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Deep Space Innovations
Posted - 2008.03.18 22:49:00 - [1]

I've been spending a bit of isk lately and I just remembered back about 5 months ago when I started playing that 1mil isk was a bit of isk. I think in the last week I've probably spent 100mil or more on skill books and some other crap.

I'm just curious how much people usually fly around with. I'm only flying a Domi for missions mainly and nothing bigger so I know people with cap ships and such probably have a lot more isk going in and out of their wallet every day but what does the average player have on them? Do you save up for stuff or just spend when you got it? I seem to spend as soon as I get it heh Smile

Richard Ridddick
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2008.03.18 22:53:00 - [2]

I try to keep 400M on my character at all times so that I can get a GTC if I ever needed in a pinch.

Aclyn Seriy
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2008.03.18 22:55:00 - [3]

When I first started playing EVE (with my old, now sold, toon) I used to hoarde ISK like crazy, now however, nearly 2 years on and with my shiny new toon, I seem to spend it no more than a few minutes after its hit my wallet. Maybe when Im older (in game) I'll go back to those old habits.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.03.18 22:55:00 - [4]

Since NSN is a communistic corp i don't have cash handy.
I keep some isk for new snakes or slaves when I get podded but the corp pays for everything else.
A typical HAC with fittings goes for around 100-200 mil (full t2 fitting).
BS around 200mil.
I spend about 25mil a day (on average, taking into account lost ships and purchases of skills and such).

Tressin Khiyne
The Tuskers
Posted - 2008.03.18 22:57:00 - [5]

having less than 400 million makes me pretty nervous.

Brea Lafail
Posted - 2008.03.19 00:11:00 - [6]

Under 20mil. I only bother with making isk when I need to buy something.

Akaro Skyfang
Epoch Brotherhood
Posted - 2008.03.19 00:14:00 - [7]

I usually have a couple hundred mil and save it for when I am almost finished training for a big money making thing, then go on a spending spree and make it all back with what I spent it on.

Falcon Troy
Best Path Inc.
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.03.19 00:57:00 - [8]

Edited by: Falcon Troy on 19/03/2008 00:57:30

Since I find the only use for money is to spend, I usually have very little. I do have, however, lots of shiny mods and insured ships. I find them to be much more useful than X amount of ISK collecting dust in my wallet for when I 'decide' to buy something.

Maybe that's why I PVP in frigates.

Einar Lightfingers
Nightmare Asylum
Posted - 2008.03.19 00:59:00 - [9]

I prefer to keep over 1.2 bil in my wallet. I won't go lower than 750m. I have enough in assets to keep me occupied in my piracy for quite a while. YARRRR!!

Cobra Ball
The Dead Parrot Shoppe Inc.
Balance of Judgment
Posted - 2008.03.19 01:39:00 - [10]

I just bought my first Battleship. With fitting and insurance, i easily spent over 200 million. I am now left with a bit over 250 million in ISK.

ugh, just the thought of all that money gone gives me the shakes. Sad

Athena Rivera
Domination Heavy Industries
Posted - 2008.03.19 03:39:00 - [11]

With a lot of isk that is ingame, the inflation can be quite bad overtime like before things were much cheaper. Honestly, it's safe to have at least a bil in wallet at most if things happen to go bad as far as buying a new ship & fitting one out. With every change going on in eve, ships and mods go up or down in price depending on what is good and bad. Lot of stuff changed over the course of 2 years or so all the way to the start of when eve first came out.

Vymorna Grom
Posted - 2008.03.19 04:01:00 - [12]

When I see some of you in structure I'll know how much to ransom.


Bin Matar
Fallen Angel's
Posted - 2008.03.19 04:08:00 - [13]

I was lucky and killed a serp rat which dropped an implant after about a week of play. Sold that for 55 mill i think.

Probably have anything between 500 mill and 4 bill max over a couple of accounts at any time

Solar Wind
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2008.03.19 11:56:00 - [14]

im saving up till i get 1 bill isk... and then i need to spend some on new launchers for my cnr... and i will prob get +5 implants soon (once i train cybernetics to V)... but i try to keep 500mill in the bank just in case bad things happen...

Posted - 2008.03.19 17:19:00 - [15]

i fluctuate between 700mil and 200mil.

Willow Whisp
Sadist Faction
Posted - 2008.03.19 20:09:00 - [16]

I keep my wallet high enough to make investments when needed, but low enough to ensure that all my assets are out there, making me money, rather than sitting in my wallet earning nothing.

School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2008.03.19 20:15:00 - [17]

i prefer to keep 1bil to 1.5bil in my wallet at all times just in case i need to buy something really expensive like another gtc

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2008.03.19 20:21:00 - [18]

i had .22 isk the other day. accidentally killed a rat and have 87k now YARRRR!!

Arx Io Orbital Factories
Arx Io
Posted - 2008.03.19 20:38:00 - [19]

It depends largely what you do. I need about 2 billion ISK due to manufactor/invention. If I just did missions and some pvp I might just need 100-200mil.

Cpt Branko
Retired Pirate Club
Posted - 2008.03.19 21:16:00 - [20]

Edited by: Cpt Branko on 19/03/2008 21:18:21
Roughly 2B now. I have some assets (BPOs, replacement T2 gear, skillbooks I'll need, etc, etc) and a few fitted and ready ships to jump in when the one I'm in explodes.

Realistically, 250M is all I need for pirating to have a very solid "ISK cushion" in case I have a really bad streak (I only had one when I started, really).

Piracy is a, well, process. You need some ISK to get things started, and you need a reserve in case you have a bad streak (because, honestly, losing ships is a matter of when and not if). So you need roughly 250M to kick things off imo.

Navy of Xoc
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2008.03.19 21:18:00 - [21]

I spent over 1 billion in the last couple days buying and fitting ships. I never let it drop below 400 million. I usually have close to a billion though.

Silent Samuel
EFT Warriors
Red Alliance
Posted - 2008.03.19 21:19:00 - [22]

I prefer to keep aprox 5 billion in my wallet incase I discover new investments oppertunities.

Posted - 2008.03.19 22:54:00 - [23]

If you thought 1 mil was a lot 5 months ago, even if you were new, you should have been here 4 years ago. It took me days and days to get my first mil. I actually had to save up for frigs.

Zae Dreen
Posted - 2008.03.19 23:04:00 - [24]

Edited by: Zae Dreen on 19/03/2008 23:05:13
sitting on about 10.5b right now.

when i first joined i lost 750k to pirates and almost quit :)

Jei'son Bladesmith
The Storm Knights
The Cool Kids Club
Posted - 2008.03.19 23:30:00 - [25]

I've gotten to the point where I consider myself poor and I get all antsy if the wallet gets under 1 billion.

Terail Zoqial
Posted - 2008.03.19 23:37:00 - [26]

0-400 mil, can't wait to get a better job so I can buy time with money and spend my isk on nice things.

I do have a lot of crap I don't use though, such as various cruisers, 2 tier 3 bs's I never use, some t2 frigs. I really need to sell some of my junk.

Posted - 2008.03.20 00:59:00 - [27]

Sitting on about 2mil atm Very Happy

MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2008.03.20 01:05:00 - [28]

Opportunity before comfort - I used to like having 500m+ in wallet , but they gave me a passive income in the form of bargain deals so a good part of my ISK is held in buy orders , between 100 and 200m in wallet but at least 2 billions in assets. Not that I'm a serious trader really.

Posted - 2008.03.20 01:07:00 - [29]

I have about 37mil right now.. which sucks. I had over 500 at one point, but 2 battleships and tech2 fittings for both killed that.
I need to start doing missions and what not, but I'm lazy and really don't care if I have 37ml or 370mil. Not like I need to buy anything.

Lions of Judah Incorporated
Posted - 2008.03.20 01:10:00 - [30]

ISK? what is this ISK you speak of, i'm nearly 4 years old have never had a bil in my wallet and spend it like theres no tomorrow, atleast all my expensive T2 crud can confirm that >.<

Really need to fly some of that stuff some day >.>

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