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Izo Azlion
Veto Corp
Posted - 2008.04.10 10:54:00 - [331]

Originally by: Andre Marconius
Edited by: Andre Marconius on 10/04/2008 10:22:34
Christ stop MOANING about low-sec. If you dont like it dont go there. I mine, pvp and do missions in low-sec with absolutely no problems and still make enough money to do what I want. I like low-sec because there is hardly anyone there and personally I want it to stay that way.


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Venkul Mul
Posted - 2008.04.10 11:11:00 - [332]

Originally by: Izo Azlione

Because if you leave the good ores, good missions all in high sec, why would someone come to low-sec for only slightly more gain at alot more risk? Its exactly how it is now, except theres not as much gain in low-sec.

Unless you made Low-Sec significantly better, at which point, Empire would look nerfed anyway.

"The good ores in high sec" .... they are the same they were 2 years ago when I started, the change is the price players are willing to pay for them. No high end minerals from high sec ores (no zydrine, no megacyte). So your problem isn't that high sec has good ores (or you feel that veldspater is a good ore?) but that the high hends value has dropped.

"good missions all in high sec", again not true, level 5 are in low sec, level 4 high quality agents are in low sec, pay and LP are increased when the security of the system is lower. Again there is not special higher rewards in high sec, they are all lower. What has changed is that LP are worth less across the board and the chance of getting caugth wile doing a mission increased.

"Unless you made Low-Sec significantly better, at which point, Empire would look nerfed anyway." You can have trouble getting it, but it is the way to go. If you simply nerf high sec the net effect is that people will have to grind more to get the resources to go in low sec, most of them will see the game as a constant grind and leave the game before they will enter low sec, the others will be mostly people with a high tollerance for grind and little interest for risk and will not enter low sec.

End result, still not increase of presence in low sec.

Vhor Kataar
Posted - 2008.04.10 12:05:00 - [333]

"I want to gank someone but noone's there. Something must be done to make people want to get ganked!"

Isn't that ... erm...

Well the OP is the reason for not going to low-sec. You get "ganked". Meaning "killed without having a chance."

You want people in low sec? REMOVE THE GANKERS

That would not help the pirates though, would it? Laughing

Cpt Branko
Retired Pirate Club
Posted - 2008.04.10 12:09:00 - [334]

Edited by: Cpt Branko on 10/04/2008 12:16:58
Edited by: Cpt Branko on 10/04/2008 12:16:25
Edited by: Cpt Branko on 10/04/2008 12:12:29
Q: "What's wrong with low-sec."
A: "Low-sec is fine, stop assuming low-sec is broken."

That's all there is to it.

To the OP:
You need more practice before you start moaning about low-sec. Most of the art of piracy IS finding targets in the first place - low-sec piracy is, I'm sure, very different from 0.0 ops you are used to in Triumvirate.

I used to be a low-sec ratter before I got into low-sec piracy, so I try to think "Hm, where would I go?" ;)

Also, area is everything when it comes to piracy, so proximity to high-sec L1/L2 mission hubs (where the relatively noobish congregate and where they do their low-sec adventures from) and what resources the particular batch of low-sec (complexes, ice belts, etc - they all are interesting+profitable resources people will try to harvest) mean a lot.

Furthermore, some places are widely known as places where you go and fight. If you want to go and fight, you go to those places, but you're fairly likely to get blobbed/ganked.

Onboard scanner is your friend, too.

Tobias Creed
Posted - 2008.04.11 08:13:00 - [335]

Edited by: Tobias Creed on 11/04/2008 08:14:01
I have to endorse the earlier proposed solution of no sec status hits on negative sec status targets, as well as a bounty system equal to clone cost. (whoever came up with that, it's brilliant.)

Personally, I would make it so that at -.1 sec status, your bounty is 10% of your clone grade, at -.5 50%, and at -1 your full clone cost.

I think the solution to lowsec is to make anti-piracy viable. Then the pirates can get their PVP, and the miners and explorers can get their protection.

edit: also, my picture just now finally shows up in forums! \o/

City Chick
Posted - 2008.04.11 08:20:00 - [336]

Edited by: City Chick on 11/04/2008 08:20:52
Low sec needs million isk bs's in the belts, make the reward worth the risk.

Why go into low sec when you can run level 3 missions in new caldari without risk for the same reward in npc bounties.

Ponderous Thunderstroke
Republic War Machine Industries
Posted - 2008.04.11 08:28:00 - [337]

Originally by: Brisco County
Low sec miners have been over-fished because every 2 bit PvP'er fancies themself a pirate. It's only natural that no miners would want to go to low sec with swarms of nano'd HACs waiting to gank them. Miners either seek the protection of CONCORD or nullsec alliances, because low-sec corps don't want to bother with protecting their industry.

Its like a bunch of old fat guys and frat boys running around a nude beach wondering where all the hot naked chicks are. Of course the women are going to stay at home under such conditions.

Brilliant assessment, but I REALLY did not need that imagery. Shocked

the muppets
Posted - 2008.04.11 08:50:00 - [338]

Originally by: Izo Azlion
Low-Sec is in need of a boost. No, we dont need some flashy ransom button for 10% of the ships value (Thats a crap amount anyway!) nor do we need Pirate modules, or Pirate whatevers.

All low-sec needs to be is more attractive. Give us better NPC's and better asteroids, and more people are going to risk it out there. Make High-sec worse than it is at the moment, because frankly, EVE isnt a PVE game.

Come on CCP, 11 pages and multiple threads over the last 2 years. Its time for a little action isnt it?

I guess CCP just needs to come forward and tell us that this is the low sec they envisioned, personally i donīt think high sec needs a nerf so that low sec becomes more appealing ,what needs is that low-sec needs something especial.

Some guy commed with a new ideia saying that people could conquer stations and all that stuff,that would be a start.Another thing is changing the rats and ore,more BS rats in low sec and better ore,also buffing slittly 0.0 rats.

Posted - 2008.04.19 16:31:00 - [339]

remember when you first joined the game and you thought 0.0 was this harsh space with low rewards? thats actually losec and 0.0 is space with lots of rewards and not so harsh in the right places

Pan Crastus
Anti-Metagaming League
Posted - 2008.04.19 18:27:00 - [340]

Make it possible to sell kill rights to corporations and people will rush into lowsec to get ganked. ;-)

Bellum Eternus
The Scope
Posted - 2008.04.19 20:00:00 - [341]

Why CCP doesn't put 1.8m triple BS spawns in .4 and lower I just don't know. As soon as you enter .4 sec, the risk to your ship is exactly the same as in a -1.0 true security system.

IMO it wouldn't hurt a thing to put big time bounty BS spawns in low sec belts. You'd get a higher population of ratters, and players would have options and alternatives to joining 0.0 alliances to make some ISK or improve their sec status.

Mayor Nuisance
Posted - 2008.04.19 20:02:00 - [342]

I'm a new player and you wonder why I don't go to low sec - well it's pretty easy - I'm not tremendously rich, I'm lacking skills and most of all I lack experience.
If I go to lowsec, chances are pretty high that my ship will be blown up - a risk I can live with as I can easily decide how much I want to spend to enjoy being ganked by a whole gang of more experienced players in better ships.

But is it all that funny? I just know that as soon as I enter lowsec, I'll sooner or later be blown up by a capital gate camp or be swarmed by nano-inties I can't hit with my curent skills and the equipment I can afford to lose.

Tbh, it occasionally is - right now I feel like spending some cash on an arbi, fit it with some stuff and see how long I could survive and gaining some personal experience in the process - problem is that I'm short of skills and I don't want to lose 24 hours of training to some quick adventure that is doomed from the beginning and over as soon as someone spots me - neither can I afford to lose a full set of +4 implants every day.

I occasionally went to lowsec, got killed and I could well live with that - it would just be nice to be able to get back into my main clone within an hour after doing so, so I don't lose a day each time I want to have some masochistic fun in lowsec...

That won't solve it all - but clone-jumping whenever I wanted would surely make me enter lowsec more regulary - probably it would imbalance things on the more experienced side of the scale I know nothing about, but the only thing keeping me from spending 50 mill on some ships and get ganked a few times right now is the fact that I can't get back to business for 24 hours from then.

All in all it boils down to the fact that there's an imbalance in the predator-prey relationship in lowsec with the current game-mechanics - each time I stick my toe into lowsec, it will be be bitten off by either a swarm of piranhas or a pack of sharks - being able to regrow it instantly would make the experience less annoying, but for now I think I'm better off with letting the predators eat each other due to hunger and boredom...

Posted - 2008.04.24 17:37:00 - [343]

Edited by: ZingFreelancer on 24/04/2008 18:30:25
This is all quite funny. But consider that people who inhabit low sec space (Pirates) is the one who earn most money on piracy and the low sec space it self.

My trip to low sec space ended in a disaster within 5 minutes. I was about to help a mate on a mission, he was running lvl 3's and needed some one to shoot down frigates that was close to him. So right when I warped to him and was about to start doing my job, we got ganged. Nor we wanted any trouble or any ganging, do the mission and be gone.

Solution? The corp you working for provide an anti PVP protection?

Any way, instead of whine, we should organise our selfs in groups and go gang up on pirates, taking one sector from them at a time.

I would rather wish to see a nerf of low sec, the only thing to have there is tiny rats and tons of minerals, some decent missions for people with good standings and thats all. If you really want to do some ratting or profit, you need to go as low as 0.2.

EDIT: Or for instance, CCP can introduce a new innovation. NPC Mercenary's/ EX military. You must outfit a ship and have proper skills in order to heir a mercenary to patrol any sector desired, depending on the skill rate of mercenary you need to pay a vast sum to hire him. So you preset options what people you wish to shoot, the red flashing people or low sec people or people hostile to your corp.
Having own skill tree with various skills and abilities example: Mercenary upkeep skill, lvl 1=1 mercenary, 2=2, 3=3, 4=5, 5=10 (There should be a benefit for training a whole month up to lvl 5) also cost reduction skill, so it cost less for you to hire the mercenary's, Mercenary training skill (to rise mercenary's lvl), clone skill and others. NPC generally patrol the area and engage other ship by the rule of engagement you have preset on them.

But of course, the cost and efficient of mercenary's makes it more useful for corporations then lone wolf players. Nor are hired mercenary's as uber as concord. They can be easily ganged up and beated down by other players. But once you got 4-5 of them with high tech gear equipped and kick ass ships, there will be need for some heavy assault to wipe them out (Depending on the skill of mercenary, high skills = very high cost per month)

Posted - 2008.04.24 18:15:00 - [344]

Going to lowsec is great fun. NOT.

Going there to do anything but pvp is like selfdestructing you Ship on every fifth mission. Its not like any nano-vagabond would manage to break a reasonable tanked missionrunner (provided you have SOME explosive resistance) but his three mates warping in while you are scramed shure as hell can.
Its not that bad to go ratting in pvp fits and to take some mates and have some fights (ok, usually "pirates" just run as soon as they notice). But it shure as hell is not possible to make a living as a mission-runner or miner.

Risk vs reward? Hm, I might think that giving a reward skale equalling to 5 Missions for a fully fitted faction ship would ruin the whole of the economy. Yet that would roughly be what it would take to end up even.

So. You end up having a space where people go if they are pirates. And those pirates would like to see non-pirates to have something to pirate. Strangely I would BET MY LAST SHORTS that not one player would like to play the victim for pirate entertainment. NOT ONE!

Its probably hard to see, but getting you mission ship and or hauler blown up is not just the loss of a ship, its also humiliating.

To every single pirate out there wishing for more victims: Go and earn yourself a CNR and faction fit it and survive in it for a week - exclusively in lowsec. You might end up having tons of fun with your former fellow pirates. Laughing

Posted - 2008.04.25 04:41:00 - [345]

I'm on my trial account, and I crossed over into .3 space just to check it out. The experience was pretty damn lame. The rats were pretty close to .5 quality, and there were 3 others in the system, all of them pirates. Me and one of them had a proper one on one bout - I got his inty's shields down to half before getting popped, and then he asked for 5 mil to not pod me. It was hilarious, I was in an alpha clone in a T1 frigate with 6 mil to my name. At that point the other two pirates warped in and ganged up on him before he could finish podding me and I was able to warp out and go home.

What I figured out is that there is nothing out there for me at all, even the asteroids looked lame.

Lamic Tarvalla
Omega Fleet Enterprises
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2008.04.25 05:21:00 - [346]

Who cares that nobody lives in low sec? I'm not seeing a problem with this, I rather enjoy a place in EVE I can roam and be alone or find very few. When I do find someone that wants to fight it's usually some of the best one on one, or small group vs small group fights to be had. The empire dwellers have their mission systems packed with hundreds of pilots, the 0.0 dwellers have there posfare and blobs. Let those that don't want a crowded system or 700 member gangs have low sec.

Personally I don't see a problem with a wasteland where nobody lives. That's where I'll be.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.04.25 05:37:00 - [347]

Originally by: Luna Nilaya
There's no point in going to low-sec since there's nothing valuable there.
Nothing to fight over with other players.
CCP doesn't seem to realize this and I doubt they are going to say anything in this thread, because they have nothing positive to say about it(the usual CCP way).

I'm quoting a goon! Oh noes!

But to be honest... it's made it to 12 pages in this thread already and no blue/red marker next to the topic. Go figure. Rolling Eyes

I'm not going to say weather or not lowsec needs more or less of something, I've seen firsthand the effects of over-pirating an area (Ihakana Very Happy) and I am no longer an outlaw running around shooting anything that flashes red to me, be it pirates, can thieves or war targets.

I love the kind of fights that you can get in lowsec and the lack of pvp I've run into recently forced me into either ratting my sec up or moving to another pocket, which included ratting my sec up since I'm too lazy to move everything with my alt... Oh well, I guess I'll just have to see how much longer I can take the "Wow a forum celebrity in our system" and "You actually play eve and not just post on the forums??!" comments before I get back into lowsec where there aren't 100+ in local and random people hitting me up with convos Laughing

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.04.25 05:47:00 - [348]

After reading some of the other replies in the thread... and knowing my personal opinion of how broken/not broken lowsec is. I've reached the conclusion that:

Lowsec is not broken, it's the lack of enthusiasm for PVP that is broken.

So what, you don't have 5bil in your wallet... Are you having fun? I have fun shooting people, even when I die while doing it, I have fun. I average less than 100mil in my wallet, I get into lots of stupid fights and engage damn near anything I think I might have half a chance of winning (or just hope for luck and a comedy killmail). Players should get out of the mindset that they need to have XX number of ships and XXX amount of isk in their wallet to have fun PVP'ing. Sure the age old "Don't fly what you can't afford to lose" comes to mind, but I do that regularly. If I average less than 100mil in my wallet, do you think I can go buy a new poly rigged Vaga right away? Or will I downgrade and fly a Hurricane?

Really... It's peoples mindset that is out of order for flying in lowsec, I can survive just fine in lowsec if I fly smart. But I'll lose ships left and right if I do dumb things (which I'm apt to do).

Oh well... I know one more forum post from me won't change peoples aversion to losing their ships. Twisted Evil

Blue Ring Defence
Posted - 2008.04.25 06:53:00 - [349]

Edited by: Amastat on 25/04/2008 06:55:14

I appreciate CCP a lot too, I'm a huge fan of there work. Best MMO for me, I absolutly love EVE - and thumbs up to CCP on the more recent patches and Trinity.

But - I do know what you mean by low-sec being barren - I guess the game is old enough now hwere people know what to expect out there, and are not going to try anymore. Why? - people got enough of being blown up by pirates and just don't bother anymore - and in some cases they are just too scared. I disagree when the statement is made that "all the carebears are too scared", but there is a lot of peopled just really freaked out by low-sec and don't bother anymore - but not everyone. Some people have just overtime developed common-sense to not go out there.

I'm not a carebear, or a pirate - I've worked equally in both fields, so I wouldn't say I'm one or the other - but I know enough from both sides to ask the question to pirates and carebears alike: "Would you rat to make a living in a place like placid, or Syndicate?"

The answer is usually always the same - from either side. Fear is one factor, but common sense is another. It is not common sense to rat/mine in low sec if your a indy with limited combat skills, and experience - in a heavily pirated area. It's not common sense to do such a thing when you could do several other things to create money, that are often times BETTER money, and are lower or almost no-risk.

A lot of part-time pirates do the same thing themselves, they pirate there butts off and then go mission in empire to stock up a couple 100 million ISK so they can afford to go PvP for another month or so.

The only pirates who every do absolutly nothing but PvP are the ones who are un-natrually good at it.

Yes VETO, I'm talking about you guys :) I have great respect for your PvP talent, I hope I can kill more like you guys someday.

So good to the point where their losses are next to non-exsistant, and they have a huge profit from their kills. There is a bunch of pirate corps out there like that, and even fewer alliances - but that is only a small fraction of the populus on EVE.

OK - to my ultimate point.

My point is that there is a mix of fear, and common sense that causes players to keep distance from places like low-sec - and why go to low-sec when you can just make some arrangement with a 0.0 alliance and set up out there?

The problem is - there is not enough point. Ok - so let's create more of a point: well, this creates another issue - how?

Three ways are to create more juicy reasons for carebears to go into low-sec, make empire less profitable, and make ships and indy equipment more affordable:

The issue with option A is that - it's already been tried and done. Exploration is the finest example. Low-sec level 4 agents is another, and the most recent level 5 missions. They all have been put in place in the past 2 years and it has not done anything to help attract carebears into low sec by much.

Option B is debatable. There would be a lot of uproar about it, and ever since the period between Revelations-Trinity, CCP has poured a LOT of focus into attracting new players into the game, and making life for rookie pilots easier and more exciting. I don't know what goes on in CCP's planning, and what is on their minds - I can only presume by their actions that they may not make that motion so easily, and there is bound to be numerous consequences if that move was made - it would likely be too complicated for what its worth.

Option C I think is the most feasable option. If the costs for mining equipment was reduced considerably, miners may be more willing to go out into low sec. The cost of the loss would be so much more smaller - they may be more willing to revisit the idea of mining out there. Weither it's a scared carebear, or a smart carebear - they all have the same thing in common. It's expensive to repeatidly lose mining bargers and exhumers, therefore low-sec becomes too expensive.

Blue Ring Defence
Posted - 2008.04.25 07:00:00 - [350]

I apologize for the horrible spelling and grammer in the last post, due to the very buggy forums and the reply box - it's not easy :P

Posted - 2008.05.01 20:31:00 - [351]

why change anything? the rewards are bigger than people claim and the risks are also lower if you know where to go

Kahega Amielden
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2008.05.01 20:49:00 - [352]

Edited by: Kahega Amielden on 01/05/2008 20:49:14
Amastat makes some good points. The problem is, even if it was safe to mine in loweec, Veldspar is worth more than almost any lowsec ore. Lowsec ores need higher quantities of good minerals, although I think a better idea would be to rework the drone regions so that there's not a massive influx of mid-range minerals (Isogen and nocxium) thus making lowsec ores more profitable. Lowsec mining should be several times more profitable ISK/hour wise than hisec, and 0.0 slightly more profitable than lowsec.

Other changes that should be made:

-Ratting should be a bit more profitable. I think lowsec should have something unique...maybe keep current bounties, but make the chance for faction loot very high relative to hisec/0.0?

-Rework sec status. It's a pretty poor concept at the moment and it means lowsec mining ops can't shoot first without making it difficult to reenter hisec.

-Amastat's idea of making mining ships cheaper is a decent one...I think a better one is to give them some protection. Mining barges are massive, they should be able to fit a good tank. Make them align to warp faster universally, and maybe allow retrievers to warp even faster? I don't think giant mining ships should be cheap, but they should be sturdy.

why change anything? the rewards are bigger than people claim and the risks are also lower if you know where to go

I am the first to agree that the risks are WAY overstated if you know what you're doing. However, ratting is still a bit less profitable than it should be, and mining is no more profitable than in hisec.. This is wrong.

Posted - 2008.05.01 21:22:00 - [353]

Edited by: Ulstan on 01/05/2008 21:31:09
Edited by: Ulstan on 01/05/2008 21:28:27
Heh, a lot of terrible ideas in this thread. Mostly from pirates, I note.

The reason people don't go to low sec is because they don't have fun there.

The only way to get them to go to low sec is by increasing the fun they have in low sec.

Decreasing the fun they have in hi sec won't do anything except possibly make them quit the game. It's certainly not going to increase low sec population. Everyone who enjoys the current low sec lifestyle is already there, so you're going to be hoping to attract people who chase around the most profits. Let's ignore the fact that these people are almost universally traders, manufacturers, inventors, etc, and pretend that actually running L4 mission is the best way to make money (which is false) and that somehow removing L4 missions from hi sec is going to make those mission runners take their 2-3b CNR set ups into low sec.

It won't.

Low sec is a hellhole right now, less rewarding and more dangerous than 0.0. No one in their right minds would move to low sec from empire if they were looking for a profit, they'd skip it and go straight to 0.0.

The best L4 missions and agents, and all the L5 missions, are already in low sec. But hardly anyone runs those, and for good reason.

You'd have to actually *add* things to low sec and adjust it's horrible risk vs reward ratio to tempt profit seekers into low sec. I'd suggest adding in better ores or something...not sure really, the price crash of nocx and isogen isn't the fault of hi sec players.

You should definitely put in better exploration, much much better belt rats, etc. Those would be fairly easy to do without nerfing piracy or anything like that, and might attract a few more souls out into low sec, if you really think you need more.

Posted - 2008.05.01 21:28:00 - [354]

I think the solution is simple, and I find it hard to believe it was never in place to begin with.

One can simply say that Jump Gates operate at such a technoligical level (anyone ever fire a weapon while in warp) that prevents the firing of weapons, or the activation of misc items (maybe of a certain type - what ever the interference would constitute) within a certain km radius of a jump gate, as they are always in a state of flux/activity.

This will at least solve the gate ganking, causing the pirates to have to hunt for the prey.

This also gives people going to low-sec the ability to get somewhere after jumping through.

Pirates will have to coordinate more, someone comes into an area and sees 20 pirates, they will not stick around.

But they see one, maybe they take the risk to mine quickly. Then pirate coordinates attack, giving miner a chance to escape.

Also will spread the pirates around as people will feel safer.

Seems very simple.

Victor Forge
Posted - 2008.05.01 21:51:00 - [355]

Originally by: SiJira
why change anything? the rewards are bigger than people claim and the risks are also lower if you know where to go

Enough people disagree and have enough bad experience of low-sec to make it nearly empty. Players are not being blown up every time they visit low-sec, but they are blown up enough to stay away from it.

It might have been perfectly fine once upon a time, the problem is that the numbers of chokeholds for Gatecamps has stayed the same in low-sec, but the EvE population and thus the numbers of pirates setting up Gatecamps has increased.

Sure Gatecamps can be bypassed with some ships like Blockade runners, but certainly not with Hulks or ships you can do lvl 4 combat missions with. And mission runners now have Navy issue battleships or Marauders as mission ships. They are riskning more now than when they just flied T1 battleships. And at the same time the risk has stayed the same or even increased since Pirates has more T2 ships now as well.

"Donīt fly why you canīt afford to lose". The result is that players will be less and less willing to risk their ships the more expensive those ships are. And they will be even more less willing if CCP tries to starve them out from High-sec. Since with lower income it will take longer time to replace a lost ship.

And how will "no change" make low-sec more populated may I ask?

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.05.01 22:00:00 - [356]

I still like my low-sec idea the most. Yes yes, I know, shameless plug.

Its a valid point though. What better way of boosting low-sec's traffic than by making it a thoroughfare?

Sergeant Spot
Galactic Geographic BookMark Surveying Inc.
Posted - 2008.05.01 22:05:00 - [357]

Its all about Pain.

Pain is Eve's Blessing.
Pain is Eve's Curse.

There is no cure for this condition.

In Eve, it is painful to get killed in one of your 'serious' ships. This Pain has several effects. The pain adds an adrenaline edge to Eve combat, the heart beats fast, the vision focuses, its a rush.


Due to that same pain, many players will go out of their why to avoid risk, far more so than if things were less painful.

The combined effect is better, but rarer, combat in Eve.

The wiser attempts to at least partly "fix" this is to offer greater posibility of reward in lower security areas.

Idiots get angry at "carebears" for not being willing suicide monkeys with phat loot, and repeatedly suggest "starving" the carebears into low sec.

None of these efforts will ever populated low sec with a decent supply of suicide monkeys. Only a sharp reduction in Pain would do that, but that is a MUCH worse idea.

Interestingly enough, for those who like warring empires, there is good action in 0.0, and has been for years.

Victor Forge
Posted - 2008.05.01 22:44:00 - [358]

Originally by: Sergeant Spot

None of these efforts will ever populated low sec with a decent supply of suicide monkeys. Only a sharp reduction in Pain would do that, but that is a MUCH worse idea.

MUCH worse in what sence? For those in High-sec? For those in 0.0 sec? I am sure it is bad for those responsible for low-sec being nearly empty, but what stops them from pirating in 0.0?

Anyway you forgot there are not just High-sec people that holds the key for a more populated low-sec.

So the question is: What does it take to get 0.0 people to live in low-sec? Twisted Evil More pain? Very Happy

Sloppy Podfarts
Posted - 2008.05.01 23:32:00 - [359]

Lot of great ideas here...hope they're watchingExclamation

Sergeant Spot
Galactic Geographic BookMark Surveying Inc.
Posted - 2008.05.02 07:15:00 - [360]

Originally by: Victor Forge

So the question is: What does it take to get 0.0 people to live in low-sec? Twisted Evil More pain? Very Happy

The ability to respond pre-emptively and aggressively to threats WITHOUT screwing up your security status.

The only folks that can operate freely and "effectively" in 0.4 to 0.1 are the folks who are -5.0 or lower security and the folks workimng on getting their security that low. All others need to hold their fire to often to be truely effective.

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