative bearable lag, nowadays you are lagged to desync when local is above 150. Im sure CCP didnt DOWNgrade their servers, it is simply the fact that EVE now has more players and server has to divide its resources.

3.0.0 stations, particularly outposts. are indestructible, yet you can build an outpost in a SOV 1 system. this coupled with inflation in ISK, resulted in a large number increase in outposts built in the past months. there are regions where outposts are present in continues systems. built by different alliances. how long is it going to be before every strategic systems are occupied? low-true sec systems? dead end systems? every 0.0 systems?

4.Capital Warfare, gone are the days of BS fleets, nowadays, caps are the new BS, cyro-jam + a large number of cap defending = almost foul prof defense, you can now find carriers being used in numbers that BS fleet used to have. with the amount of fighter/drones they release, it adds more lag to the already straining system, while making themselves almost invulnerable, as fighters can proxy aggr and attack while enemy BS have to lock and fire in the lag first, then try to break the spider tank of large cap fleet.

just some thoughts about EVE, i like this game and i have no plan of quiting anytime soon, but these problems exists and unless CCP acts to solve some of them, i can foresee people leaving for other choices.

open for discussion, and flame away

Dirk Magnum
Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2008.03.26 07:18:00 - [2]

1. lol
2. the server power will only increase, not decrease. if it seriously gets too bad they'll put a population limit on Tranquility until a server upgrade is made
3. lol.
4. true in part, but see point #2

Drop of Blood
Posted - 2008.03.26 07:19:00 - [3]

probably longer than you will play it...

usually ppl who whine will quit quite soon :/

1. so you basically want all new players to come into this game whit 5bil in wallet ?
only a small % of people have over a billion in their wallet and only own 2 or 3 ships

2. Stackless Python to be exact :P but true.... eve has ALOT more people than 1 year ago... think it was last year we broke 30k users online.. now its way above 40k

3. this i have never understood... why player build stations cant be destroyed, only taken over.

4. its not THAT bad yet... but it will get worse. alliances like MM are useing caps more and more.

Niccolado Starwalker
Shadow Templars
Posted - 2008.03.26 07:37:00 - [4]

1. It will not increase the price on equipment too much just because the older players got lots of money. In fact take T2 equipment have plummeted from like 20 million ISK for a cap recharger II while today you can get one for a million! To tell the truth, most tech 2 have become LOTS cheaper. Much thanks to invention.

The modules worth billions are yes slightly better then T2. But try to loose one, and you wont regret saving those money!!

When it comes to flying capital ships.. I am a soon 3 year old player. And I am not going the cap ship way at all. So 1. I dont need ships or modules worth billions. and 2. I have way more fun in my Command ship, which is cheaper!

Also, New players need to have something to work for. Sorry, but just because we have been around for 3-5 years does not qualify for CCP giving you a free flight! You will soon be just as good in flying for example a battleship within 6-8 months! And meanwhile you can fly many other quite good ships very well!

Population limit! Yes there is a population limit in Jita! Solution! Get the heck out of it, and move into the systems holding 8 players! Believe me, there are many of these in empire space!!

3. Yes, sooner or later there is a station in all possible systems. Solution? Why not just take one, and save the building costs on like 20 billion isk...

You can be QUITE valuable without a capital ship. And capital ships are not the step above battleships! I have no plans at the moment training cap ships, finding way more uses in becoming skilled flying command Ships! or what about interceptors or interdictors?? Do you know how much love a good command ship pilot can get from a corp when you show up loaded with implants..? They aint expensive either! But I have to admit it take some training time!

Fact is: You can have plenty of fun with never seeing a capital ship!!

New players like to say that they dont have a chance of cathing up on the vets with 100 million skillpoints. And that is true. and you should never do that either, since they have earned every SP! HOWEVER!! THe training time for become as good as possible in a battleship or a frigate or a cruiser is a set amount of time, which is equal to all - plus/minus a little for attribute adjustment! When you have achieved level 5 in cruiser, you are just as good in that particular skill as a 5 year old player, and can fully compete with that said player on equal techincal terms.

Now the 5 year player EXPERIENCE which comes due to playing the game, now that is something you have to achieve by your own!

In general: you have all chances in the world to compete in your field with any players, within a reasonable ammount of time! But you wont get anything for free so start working!

Good luck!

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2008.03.26 07:55:00 - [5]

Oveur had a 10 year plan at the FanFest in November, so that makes EVE have yet another 9 years.

Cyriel Longinus
Posted - 2008.03.26 08:43:00 - [6]

dude, I recall when the server would cry when only 15k people where on it, this younger generation has it so much easier and still they whine ...

Dark Venger
Posted - 2008.03.26 09:35:00 - [7]


I am sorry but it did not take me too long to make enough ISK to buy myself a cruiser, then a battlecruiser etc.

I guess your the type of person who used to get the hacks, cracks for games just so you could say you finished it, or in this case purchase ISK!!!

This game is getting easier and easier!!!!


Lord Bleu
Darkstorm Command
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2008.03.26 09:36:00 - [8]

Like any MMOG. New players start with little and work up. It's the same with WOW, SWG and any other MMO I can think of. The difference with eve thankfully is you are not penalised by the amount of free time you have to play the game. I can't count the number of hours I've wasted in MMO's grinding on <insert generic wild animal name here> in order to progress and be able to take on older players at pvp.

Ok I accept that you need to put in the time to make ISK, but again with eve you can make isk without leaving the station should you hate gridning.

Where can eve go from here? UP!

Personally I'm really looking forward to ambulation which will add a new angle to the game and I'm sure there will always be new and exciting things to come. Sure Eve has it's faults, but what MMO doesnt? At least with Eve, I actually like and respect the people behind it. I've played too many Shody MMO's (SWG for one) to know that this here is a fine game!


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