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In Igne Morim
Posted - 2008.04.07 14:19:00 - [331]

Edited by: Farrqua on 07/04/2008 14:19:04
Originally by: Dionisius

Btw how many of you play with sound on? And if so what soundcard do you have?

There is no "sound" in eve.

the muppets
Posted - 2008.04.07 16:39:00 - [332]

Originally by: Farrqua
Edited by: Farrqua on 07/04/2008 14:19:04
Originally by: Dionisius

Btw how many of you play with sound on? And if so what soundcard do you have?

There is no "sound" in eve.

I like to turn it on from time to time when i am npcing.

Strangely i noticed that sometimes, and especially with the new client , the Audigy drivers seem to get screwed up only in EvE.

Black Moon Privateers
Posted - 2008.04.07 22:32:00 - [333]

Originally by: Dionisius
Have you folks tried out runing eve with minimal graphics loaded and started climbing up the graphical options until you reach the problem?

Like starting in classic - > min / med / high options with log server on and taking screens, then proceeding to Premium ( in case everything goes well in classic ) , and repeating the process?

Maybe its some graphical option that is got screwed over the new patch.

Btw how many of you play with sound on? And if so what soundcard do you have?

Psst... it's not our settings dood, it's the rendering of the moons and/or planets. Check this post and this post out. Either way, the client has been unplayable since last month and I'm getting a little annoyed at paying for 3 subscriptions to keep skills going until they patch it. Ah well, is only a game that takes my money.

/end game

/begin rl

Posted - 2008.04.08 00:00:00 - [334]

Sorry but your rl is broken :( Although there is another Spacebased MMO which you can play while the DT is on (hope CCP won't ban me for this) quite a nifty game .. been playing on it and it's nice .. Been here on the internet since 2001 - 2002 so yea :P Quite old

Black Moon Privateers
Posted - 2008.04.08 01:43:00 - [335]

Originally by: LobbyZombie
Sorry but your rl is broken :( Although there is another Spacebased MMO which you can play while the DT is on (hope CCP won't ban me for this) quite a nifty game .. been playing on it and it's nice .. Been here on the internet since 2001 - 2002 so yea :P Quite old

Yeah, I've played Darkspace. It's not all that good anyway. Can only fly on one plane and if you don't have the biggest ship, you are fodder. Not that great imo. Razz

Posted - 2008.04.08 12:30:00 - [336]

Fix this now CCP! It's been long enough!

/getting close to canceling two accounts

Lordus Mark
RDK Trusting Holders
Posted - 2008.04.08 21:45:00 - [337]

Edited by: Lordus Mark on 08/04/2008 21:46:33

see it here

Originally by: CCP Explorer
Originally by: Andresky
Any update on a possible release?
It's going to be very soon now, expect a news item in the next few days.

it seems its going to be sooner then first annoucement made us think.


Kuzya Morozov
Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2008.04.09 00:24:00 - [338]

Just discovered why I can't run 2 clients, X1950pro heats up to 95C with case cover off and fan at 100%, non-premium clients (used to be 80C with 2 clients on premium settings, case all put together, fan not blowing full speed)... short, please fix this before I bust my computer :(

Alex Under
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.04.15 20:25:00 - [339]

Still having FPS problems if I try to run multiple clients... problem has not been fixed. Tried several different graphic settings. And also having whiteout problems as well.

AMD Athlon 3800+
Windows XP (SP 2)
NVidia GeForce 7300 GT

Windowed Mode in 1600 x 1050

Gartanus Corp
Posted - 2008.04.15 21:51:00 - [340]

I am sorry to here some are still having FPS problems. I must just be lucky. After the first patch my FPS dropped to between 6 and 11 FPS. Now, its up to around 17 and 25 FPS. Thanks CCP. Now, I am not b####### or flameing you ccp, I would just like to know why the jumping windows could not be fixed in this patch? Wink

Posted - 2008.04.15 22:19:00 - [341]

Still ridicullous FPS, still whiteouts here.
The patch havent fixed this at all.

Darko Minoa
Star Frontiers
Posted - 2008.04.16 02:12:00 - [342]

Downloaded patch no problem. Still the same FPS as before. Just bad.

The Perfect Storm
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2008.04.16 08:49:00 - [343]

This patch fixed it for me. FPS is back to normal rates.

Lucas Edge
The Black Ops
Posted - 2008.04.16 11:36:00 - [344]

Patched fixed it for me too. My old Inspiron 8200 with a 64mb Nvidia 440 GO video card used to chug like crazy since Trinity and even worse with patch 1.1. Now with 1.2 it's back to pre-trinity speeds as long as all settings are at the absolute lowest.

Dreadmuppet Four
Posted - 2008.04.16 11:51:00 - [345]

patch fixed it for me - thank you CCP, I was just getting ready to give up if it didn't fix it

Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2008.04.16 12:02:00 - [346]

160 - 200 fps in space now, thx.

The Scope
Posted - 2008.04.16 12:16:00 - [347]

I get lag during a mission as soon as the other ships all aggro. Maybe I should adjust my cache?

The Slayer
Posted - 2008.04.16 12:55:00 - [348]

10 FPS in station. Afraid to undock since its bound to be worse. I dunno what you did CCP but undid it please.

Para Bela
Posted - 2008.04.16 13:50:00 - [349]

No problems here... 50-100+FPS in all situations, game runs like a charm even in heavily populated systems.

Core2DuoE6750, 2 Gigs RAM, ATI3870, XP.

Disco Biscuits
Posted - 2008.04.16 14:11:00 - [350]

Can now run two accounts, no lag. Was getting terrible lag and whiteouts before but this patch has fixed it for me. If you're still having this issue maybe try a clean reinstall.

Posted - 2008.04.16 15:16:00 - [351]

Come guys.. what's this ? 12 pages of about 75% of the people here state they have poor FPS, choppy game play, this list goes on ..

That 75% don't even post there computer system info. When is the last time you cleared all that **** from your 1GB hard drive, defraged your computer, updated your drivers, again the list goes on. That's not CCP fault.

While I admit CCP have alot of things to deal with, you can't expect them to keep improving Eve, adding patches, add-ons etc.. and the program to take up the same amount of ram, HD and resources. In the PC gaming world, this is how its been since PCs have come out.

Yep bash me all you want, but over the last year I hear people on TS complain about the same problems as in this thread. So just me been curious i'd ask them what kinda computer there playing eve on... "ahhhh errr well I think we bought the computer in 2001, I think its a 486, with a celeron cpu or something".

But yet they expect to get optimal performance and everything EVE has to offer.. ugh

PC games are a hobby for me, and just like most hobbies they have a cost. Your going to spend several hours playing Eve a week, no reason to not invest into a gaming PC, or upgrade your computer if you can. Heck even a clean install of windows can work with updated drivers.

With Max settings I get outside the station 110 fps, in a battle average 60-70fps easy.

Intel Core2 Quad QX6700 CPU
Nvidia 8800GTX
NVIDIA nForce 680i Motherboard
4GB Ram
1.5TB (3 Hard drives )
XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series sound card
Windows XP SP3
24" Widescreen flat panel

3 Programs I use and like.

O&O Defrag
TuneUp Utilities 2008

The Scope
Posted - 2008.04.16 16:25:00 - [352]

Ok, I have lag during missions.

My system specs are as follows:

Athlon 64 X2 dual core
4GB Ram DDR2 800mhz FSB
GeForce 8500GT graphics card
Biostar TF550 Motherboard

So what's the answer, smart guy?

Alan Peterson
Posted - 2008.04.16 17:56:00 - [353]

Edited by: Alan Peterson on 16/04/2008 18:02:48
thank you ccp. my terrible fps issue has been resolved as of the new patch update. I never got screaming frame rates anyway but i can except 20-30 fps in space over 3fps any day.

ohh and to the guy that talks all about cleaning up your system... good for you. people should be reminded to do that. However ccp did have a valid problem and provided a valid fix for alot of people

Brutal Psycho
East Khanid Trading
Khanid Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2008.04.16 19:38:00 - [354]

Thank you CCP. You have fixed my FPS issues. I was able to play and enjoy it last night. Huzzah!

Rekall Incorporated
Posted - 2008.04.17 10:23:00 - [355]

Edited by: Pteranodon on 17/04/2008 10:35:08
I run the updated client on a very powerful computer, a Quad core 9650 watercooled & overclocked to 4GHz with a 8800GTX water cooled graphics card. What is the significance of this. I will tell you-temperature. Since the 1.2 update the temperature of my entire system has risen by 5 degrees celcius-this is a massive increase for a water cooled system. I now see jagged artifacts around normally straight lines on the station structures in space. Something has happened to the graphics with the patch & if it is noticeable on a state of the art computer I pity the guys & girls forced to run the client on lesser hardware.

The issue I don't like about Eve is that you cant go back to an earlier client which means that if there is a wide issue you cant go back to a client which proved stable. I have not noticed a performance hit because of the power of my hardware but I'm certain the new patch has put the hardware under increased pressure & that is not good for everybody.

Rekall Incorporated
Posted - 2008.04.17 10:32:00 - [356]

Edited by: Pteranodon on 17/04/2008 10:38:13
Originally by: Aknecep
duo core 2 2.3Ghz Intel CPU
2 Gigs ddr3 RAM
NVIDIA 8800 GT viddy
Aureal 3D soundcard
23" high def LCD
600watt power

I run the premium graphics at high definition resolution and get never less than 50fps... WTF are you people talking about???
I do get a 2sec freeze when I am coming out of warp to a base or stargate with or without anybody there and when I'm undocking from a base but I believe it's just an effort to make sure my ship/character placement remains consistent as I move to and from content servers or something...
I never lag in this game... ever... it's freaking awesome...
unplayable FPS? That sounds bizarre and ridiculous... I've never ever experienced anything like that but I'm a brand new player just started March 13th or so. I'd reevaluate my rig if I were you people. Or maybe you could get a geek squad geek to go look at how jacked up your OS is from your abuse and why your devices don't communicate well to games taking advantage of DX9 or some such nonsense and then overcharge you for the idiot FIXEVERYTHINGIM2LAZYTOFIGUREITOUT reinstall of Windows or some stupid crap so you can play the game normally (as I do) I dunno... Very weird all the bitshing about something I don't experience AT ALL in the game and so I'm being kind of an ass here obviously (I know!) but it's cuz I'm certain that 90% of the ppl in here aren't near as computer literate as they think that they are and half the issue is prolly due to your incompetence in regards to your OS and hardware setup... I mean I have a pretty average or slightly above average computer and I can run this 5 yr old game like a knife through warm butter. I'm an IT professional and networking dude so maybe it's cuz I know how to keep my computer inline with changing software demands or something like I don't delete files when I don't know what they are and I don't do something to my PC unless I know wtf I'm doing? Could be... I have an idea... do like the rest of the monkeys and just play idiot (cater to the lowest common denominator) console games so you don't have to worry about PC games which will always be better than console games... if you don't think so you are one of those monkeys and should go save yourself some stress and sell your PC games now <---*warning* this rant contains gross simplifications included and relied on in order to make a point that no one but game developers might appreciate in this string *discretion advised*


you make interesting observations. I am also an IT professional with a lot of experience & come from a customer focused IT enviroment. There are just too many posts on this issue to be a problem with everbodies computer. The most pertinent observation which people are making is that there computers ran fine before the patch. If the client ran fine before the patch then it is not a maintenance or low hardware performance issue. The sheer number of people posting rings an alarm bell that something is not quite right so we should not be so judgemental or make comments like WTF. We all pay CCP for the right to play this amazing game & it is right & proper to alert CCP to a potential issue.

Posted - 2008.04.17 12:29:00 - [357]

definite improvement to FPS..thumbs up

Jocca Quinn
Matari BackBone
Fate Weavers
Posted - 2008.04.17 13:58:00 - [358]

This is all very odd, after the Trinity 1.1 patch I had no issues with fps at all, the numbers had not changed since the major Trinity patch.

I was getting about 25-35 fps on two windowed accounts with the classic client in even the largest lvl4 missions, which I found perfectly acceptable.

However, since the 1.2 patch I am now getting under 10 fps in the same missions. The only thing I have noticed is that wreck's now "twinkle" more than I remember and that once the wrecks are cleared the fps picks back up.

Intel P4 820 dual core
Win Xp Pro
Nvidia 7600 GT with latest Nvidia drivers

I can quite honestly say that this has ONLY happened since Tuesdays patch.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?


Posted - 2008.04.17 15:23:00 - [359]

I sometimes get FPS drops when I have shadows on and place the camera at a certain angle in space, usually near a stargate/planet. The FPS will drop from around 100 to less than 20, if I move the camera 1 degree to anywhere, the FPS will jump back to 100, if I move the camera back, the FPS drops again.

Anyone else have the same issue?

Fortune X
Posted - 2008.04.17 17:16:00 - [360]

Edited by: Fortune X on 17/04/2008 17:25:38
Help me! In Eve Premium, my fps stays within 40 to 80 and bounces to 7 about every 10 seconds. I know many blame the patch, but in my case is there anything i can do that might help smooth it out a bit? maybe disable some settings or something...

My laptop setup is:
2.412ghz AMD Turion(tm) 64 ML-44
2x 1gb DDR ram PC3200 (200 MHz)
GeForce Go 7900 GS 256mb.

thanks in advance.

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