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Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:49:00 - [241]

Originally by: CCP Mitnal
Tranquility will be undergoing a hotfix from 1100-1400 on Friday, March 14 so we can resolve issues arising from the deployment of the Trinity 1.1 booster patch.

As reported in our earlier News Item new player missions have been disabled for 24 hours and this hotfix will eliminate the issues with them. We will also be fixing the problem with Civilian Codebreaker/Analyzers and Archaeology.

Please remember to get your character our of harm's way and set a skill long enough to cover the downtime prior to logging off.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Hey Mitnal, any chance of getting someone from CCP brave enough to comment in this forum thread that you set up?? What is the problem now? As a 'community representative' i would of thought you would be capable of finding someone who can communicate with the 'savages'... Evil or Very Mad

Silence breeds resentment... or so my shrink says Shocked

Posted - 2008.03.14 14:51:00 - [242]

Hmm. Is today some special day ? I mean where do all those r3tards with an exclamation mark in their avatar respawn from. I feel like there are more of them than usual... Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2008.03.14 14:52:00 - [243]

Originally by: Nereni Valacon
Originally by: Minecap
5 mil says it will still be down at 15:00:00 GMT. Any takers?

I'll take that bet on the condition that I don't pay if I'm wrong.

Then I guess it would be safe to recommend everybody to avoid doing business or coorperating with you in general ;-)...

Posted - 2008.03.14 14:52:00 - [244]

Dear players, today's Downtime will be extended further due to deployment taking a bit longer than originally announced. We expect to have Tranquility up and open for business at about 15.30 GMT.

Any chance that we can play more than 2 days without huge downtime ?

Krystren D'ilf
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:53:00 - [245]

Edited by: Krystren D''ilf on 14/03/2008 14:54:13
You know something just occured to me. Maybe CCP should hire a professional forum flamer, you know, to deal with the "savages" as monkeymajik put it Very Happy

Thatd be money well invested, really Laughing

Astromechanica Maxima
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:53:00 - [246]

I bet 1,000 ISK on 19h GMT !

Last Rites
Eternal Frontier
Eternal Ascension
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:53:00 - [247]

The whole idea of this patch is super. It's stuff I thought about too. How to reduce lag etc... Give some breathing room for those nodes (servers).

It's a damn splendid idea.

The implementation, however, is as were used to.

EVE developers should really consider a few things. How much is their fanbase going to accept. And how much can they shove down their throat.

EVE needs to stay alive, that's the prime concern of the DEV's. They crunch numbers and they see what is needed.

But really, what IS needed. You have a playerbase of thousands of people, that have been playing right from the start. They now are flying motherships, titans, dreads and carriers. And they duke it out with those ships, sometimes.

And, newsflash, it is BORING !

We don't play EVE to be bored. Do we ?

Posted - 2008.03.14 14:53:00 - [248]

Hm in the meantime is the server longer down than online. That is no funny its boring

Posted - 2008.03.14 14:55:00 - [249]

Originally by: mei nay
Originally by: monkeymajik
Originally by: Prometheus Pyrphoros
Edited by: Prometheus Pyrphoros on 14/03/2008 14:19:42
Hmm i chose a skill that ends training at 1600cet (1500 gmt) ..I almost start praying to the amarian gods the downtime ends before then (and I am gallente can you imagine ?)

But dont curse on the devs they cant help unforseen issues that arise on a full server (hard to ask 30k friends on to test before release Laughing

But maybe a training que would help with theis issue lets say you can put in 3 skills t train and if one is trained the other starts ..Time = isk in this harsh universe

ow btw anyone know why i can only see an ! where my picture is supposed to go on the forum ? I want to show off my handsome image Razz

I totally agree with the training que... surely that would stop everyone complaining when we lose playing time, safe in the knowledge at least our char is still getting trained (however god damn sloow that process is)? Is there some reason CCP have for not bringing this in?

or have we all gone completely mad? Shocked

well I can think of one big reson why ccp would want not to implement a que. the thing is that players who reley on game time cards for the most part, have figured out that skilling of long term skills will continue even if the game time runs out. At present most players dont have skills that take more then 30 days or so to train to next lvl so its not that big of a deal. But if you could que 3 long term skills you could set your account to train for 3-4 mounths for free. This would be werry bad for bussnes, becouse this would shurly become werry popular espicialy for players who own more then one account.

that is why u impliment an exception along the lines of "if <player> has not logged on in <insert time window> pause training" which would then stop the que from operating for such a long period of time and would require them to keep their account active durring training

oh and they updated their DT quote:
Dear players, today's Downtime will be extended further due to deployment taking a bit longer than originally announced. We expect to have Tranquility up and open for business at about 15.30 GMT."

Terminus adacai
Racey Bee
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:55:00 - [250]

Still not accepting connections....

Highknee VonBones
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:56:00 - [251]

because it's only 14:55gmt
great mountain time!

Posted - 2008.03.14 14:56:00 - [252]

And i pay to play, not to wait the possibilities to maybe play !

Burning Napalm
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:57:00 - [253]

All these people complaining about bugs in eve... and your not complaining about the bugs in you operating system (Microsoft Windows) are you... Razz

get with it...

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:57:00 - [254]

Originally by: Fufuneraire
I bet 1,000 ISK on 19h GMT !

Its a bet! I reckon it'll be before (no, 'hope' might be a bit more appropriate) but if it isnt the money's yours! :p

Atrus Gehan
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:57:00 - [255]

Just a quick thought... ? Even if they added a training queue, I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts it still wouldn't move your skill training during downtime.

The devs have posted before that the way training works is they record the time you start training a skill, and then they use that to figure out when it's supposed to end. Well, if a skill completes while the server's down, there would be no server up to record the start time of the next skill in the queue. I mean, they could maybe add some trickery to get around the problem during downtimes, but I have a feeling in a large, distributed database system like the one they're running they probably wouldn't want to give it a shot.

Just my 5 ISK...

Highknee VonBones
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:58:00 - [256]

15:30 it says now.

Posted - 2008.03.14 14:58:00 - [257]

"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen."

-- The Emperor

Gideon Kross
Kross Industries Ltd
Posted - 2008.03.14 14:59:00 - [258]

API Is working as of this posting.

... That is all.

::we now return to our regularly scheduled whinning, allready in progress::


Posted - 2008.03.14 15:00:00 - [259]

Originally by: Crotador
All these people complaining about bugs in eve... and your not complaining about the bugs in you operating system (Microsoft Windows) are you... Razz

get with it...

that is because the MS bugs are not dramatically that big of a deal. and MS tests thoroughly requiring their entire company to find a minimum # of bugs every testing cycle. and when they release a patch it rarely (and i cant remember a time it ever happened) causes huge issues that require them to say "we're sorry but u cant use ur computer for a few days while we try to fix the problem"

monkey majgic
Posted - 2008.03.14 15:01:00 - [260]

2 oclock then 3 oclock then 3,30 is it ever gonna come back on ? dated 14/3/2008Crying or Very sad

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.03.14 15:01:00 - [261]

Well i think there should be at the very LEAST some sort of emergency que - just one skill you want trained during periods of extended downtime which occur through no fault of our own. Surely its not that difficult to work out which charcaters are not being trained while the servers down? Its obvioulsy not down for CCP as they are 'supposedly' testing it...

Posted - 2008.03.14 15:01:00 - [262]

"15:30 GMT, but may have it open earlier".. lolz

Astromechanica Maxima
Posted - 2008.03.14 15:02:00 - [263]

Originally by: fwiedwice
"15:30 GMT, but may have it open earlier".. lolz

Hehe, next message : "16:00 GMT, stay please !"

Teram Odator Rilfur Pegastur
Posted - 2008.03.14 15:04:00 - [264]

Edited by: Seviere on 14/03/2008 15:05:05
Ffs, you guys are so lame some times Sad
10 hours more than expected on patch day plus 3 and a half hours more than regular downtime today and counting... go CCP!

Posted - 2008.03.14 15:05:00 - [265]

Edited by: shergold on 14/03/2008 15:05:47
do we get reimbursed game time for when they do "no nerf" patches and mess them up???

monkey majgic
Posted - 2008.03.14 15:05:00 - [266]

i be wishing and waiting ,roid and rats need my attention, lolSmile

Ornery Cantankerous Curmudgeons
Posted - 2008.03.14 15:05:00 - [267]

Api is working now.

Posted - 2008.03.14 15:06:00 - [268]

Wouldn't it be great if we did not have to pay fo the down time that CCP takes from our play. But then again, I doubt that CCP even reads this post. They just put it up to make people think that they care.

Karma Kazi
Posted - 2008.03.14 15:07:00 - [269]

Oh no! I think I stepped on an emo while trudging though this thread. Evil or Very Mad
*scraps emo off boot* Damned emos are everywhere!

Posted - 2008.03.14 15:07:00 - [270]

they should listen to us if we did'nt play they'd have no money.

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