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Posted - 2008.03.16 03:45:00 - [121]

/bump problem continues for classic client, bug/dxdiag report sent.

Blackwater USA Inc.
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2008.03.16 04:35:00 - [122]

@ CCP: can we at least get an update on what you have found? if you have found anything? IF you have any ideas on how to fix it?

give us a report on any progress please. i cant do anything in game cept sit in a station cause i have 5 fps everywhere else.

im not paying for that

just an update thats all i want

Alan Peterson
Posted - 2008.03.16 05:43:00 - [123]

They are still trying to figure it out. Not everyone has the problem. Only certain people. They said that they are having difficulty reproducing the issue.
The best you can do is submit the requested info and wait.
Im in the same boat with poor fps myself 6fps in space =(

I R' Carebear
Posted - 2008.03.16 06:21:00 - [124]

I disagree. I believe everyone in game IS experiencing the FPS drop. Its just there are those in game with very powerfull systems and the FPS drop isn't noticable to them.

To experiment, get your corpmates to press ctrl-f to show their frames per second. Then have your corpmates jump into a system that sends your fps plummeting and have them tell you if their is a difference.

I've had a few corpies do this for me and they experience a massive fps drop, just not enough to lag them out so they notice. For instance, a drop fro 60fps to 35 fps when they jump into a system that drops me down to 10 - 12 fps.

I still believe its the new overview causing this, but I cant verify other than seeing a massive fps increase jumping from one system to the next just before the overview loads the system. After loading the system, its back to the low fps.

Alan Peterson
Posted - 2008.03.16 06:29:00 - [125]

Ya that could be true. I never thought about that. If your a guy with a normal 100 fps and you goto 50 you probably wouldn't notice lol. Yet I am one of those fools who is doing good at 25-40 pre-boost =/
Finally all the graphics glitches got taken care of on Linux and I dont get the fps to enjoy it. Thats classic.

Not Quite So Sinister
Shadow Empire.
Posted - 2008.03.16 07:29:00 - [126]

Edited by: Durao on 16/03/2008 07:31:01
I run a classic client on an old laptop - had a much higher fps pre-patch.

I definitely sent a bug report with dxdiag and log info.

I hope everyone does this to resolve the problem. Don't just send in dxdiag - send them a log report so they can actually see what's happening.

I love Eve, and I hope the issue gets resolved soon.

Leviathani Darkri
The Panopticon
Posted - 2008.03.16 07:35:00 - [127]

I'm getting the same FPS issues, also running a FX5500. I've notcied the same thing regarding different systems performing differently, but I've drawn a conclusion that larger systems (ie 60+ au warps between gates) draw much worse FPS than smaller systems.

Is something being done differently client side regarding system mapping orsomesuch?

Posted - 2008.03.16 07:47:00 - [128]

I think ccp lowered frame rates to see who will report the problem. Its a conspiracy to weed out all of the bad customers they dident want anyways.

Rod Blaine
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2008.03.16 08:20:00 - [129]

I still believe its the new overview causing this, but I cant verify other than seeing a massive fps increase jumping from one system to the next just before the overview loads the system. After loading the system, its back to the low fps.

This tbh.

I've noticed that the fps drop seems to be negated in every situation in which you do not have a loaded overview. When running single account the difference is noticeable, but when running two the difference is enormous. As soon as one character jumps out, is in warp, or logs out: immediate fps explosion on BOTH characters.

Not Quite So Sinister
Shadow Empire.
Posted - 2008.03.16 11:20:00 - [130]

Edited by: Durao on 16/03/2008 11:35:34
After submitting a bug report with log file and dxdiag:

I got a reply from the bug hunting team stating that they are aware of the problem.

So, hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

ALSO: I logged on to the test server and everything was working great. Excellent FPS. Whatever the problem is, it isn't on Singularity.

Vitara DahReh
Posted - 2008.03.16 13:18:00 - [131]

have a c2d [email protected] 3.15ghz and a geforce 8800gtx ultra
premium client
before patch 200fps+ docked 100-180fps in space
patch 1.1 130fps docked ,100fps in space
i would not reckognize this if i not checking fps from time to time
get a bit better performance when reduced shadows to low
so something is eating fps (new content,game code ? )

Xanath Fireheart
Under Heavy Fire
Posted - 2008.03.16 13:28:00 - [132]

I just did a quick test on both my PC's the results:

Alikara - New caldari
9 fps - 35 fps (classic client, 1.7 ghz P4, GF 5600 XT)
25 fps - 50 fps (premium client, 3.0 ghz P4, GF 6600)

So it does seem to effect both PCs, It's just not as noticable on the ones running at higher framerates.

Posted - 2008.03.16 16:57:00 - [133]

Same for me, I used to get about 300 in stations (Premium) but now I only get like 130-150 Crying or Very sad

Posted - 2008.03.16 17:41:00 - [134]


And to make things even more enjoyable I can't even turn down my graphics settings to try and get an improvement, because every time i do and hit apply they revert right back to what they were.

Melting video cards
overview bugs out the wazoo
FPS in the toliet

great job CCP! they only thing you've boosted with this patch is the level of my city of heroes chracter, and my wallet when i cancel at the end of this pay period.

Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2008.03.16 22:18:00 - [135]

Originally by: Durao
Edited by: Durao on 16/03/2008 11:35:34
After submitting a bug report with log file and dxdiag:

I got a reply from the bug hunting team stating that they are aware of the problem.

So, hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

I hope so Confused

Alex Under
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.03.17 00:34:00 - [136]

I can run one account semi-ok, but there is a significant drop in Frame Rates. I can't run multiple clients anymore. Prior to the latest patch, I was able to run 4 clients easily on my pc with no lag or shortcomings on Frame Rates. Now if I launch a second account EVE just comes to a grinding halt. I can't click anywhere, frame rates are less then 5. white screens in space. I tried loading a 3rd client and I think my PC laughed at me as though it knew something I didn't... Razz because my eve clients froze up.

This is just crazy. They try to fix one thing and end up screwing something else up. And now everyone is having the problem, so it's no isolated.Why can't the QA team ever catch these things? We always get the same damn answer from CCP: "...we were not able to duplicate these errors on our end... please send us a copy of your DXDiag and your logs..."

Magius Paulus
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2008.03.17 07:27:00 - [137]

The fact that some systems have less problems and showing the same # of fps as pre-patch (New Caldari, Odotte, Nonni etc.) gives me some hope the devs canduplicate this problem. They just have to see what the difference is between those systems and modify it till ther duplicated the problem (and then remove it).
Then again, i'm no IT guy so i probably think too simple about these things...

Cruoris Seraphim
Posted - 2008.03.17 10:36:00 - [138]

*bump* Still getting bad FPS.

Just to make sure we are not forgotten Very HappyVery Happy <3 CCP


Aero Zolic
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.03.17 13:42:00 - [139]

I haven't been playing much after the patch and FPS problems, but I can say that things are ok in 1V-LI2 and FPS drops in Q-K2T7. So maybe check the difference between those systems - something's wrong there.

Mannington Skank
Nightweave Operations
Revenant Alliance
Posted - 2008.03.17 13:57:00 - [140]

Just imagine what the next patch will be like?
/me shudders.

Posted - 2008.03.17 14:23:00 - [141]

i started having the same problem only it started soon. when the new grafics came out i tryed it ran nicly but hade some problems over a longer time playing probaly a problem with with a memory leak any ways whent back to the old grafik system and it ran just as it use to untill the next patch. they fixed alot of stuff with the new but some how it totaly ****ed my comp with the old i have ben getting worst every patch after that with a new fix for the new grafiks i think that manny of the things they do to fix the new are forced onto the old grafiks probaly getting the cpu to run shaders it dont have to with the old or something like that course all the old grafik cards dont have new shader chips. tho im lucky i found out that if i run the new grafiks wiht no shaders or any other smart stuff that i can play again. hope this might help some people ..

PS. dear EVE team u need to reastablish the old settings for the old grafiks meby force any grafik changes to take place befor running the game so u actualy end up with 2 engiens that run for the same game . love cali

Nicho Void
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.03.17 14:26:00 - [142]

I'm running the classic client.

In station I get 20FPS, in space 4.5FPS, at POS 1.4FPS. All effects turned off, everything as minimal as I can get it. Seems to be the same no matter where I am, but I haven't exactly signed up for long distance fleet ops since the problem started.

Praesus Lecti
Vos Combibis
Posted - 2008.03.17 16:31:00 - [143]

I'm not exactly sure why, but I got a significant FPS increase after the patch. Prior to the patch I was lucky to see 60FPS in an empty 0.0 system. Now? 95-100FPS in the same system filled with corpmates all in the same location (corp mining op) full effects, premium graphics, etc blah blah blah.

What I did do was uninstall EVE and make sure every file associated with EVE was gone. Performed a defrag on my games drive and reinstalled the patched client. All settings remained identical.

agent apple
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.03.17 17:09:00 - [144]

Still unplayable, still no word.

Miyamoto Uroki
Sarum Industries
Posted - 2008.03.17 19:52:00 - [145]

Aye. Give us feedback, ccp. You always demand it from us, but you owe your paying customers also some love...

Posted - 2008.03.17 20:57:00 - [146]

CCP sort it out and sort it out fast....

I dont have a flash top of the range pc but it ran quite happily prior to the patch with both characters able to operate in dual or seperate tasks without any issue and happily able to ALT TAB on full screen mode between the 2.

Now i can run 1 account only as soon as i open the 2nd account i either crash out or FPS drop to a average off around 5-6 FPS i cant even pan the camera angle round without it coughing and spluttering like a 60 a day smoker.

So whats the point now of having a extra account ...tbh none at all waste of cash and time .Everyone logs on to destress and chill out on a game that was fun .Now i log on and am wasting cash on aaccount that worked 100% fine prior to all this upgrade and only thing im sure of is that im 100% DISATISFIED.

Listen to the masses and do something about it at the end of the day all we get is fobbed of with a handfull of lame excuses that wore thin a couple years ago but instead of this being addressed and improving its going down the pan .So the sake off your paycheque (its us that pays it) and our sanity get a grip admit you messed up and give us some answers.Then fix them roll it back hotfix do whatever cos if it aint fixed ...and i dont think im speakin for just me not only my alt but my main are gonna logout for good .I dont want a automated response in fact i dont care if you dont respond to a single petition ...but sort it NOW .

Regards Zaf

The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2008.03.17 21:41:00 - [147]

Edited by: Saidor on 17/03/2008 21:44:11
GF 7600 GT, my FPS is about 1/3 to 1/10 pre-1.1 deployment.

At a POS with alliance and no enemies/gridloading I am running 3-4 FPS. Game is near unplayable in all except benign environments now.

Whatever was done for Trinity 1.1 needs a serious looking at IMO.

(this low FPS is regardless or bracket settings with nearly everything turned off - I see less stuff now than pre-1.1 and its far more laggy!)

Mike Christiansen
Posted - 2008.03.17 21:47:00 - [148]

I'm going to add to the "me too" post. I've noticed a few things since Trinity 1.1

1. General FPS decrease of about 1/2. Zooming close into a ship will drop me to single digit fps.
2. IN-STATION is nearly unplayable.
3. RAM usage is through the roof. Previously I had no problems having Eve, & Firefox open. Now just hitting the windows key to bring up the task bar causes a couple minutes of HD thrashing.

Pent M, 1GB ram, GeForce 6800 Go

Removal Tool
Unleet Industries LLC
Posted - 2008.03.17 21:49:00 - [149]

Hey CCP, I have 4 extremely ****ed-off cats and they are willing to travel....just sayin'. YARRRR!!

Bom Bolenath
Posted - 2008.03.17 22:52:00 - [150]

Have you all unistalled eve and grabbed the new client? I run eve in vista 64 with an 8800gts 640, and I lost two-box functionality with Trinity 1.0 like a lot of people. It took reinstalling vista after a serious crash to get me to grab a new eve client, but that fixed multi-client performance for me.

I now have these problems again. Despite plenty of bandwidth, opening a second client (where I used to be able to open 3-4) causes FPS rates to drop to a miserable, unworkable level.

I'm off to reinstall eve, but regardless of my results, I recommend this to everyone as a basic guideline for assessing post-patch problems that appear to be system-specific.


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